Funeral for a Friend
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The giving tree.
Once upon a time,
there was a majestic, healthy
white oak tree on our property.
Based on the circumference of it's trunk
and it's towering height, we were told it was at least 125 years old if not more. Until two years ago, it selflessly graced our home with its magnificent and stately presence. It provided us with a shady canopy and a sturdy branch for our children's swing.
Then last year, the gypsy moths infested our area. And this year, they attacked again.
They ate all the leaves off our beautiful tree.
The arborist told us that, unfortunately, white oaks are the trees that gypsy moths love most. Our elderly tree might have survived one season of defoliation, but not two. It was dying and dropping branches, so we had no choice but to have it cut down.
Losing an old tree
is like losing an old friend.
It breaks my heart that our stately oak is no longer here, but it comforts me to believe that its time on this earth was well-lived and well-loved. I will miss my old friend, but am grateful for the years that both the area wildlife and my family lived in harmony with this gentle giant and were shaded and sheltered by its benevolent, bountiful and brilliant boughs.