Iyar 5775/ April 2015
Message from the Executive Director:


We welcome you back from Passover and to the holiday-filled sprint to summer!  


When you toss in the myriad of closing activities, Israel and other capstone trips, decision-making for the fall, etc., it is difficult sometimes to catch your breath, let alone read and reflect. So, this month, let's keep it short and to the point.


Field Update

Hopefully you had an opportunity to read the latest announcement from the day school intermediary working group sent out earlier in the week. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


Celebrating Israel
Last week was Yom Ha'Shoah - the day on the Jewish Calendar where we pause to remember the events of the Holocaust and the memories of all who perished therein. Today  we celebrate Yom Ha'Atzmaut - the day on the Jewish Calendar where we celebrate Israeli Independence Day. Yesterday, in between, on the roller coaster of spring holidays, was Yom Ha'Zikaron - the day on the Jewish Calendar where we commemorate Israel's Memorial Day.

It is a remarkable juxtaposition of days - a complete 180 degrees of emotion that takes place with a click of the second hand and, in Israel, the siren's call. Unlike in the States where Memorial Day for many (although less and less the last fifteen years) is spent enjoying beaches, barbecues and sales; in Israel no one is untouched by war's destruction and all pause to personally mourn.

We know - firsthand and through social media - all the amazing programs, commemorations, projects and celebrations that have and will take place in Schechter schools whose love and support for Israel are baked into their DNA. We will do our part to collect, catalog and share out to you and the field those images and words during this very special week in our schools. 

For our part, we want to use this as an opportunity to remind you about our partnership with Jerusalem U ( see below) and how it might benefit your school and your community. We encourage you to take advantage of this relationship and look forward to the fruit it will yield.


Request for Feedback
Like many of you, we too, are using this time to solicit feedback, reflect and plan for next year. Please look for an invitation to provide us with your feedback and suggestions on how this first year of the "new Schechter" has gone and ways we can improve to better meet the needs of our schools and the field in this interesting and exciting new year to come.  Stay tuned!


Kol tuv, Jon


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Summer PD Opportunities 

Jewish Educator's Insitute

The Schechter Network, together with our partner BJE-LA, is excited for edJEWcon LA to be held on  May 11, 2015 .

Stay tuned for additional edJEWcon dates to be announced soon.

 If your school is interested in hosting an edJEWcon for your community, please contact Andrea Hernandez at   edJEWcon@schechternetwork.org.
Pardes: Institute of Jewish Studies

Jerusalem U: Step Up for Israel


Jerusalem U is offering our schools a significant discount on their flagship, Israel education program, Step Up For Israel.  


Step Up For Israel challenges the assumptions and teaches the facts. This film-based turn-key middle school and high school curriculum introduces the fundamental issues concerning the State of Israel, exploring its unique challenges, accomplishments, and values. The course will educate your students to think independently and critically, and inspire them to form a relationship with Israel and their heritage.


The following link is from one of the newest Step Up For Israel classes "Refugees" and is about the Palestinian refugees. It's an extremely difficult situation and this highly educational film shows the stark reality of their lives. http://youtu.be/NpYfm-fPXfk.


Jerusalem U has created a special coupon code for the Solomon Schechter schools which gives a 30% discount off our Step Up for Israel education program.  Instead of $500, it's $350.  Click this link for more information and to sign up:  http://teens.jerusalemu.org/schechter.  In the "Coupon Code" box, enter the code: Schechter.


We at Solomon Schechter want our students to lead a dynamic Jewish life connected to their community, with a love for Israel and the Jewish people. These classes and films from Jerusalem U can help get them there.  


We hope you'll take advantage of this excellent offer for an outstanding program.

Connecting to our Schools
Schechter schools are heading to Israel. 
Follow their journey on Facebook!

 Ezra Academy                     Schechter of Greater Hartford


    Kadima Day School                  Kellman Brown Academy


Hazak, hazak, v'nit-hazek: May we go from strength to strength.  We recite these words collectively, as a community, in synagogue when we complete the reading of a book of the Torah. As this school year draws to a close, let us be strengthened as we reflect on the year, and recognize how the experiences of early childhood strengthen the foundation of the Jewish people.  

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In This Issue
Employment Opportunities 

Robbins Hebrew Academy

Ontario, Canada



Gross Schechter Day School

Cleveland, OH

Coordinator of Jewish Living


Solomon Schechter Day School of Las Vegas

Development Professional


Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston

Lower School Principal

Kadima Day School

West Hills, CA

Head of School


Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Jacksonville, FL

T'filla and Torah Reading Instructor 


Ann & Nate Levine Academy 

Dallas TX

Teaching Position 


Lander Grinspoon Academy

Northampton, MA 

Head of School

Solomon Schechter Day

School of Greater Boston

Newton Centre, MA


Golda Och Academy

West Orange, NJ

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PEJE's Important New National Revenue Programs

We are proud to promote PEJE's National Revenue Programs.  These three new initiatives are designed to deliver results.  Atidenu: our future, PEJE's premier recruitment and retention program; Governance & Fundraising Academy, offering the support needed to make transformative change toward institutional advancement; and Generations National , based on our groundbreaking endowment program that has raised more than $23 million to date for the Jewish day school field. 


To learn more about the programs, and to begin the application process, click here. Space is limited.

Teacher Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel
The Center for Israel Education and Emory's Institute for the Study of Modern Israel will conduct the 14th annual week-long Teacher Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel for pre-collegiate educators (5th-12th) from  June 21-26, 2015  in Atlanta, GA.


To find out more, click here.


MaToK Update:
All 16 of the MaToK student booklets in color are now available for purchase as e-books from the Behrman House On-line Learning Center. These online editions may be used with or without the "hard copy" booklets. They allow the teacher to project the pages onto an interactive white board, and for students to access their own copies on computer or tablet. Students are able to highlight and underline on their own screen, and each class has it's own discussion area as part of their class website that is connected to each book in the Online Learning Center. You can access all of the booklets here

The introductory cost (through July 31, 2015) is $5 per person per booklet. For more information please contact Galya Greenberg, MaToK Project Director, at gagreenberg@jtsa.edu

Orientation Workshop for Schools and Teachers New to MatToK:
Scheduled for  Tues June 23-Thurs June 25  at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. Registration forms are available here.
Contact Galya for more information.

To learn more about MaToK, click here.
What is the Meaning of Meaning?

Sunday, June 7th at 2 PM to Monday, June 8th at 4 PM

This conference will look at the concept of "meaning", how people use it, what it might denote, and what are the implications of these ideas for
our work in Jewish education in particular for our ability to set goals and create assessments.

Space is limited. Register now at to secure a spot.

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