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 Jewish Montessori Schools Become Schechter Network Affiliates;

Collaboration Between Networks



CONTACT: Alisha Goodman, Development Director 646-519-9211


NEW YORK, JULY 24, 2014 - The Schechter Day School Network (SDSN) and the Jewish Montessori Society (JMS) are excited to announce a new strategic partnership, enabling schools in the two networks to collaborate and share resources. Effective immediately, JMS' member schools will become Affiliate schools of SDSN.


Educators in both networks will immediately feel the benefits.  As Affiliate schools in the Schechter Network, JMS educators will have the opportunity to connect with one another and to participate in high-quality professional development through Eduplanet21, SDSN's virtual platform for professional development. JMS will also be able to add course content to the platform, enabling all educators within both networks to take these new courses. Additionally, SDSN schools now have access to more expertise in the Montessori approach, which is a great complement to early childhood resources already available through USCJ. We also look forward to learning and collaborating with day schools and colleagues from all networks at the North American Jewish Day School Conference 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.


"We are thrilled to enter into a strategic alignment with the Jewish Montessori Network.  This is a great opportunity for Schechter schools and Jewish Montessori schools to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.  We are confident this relationship will bear important fruit for the field in the months ahead," said Jon Mitzmacher, Executive Director of the Schechter Day School Network.


Ami Petter-Lipstein, Executive Director of the Jewish Montessori Society, shared her excitement. "The Jewish Montessori Society is thrilled to embark on this exciting new journey with our friends at the Schechter Network. From the first conversation with Jon Mitzmacher and Program Director Ilisa Cappell, it was clear that they shared our vision of "every child learning lishma," a world where Jewish children encounter Jewish education with joy, passion and enchantment.  We are confident that this new relationship will be a terrific complement to the incredible work that our schools will continue to do."


SDSN was founded in 1965 as the Solomon Schechter Day School Association and represents schools spanning K-12 across North America. JMS was formed in 2011, with several communities in the process of planning new Jewish Montessori programs for fall 2015.


About the Schechter Day School Network

The Schechter Day School Network advances educational excellence and collaboration among Jewish day schools that share its dual commitment to tradition and modernity. The Network serves the needs of its community of schools for connection, innovative Jewish programs, professional development, and advocacy.


About the Jewish Montessori Society

The Jewish Montessori Society is the catalyst and backbone of the global Jewish Montessori movement. Through community-building, thought leadership and capacity building, JMS expands awareness of and access to Jewish Montessori education. JMS works to create a world where every Jewish child is "learning lishma," encountering Jewish education with joy, passion and enchantment.