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EpestSolutions: Termidor SC Termite and Ant Control
EpestSolutions: Termidor SC Termite and Ant Control

New Termidor HE

 The most effective is now the most efficient!

For more than a decade, Termidor´┐Ż termiticide/insecticide has set the standard for termite control efficacy.

Now, Termidor HE Copack redefines termiticide application.New molecular technology creates an Enhanced Protection Zone with less water, smaller trenches, wider drill hole spacing, and shallower treatment depths.


For you, this means improved protection, in less time.    

The First Termidor Application Change in Eight Years

 Now, Termidor HE Copack takes liquid termiticide application to the next level.

  • It is applied using half the water** of a PerimeterPLUS application, with no reduction in active ingredient to the soil.
  • It allows for 77% smaller trenches, 33% fewer drill holes, and 50% shallower minimum treatment depths.

These radically streamlined application techniques are made possible by the unique chemistry of Termidor HE Copack that helps improve the dispersal of active ingredient and creates an Enhanced Protection Zone.

Check for Termites Like the Pro's
  • Review any possible entry points such as siding, cracks in mortar, expansion joints, foundation voids, and porches. You are looking for any signs of activity which includes tubers (mud colored shelter tubes that are created by termites). These tubes may be located in the corners or cracks themselves, so get close and wear your glasses. Pay particular attention to areas where the earth comes into contact with wood, stucco, or veneer. They will follow cracks and edges as "guidelines". Your windows, sills, garage doors and frames are all areas that can conceal the tubes.

  • Look for wings, pellets, or 'bodies' on sills. Moisture problems in any of these areas could increase termite susceptibility.

  • Also, review areas that have mulch and timbers that are near to your home. You may find actual living termites in these areas and this will let you know it's time to make sure you have adequately protected with a chemical barrier.

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