February 1, 2018
A Message from the Rabbi Search Committee
We are pleased to announce that the Rabbi Search Committee has invited three candidates to each spend a weekend at TIC.  Each weekend will be structured to give the candidate exposure to the many different facets of our community.  In particular, candidates will be involved in Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday night and Shabbat services on Saturday morning.  Following Kiddush (after the Shabbat morning service), members of our congregation will have the opportunity to meet the candidate in the sanctuary and ask questions. Your participation is vital to the future of our beloved community and we urge you to join us so that your input can be part of the decision process.  We will be seeking your input in numerous ways, including through an online survey and a community Town Hall meeting.
The candidate visits will occur on the following Shabbat weekends:
          February 10 - Rabbi David Starr
          February 24 - Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun (also here on February 14 to visit our schools)
          March 3 - Rabbi Rachel Kobrin
The resume for each of these candidates can be found in the Member's section of the TIC website.
This is an exciting and important decision for our congregation.  We thank you in advance for your participation in this process, and we look forward to seeing you on all three weekends.We also thank those families who are celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah on these weekends for making space for these very important candidate visits.

Bruce Wexler
Chair, Rabbi Search Committee
Rabbi Search Committee Members

Marc Berman
Steve Kessler
Farrell Diamond
Lisa Leffell
Marc Dinkin
Ben Lebwhol
Ian Dumain
Vanessa Mandel
Jonathan Flaxer
Seth Mandelbaum
Jane Friedland
David A. Oestreich
Reena Blum Glick
Scott Richman
Beth Grafman
Ellen Salant
Robert Jossen
Ivy G. Schreiber
Rikki Kaplan
Jerry Silber
Diane Katz
Bruce Wexler
Martin Katz