June 8. 2017
12AM to 11:59PM

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*Nutmeg's Challenge*
She was thrown from a moving truck on a busy street in Columbia S.C. After rolling several times she got herself up and started running after the truck to get back to her "person."  A motorist who witnessed this horror stopped and grabbed the frightened dog and called the police. The dog ended up at a high kill shelter and was on borrowed time. HART heard her story and said "Yes!"  We named her Nutmeg.

Unlike Nutmeg, we know nothing of the back stories of most of the animals we rescue. They are discarded at overcrowded shelters by people who don't bother to tell the workers the animal's name. They are left without a care for their future... will they be adopted by someone else?  Will they be killed?  Is this just to avoid the financial expense (or inconvenience) of having a pet or to avoid the emotional toll of having them euthanized?  Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) looks at each one and says "Yes!"

Year after year HART responds to an increasing number of pleas to help dogs and cats in high kill shelters where their only real chance to get out alive is through a rescue group.  The work is painful because there is never enough money or fosters to save every sweet and adoptable dog or cat. But HART says "Yes!" more often than not. For the remainder of 2017 we have set an aggressive goal to rescue another 550 more dogs and cats, in addition to those we have already rescued this year, and find them homes...over 1000 precious lives. This will be a significant increase (about 35%) compared to the number of lives saved in 2016. But to succeed, we need your help.

On Thursday June 8th HART is participating in the "Do More 24 Hour" challenge campaign in support of non-profits. Nutmeg is challenging you to help us raise $77,000.00 this year to say "Yes!" to an additional 550 dogs and cats -- roughly $140.00 per animal-- to defray just some of the veterinary costs. HART and Nutmeg need your help to make this goal.  Not just your financial support, but we need you to reach out to your network of friends and family, and let them know about this challenge and ask them to donate to HART on this day. Tell them about Nutmeg and her indomitable spirit.  Ask them to remember all the animals that have blessed their lives.  Tell them about all the dogs and cats that still need our help. Any amount will help us achieve our goal. Remember....

Say "Yes!" to Nutmeg!

Do More 24 is also allowing people to donate early starting May 25th. There is a prize of $2,500.00 to the organization that gets the most early donations and both HART and Nutmeg are hoping to get enough early donations to get this prize! 
Say Yes to Nutmeg & Her Friends!