The Conservatory Chronicles
Issue 99
February 2016
Save the Date... 
Gala Under Glass
Thursday, May 5, 2016
You are invited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as the Conservatory unveils the newest special exhibit:  
The Wild Bunch: Succulents, Cacti & Fat Plants.

Experience a magical evening "under glass" at the Conservatory of Flowers annual gala supporting the important, ongoing preservation of this historic Victorian greenhouse in Golden Gate Park.

More information coming soon!
Oh What a Night!
Where were you on February 14, 2016? We were at the beautiful, romantic Conservatory of Flowers talking about, tasting, smelling, exploring, all things aphrodisiac!

The Conservatory is filled with plants considered to stimulate the libido, or simply inspire harmony.

Guests explored the tropical jungle, searched for notable botanicals, sipped aphrodisiac infused cocktails, and mingled in the majestic Victorian greenhouse.

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Only 6 weeks remaining to experience 
Garden Railway: 1915 Pan-Pacific!


Don't miss the centennial celebration of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, recreated in our miniature garden railway exhibit.


Explore replicas of buildings featured in the historic exhibit, listen to sounds of the time period and learn about the fair that announced San Francisco's return from the devastating 1906 earthquake.  


The last day for the exhibit is Sunday, April 10. Don't let the garden railway leave the station without you!


Pacific Orchid Exposition
This weekend at Fort Mason Center
Be sure to visit the Conservatory's lush and flower-filled display!
POE is a wonderful celebration of orchids and those who love them. The Conservatory is always proud to be a part of it, and to create an homage to the event's annual theme.

The  64th Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition Explores History, Tradition and Folklore with "A Legacy of Orchids". Come prepared to see gorgeous displays, and to purchase your own orchids, pottery, and more!

Visit POE at Ft. Mason Center
February 26-28, 2016
Fri.& Sat.: 9am-6pm, Sun.: 10am-5pm
What's in Bloom...
           But only for a short time!
Look for this blooming Vanilla orchid inside the arbor in the Potted Plants Gallery. Currently there are 4 buds on this plant. This photo is of one that bloomed on Tuesday. The bloom lasts only one day and must be pollinated manually if fruit is desired.

Vanilla extract is produced from the seed pod of a pollinated Vanilla orchid flower. A single seed pod (actually a fruit) contains thousands of tiny seeds. Look for the brown seeds the next time you eat vanilla ice cream. 
There are over 50 species of Vanilla orchids. Most are vine-like and have fleshy leaves and white flowers with a touch of yellow or green. Culinary vanilla is extracted primarily from the Mexican species V. planifolia. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because growing the seed pod is labor-intensive. Its natural pollinator, a species of bee, is not present in many areas where Vanilla is grown so the flowers must be hand-pollinated.

Check out our What's in Bloom page to see what else is blooming!