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Arabian Horse Youth Newsletter                                                                      February 2018

The Arabian Horse Foundation and numerous Arabian Horse Association (AHA) clubs offer a wide array of scholarships to AHA members. We want to help our outstanding youth find scholarship opportunities on the AHA website as well as submit the general Arabian Horse Foundation application by April 1

For the Arabian Horse Foundation scholarship application or to donate to a scholarship fund, please visit

For all other scholarship opportunities look here.

AYHC Symposium 2018
Annual American Youth Horse Council Symposium
April 12-15, 2018 - Oklahoma City, Okla.

The American Horse Youth Council has hosted an annual Symposium for 40 years. An annual highlight for horsemen and women of all ages, this event brings together youth and youth leaders from all different facets of the equine industry for three days of presentations, education, discussion, exhibits, awards and networking.

Please join us for this year's Symposium! Visit for more information.

We want you to #jointhejourney and let us know in one sentence why you became a member of the Arabian Horse Association. I became an AHYA member because... Send your response to with your name and how long you have been a member.

2018 Show Dates
  • July 21-28, 2018, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • August 12-18, 2018, Brandon, MB
  • September 18-22, 2018, Nampa, Idaho
  • Late Summer 2018, Eastern third of US
  • October 19-27, 2018, Tulsa, Okla.

Dates and Deadlines
March 9-11
AHYA Board Meeting
Denver, Colo.
April 1
Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application Due
April 12-15
AYHC Symposium
Oklahoma City, Okla.

AHA Corporate Partners & Sponsors


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Arabian Horse Enthusiasts, We Need Yout Help!
Do you want to show the world how much you love the Arabian horse breed? The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) is needing video footage, highlighting individuals either interacting on the ground with Arabian horses, or riding/driving an Arabian horse. AHA is looking for a wide variety of disciplines and activities you can do with an Arabian horse, to highlight showing the bond between the Arabian and human. Higher quality video (mp4, AVI, or mov) that is no longer than two minutes is prefered. To submit footage please use the Dropbox folder. If you have any questions, please contact Mikayla Boge at
US Equestrian Lettering Program
You no longer have to be a record-setting quarterback or captain of the cheerleading team to earn a junior high or high school varsity letter. Join the US Equestrian Lettering program to be recognized for your dedication to the equestrian sport!

Look here for more information.

Do You Ride Frequently?