Sivan 5775/September 2015
Message from the Executive Director:

Rosh Hashanah begins this weekend and with it comes the rush to cram holiday preparations and celebrations into an already-crowded school opening -- it always seems to sneak up on you.
This holiday season it's  important to remind ourselves that all schools include "character education" as part of their mission. Part of what I enjoy about working with Jewish day schools is  that enriching child development through  our curriculum  is  explicit. We are in the business of making menschen and during the High Holiday season, business is good!
During the holidays, a multitude of  Schechter students will make lunches for those who are hungry and bake honey cakes to deliver to the elderly . Programs like this - call it "service learning" or "Mitzvah Program" - these are opportunities for our students to implement to extend what they learn in the classroom . It is not academic time lost but rather , life-changing experiences gained. 
Beyond all our pedagogical hopes and dreams, will this be the year we become who we were meant to be? Will we be better students, better teachers, better siblings, better partners, better spouses, better colleagues, better friends - will we be a better "us?"
As the eve of a new Jewish Year approaches, it is my sincere hope that this is the year we've been waiting for. To all the teachers, staff, parents, students, donors, supporters, and friends in this special network of schools -thank you for your enthusiasm and your hard work.
From our family to yours, "Shanah tovah!"

Kol tuv, Jon
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Schechter Coaching Consortium Update
As we announced last month we have launched the Schechter Coaching Consortium offering subsidies to schools working with coaches in one of three areas: 
  • Organizational Capactiy Building 
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Living Jewish Vision and Values

As of this month we have awarded subsidies to four schools spanning from the West to East coast. 

Coaching focus areas include: 

  • Leadership Development 
  • Head Transition Support, Board/Head Relations 
  • Financial Stewardship  
  • Effective Governance  

We have allocated just over 32% of our available funds and look forward to supporting emergent needs for schools as they arise.


NEW Opportunity! Coaching and Consultation

edJEWcon Mission:
edJEWcon is a learning event.We are dedicated to giving participants first-hand experience in 21st century learning by helping them develop the skills to communicate, collaborate and connect via the edJEWcon platform and beyond.

edJEWcon Platform:
edJEWcon is excited to roll-out a new and improved website in time for edJEWcon Chicago in November. At its core edJEWcon exists to extend learning beyond the boundaries of the conference experience and create an ongoing, vibrant learning community for all Jewish day schools. Our new website will be instrumental in making this vision a reality.

We are still seeking schools who are interested in coaching and consultation . If you'd like to discuss the possibilities, please email Silvia or Andrea .

Mechon Hadar
This summer 15 day school educators from across North America came together at the Jewish Educator's Institute in NYC. Educators spent the morning immersed in the evocative setting of Mechon Hadar's Beit Midrash and the afternoon in intense workshops exploring the pedagogy of havruta together with Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook. 

New to this year's program, Schechter Network is providing support for the 2015 cohort via mini-consultations with Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook, webinars and virtual discussion groups to sustain the teaching, learning, and practice of havruta in our day school classrooms. 

For a window into what this looks like in one of our day schools, we look more closely at Yavneh Day School in Los Gatos, CA. 

At Yavneh, Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper opened a "beit midrash" with her students by challenging them to engage in a deep reflection on how havruta helps to achieve 'better learning.'  This process allowed students to think about themselves as learners and their responsibility as a partner in a havruta 'triangle' where they are held accountable to both their fellow student and the text. Students shared, "havruta can help achieve better learning by making you feel relevant" and "havruta can inspire each other to think outside the box.'
We will continue to reflect in this space on a critical question for our time raised by Dr. Orit Kent.

As we usher in 5776, may we listen, learn, and reflect with open hearts and inspire our students to bring their wholehearted selves to the process of teaching and learning.

Hallelujah! A Time to Talk Prayer Education! 
Mark your calendar for an opportunity to explore the goals and approaches for tefillah education. Targeted for Jewish educators in the Conservative movement and open all, together we will: 
  • Experience different modalities of tefillah 
  • Clarify the desired outcomes for tefillah education
  • Share best practices among professionals who work in camps, day schools, congregations, and other settings of education 
Wednesday November 4th, 9:30-2:30pm 

Washington DC, area  Location TBD 
Thursday December 3rd, 9:30am-2:30pm

Registration information available soon! 

In This Issue
Employment Opportunities 

Robbins Hebrew Academy

Ontario, Canada



Beth Yeshurun Day School

Houston, TX

Judaic Studies Teacher


Kellman Brown Academy

Voorhees, NJ

Full & Part Time Lower Elementary Teachers


Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Jacksonville, FL

T'filla and Torah Reading Instructor 


P lease see our  website for more job opportunities!
JData Update
Have you read JData's recent reports on Jewish days schools? 

Get ready to enter your data for this year! 

Global Day of Jewish Learning
The Global Day of Jewish Learning  is a once-a-year opportunity for your community to join 500+ communities in 42 countries in a day of learning and engaging in Jewish texts. On  Sunday, November 15th  communities will study the theme Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception. Registered communities are provided with resource materials free of charge. Programming on the day can take a variety of forms, tailored to a community's interests. 

The Global Day is an initiative to unite Jews around the world through the study of our shared texts. The project is under the aegis of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, furthering his mission-- "Let my people know" and is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ralph I. Goldman z"l. 

For more information please contact Karen Sponder at

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