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,Thanks to great teamwork, great ideas that I have heard from some of you. Our North Carlina team is doing well, Now it is time for you all to start on recruiting  and getting all some fairs.I am already working on a few and I hope I have your support with them..


Marcia Schneider


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It's Transition Time!

At Scentsy, February is a transition month-the time we prepare to switch from the Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog season to the new Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog season, which begins on March 1. During transition, we release new testers, new catalogs, and the discontinued item list one month before the new items become available for purchase to make sure Consultants are well-prepared for the new season.

Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect in the weeks ahead. All system changes described below will take effect by 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, February 1.

Spring/Summer 2011 Catalogs

During February, the new Spring/Summer 2011 Scentsy Catalogs will be available to order at a 10% discount. The regular 50-pack price will be reduced to $14.40 (USD) and $17.10 (CAD) from February 1 through February 28. Stock up now!

A PDF file of the Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog is now posted to the "Catalog" link on the Resources tab, along with a document called "What You'll Love About the New Catalog" that highlights the changes and enhancements.

The Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog will only be available until February 28, while supplies last.

February 10% off Sale and Discontinued Products

All products in the Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog will be available at 10% off February 1-28, 2011, with the following exceptions:

* Licensed warmers (Campus Collection, Charitable Cause Warmer, and Patriot Collection Warmers)

* Close-out products

* Business Supplies (including Starter Kits and Shooting Star Enhancement Kits)

* February Scent of the Month and Warmer of the Month products (Celtic Love Knot and Shades of Green)

* The following Combine and Saves: Perfect Scentsy (MP-PS26), Perfect Plug-Ins (MP-PP26), Scentsy Sampler (MP-SS312), and Scentsy Companion System (MP-SCS)

You can download your Discontinued Items list and the 10% Off flyers from the "Monthly Promotions" link in the Resources tab. Discontinued products will only be available while supplies last.

Starter Kits During Transition

For the month of February, Starter Kits for enrolling Consultants will include both Fall/Winter 2010 testers and catalogs AND Spring/Summer 2011 testers and catalogs. As of March 1, Starter Kits will contain only Spring/Summer 2011 testers and catalogs for the remainder of the catalog season.

Tester Transition Sets

As we do with every catalog transition, Scentsy will offer Tester Transition Sets containing all the new and returning fragrances featured in the new Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog. Each set will contain 16 new fragrances, 5 returning fragrances, and 4 previous Scent of the Month fragrances. Tester Transition Sets will be available beginning February 1 in your choice of either Mini Tester or Party Tester size. Remember, the Party Testers are now the more convenient slim size. (Scentsy's traditional Party Tester is now discontinued and is no longer available in individual, category sets, or full sets.)

Tester Transition Sets will be available at a 20% discount February 1-28:

* Mini Tester Transition Set - MT-TRANS-SS11: $6.00 ($7.00 CAD)

* Party Tester Transition Set - ST-TRANS-SS11: $20.00 ($24.00 CAD)

Tester Transition Sets will be available at the regular price after February 28:

* Mini Tester Transition Set - MT-TRANS-SS11: $7.50 ($9.00 CAD)

* Party Tester Transition Set - ST-TRANS-SS11: $25.00 ($30.00 CAD)

Full Tester Sets

Fall/Winter 2010 Full Tester Sets will only be available for purchase until January 31.

* Fall/Winter 2010 Full Mini Tester Set - MT-FWFULL: $25.00 ($30.00 CAD)

* Fall/Winter 2010 Full Party Tester Set - ST-FWFULL: $75.00 ($90.00 CAD)

Spring/Summer Full Tester Sets will be available for purchase beginning February 1, 2011.

* Spring/Summer 2011 Full Mini Tester Set - MT-SSFULL: $25.00 ($30.00 CAD)

* Spring/Summer 2011 Full Party Tester Set - ST-SSFULL: $75.00 ($90.00 CAD)

Category Tester Sets

Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog Category Party Tester sets will not be offered this season. Party Testers will only be available individually or in full sets beginning March 1. Consultants may still purchase the Fall/Winter Party Tester Category Set until February 28.

*Fall/Winter Party Tester Category Sets - ST-FNW: $15.00 ($18.00 CAD)

Transition Business Supplies

For a smooth transition to the new catalog, you can find the full list of the basic business tools you may need under the "Monthly Promotions" link on the Resources tab, titled "February Business Basics."

Ordering Tip

To make sure you get the correct discount pricing for February orders, the creation date of the order must be on or after February 1 and the submission date of the order must be on or before February 28. For example, if you create an order on January 19 and submit it on February 2, the system will apply January pricing.

Shipping Times

One of the main reasons Scentsy has a two-week window for shipping times after the order is placed, even though we typically ship much faster, is to allow for any additional time we may need to process orders during the spring and fall transitions. Our manufacturing, picking, packing, and shipping teams need to switch cleanly and completely from the old product line to the new product line. Be sure to set the right expectations with your customers with regard to shipping so they know  very soon.


We have some very special announcements to share with you--so exciting they just can't wait until our transition announcements coming up later this month:

  • Plug-In Warmer Availability in Canada
  • Price Change for Plug-In Warmers
  • Expansion into New Markets
  • New Scentsy "Campus" Plan

Plug-In Warmer Availability in Canada


We're pleased to announce NEW Plug-In Warmers will be available in Canada beginning March 1! The base has a new design with a small screw to firmly secure the ceramic top to the base and a pushbutton mechanism that lets you rotate and lock the

ceramic top into four different positions. The click-and-lock design accommodates horizontal and even upside-down electrical outlets. The new design is also fully compliant with nationally recognized standards. All Plug-Ins sold in Canada will have the new base design. In the U.S. we will transition to the new design at a later date.


Price Change for Plug-In Warmers


Beginning March 1, ALL Plug-In Warmers will increase in price to $20 in the U.S. and $24 in Canada. This strategic decision is necessary for several reasons. When we removed Plug-Ins from the product list in Canada, we noticed something surprising; the average party order volume in Canada actually went UP rather than DOWN. It seems that Plug-Ins have been decreasing the average per-person partyorder volume. Also, because Plug-Ins are sold at a significantly lower price point than our Mid-Size

or Full-Size Warmers, many customers choose one as their first warmer option. An unintended consequence of this choice can be a poor fragrance experience. If the customer places it in a large room, they may be disappointed with the strength and throw of the fragrance. They aren't falling in love with Scentsy the way many others do when they start with a larger warmer.


Increasing the price of the Plug-In enhances our value proposition and closes the price gap between the Plug-In Warmer and Mid-Size or Full-Size Warmers. This change will make it easier for customers to select the larger size warmers to increase your average party volume AND give your customer a more favorable scent experience.

Expansion into New Markets

Scentsy is embarking on an exciting new adventure-we'll open the doors to Europe in the spring! Key executives will be going to the United Kingdom and Germany in March to meet with our existing Consultants on military bases and with any other interested prospects who want to learn about Scentsy.


We're working on catalogs, Starter Kits, enrollment documents, and all of the other tools we will need to successfully launch this international venture. We will allow existing Scentsy Consultants to sponsor in these new markets, but will not allow crossborder

sales. Our hope is to grow our European base organically and virally, just as Scentsy, Inc. has grown in the U.S. and Canada.


We hope you are as excited and energized by this expansion as we all are. We can't wait to share Scentsy in Europe, and look forward to learning all we can in the UK and Germany so we can use that learning to launch in other countries throughout the world.

Thank you for all you have done to make this expansion possible. We'll be sharing more details on the launch as our plans are finalized in the next few.

I will send pictures to your emails of the new warmers.Also, the plugins will go up to $20 and will come with a free grab tab to clean out wax from it.
Dont forget that  the month of Feb everything in the catalog is 10% off. So, the plugins will be 13.50 and in March all of the new prices will take effect. I send out the new catalogs to my customers because scenty wont and its a good way to stay in touch  with them.I buy like 200 catalogs because they will be on sale in February and buy a  greeting size pack of envelopes  at walmart and mail them out with a sample. You can use all of it as a tax write off.If you did not get Danielle  list of tax write offs email me and I will send them to you.
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Keep up the good work! I will let you know about shows coming up this spring and summer.If you need anything just let me know.