March 2018
Issue 8

Welcome to this month's publication of the eNews. In this edition, you will find:

*Years of Service Awards

* Blood Drive

*Student Representatives

*Virtual Reality Goggles

*Congressman Gallagher

*Mind Trekkers at NWTC

*Freshmen Academy 

*Lincoln School Walk

* 100th Day

* New LASS Interviews

* Tractors to School

*Valentines to St. Joe's
Dates to Note

March 1: Literacy Night - Lincoln School

March 2: 4K Dr. Seuss on the Loose

March 9: No School - Staff Development Day

March 10: Annual Pops Concert - IS/MS Band

March 12: Board of Education Meeting

March 14: Post Secondary Career Fair - High School

March 15: McLiteracy Lunch - Sugar Bush

March 15: Literacy Night - Parkview

March 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 22: Literacy Night - Readfield

March 26: End of 3rd Quarter

March 29 - April 2: No School

Employees Recognized for Years of Service
Thank you for your dedication!
We are pleased to announce years of service awards for:

40 years - Kenneth Carew

30 years - Cindy Wolford

25 years - Melissa Anderson, Tony Porath

20 years - Tami Thorne, Ruth Meltz, Jill Willner

15 years - Jennifer Doran, Linda Larson, Lori Menning, Jenessa Oberstadt, Jennifer Pelot, Bill Storck, Veronica Vakirtzis, Brian Yerkey, Brenda Fischer, Denise Fischer, Janel Pittler

10 years - Sarah Auer, Stefanie Benjamin, Jennifer Bruce, Kate Hurst, Danielle Kamba, Brad Laufenberg, Angela Sonetti, Leah Stanczyk, Paula Titterton, Pam Yeager, Amber Yerkey, Cindy Grunwald, Gail Johnson, Gerald Jennerjohn, Bill Timm

District Administrator, Dennis Krueger (left) is shown with bus drivers Cindy Grunwald,
Gerald Jennerjohn, and Bill Timm who were recognized for years of service.

Blood Drive
Supporting the Community
Power of Positive Students [POPS] ran its second blood drive of the school year. Partnering with the American Red Cross, 24 lifesaving pints of blood were collected. This holds the potential to save up to 72 lives. NLHS is committed to supporting our community and individuals in need. Thank you, staff and students!

Economic Development Committee Representative
Community Connection
Recently the City of New London approved two student representative positions on the New London Economic Development Committee.  Twelve students applied and went through the interview process. Congratulations Myah Henderson and Travis Voight  on their appointment as student representatives.  Myah and Travis will begin their term on   February 27. Thank you to the City of New London for providing this opportunity for our students.

Virtual Reality Goggles
New Technology 
VR - Virtual Reality, is taking the ISMS by storm! From 5th grade braving the elements to climb Mt. Everest in Mrs. Smith's class to 7th grade experiencing undersea adventures exploring an expedition to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea during ELA, learning opportunities are reaching new heights. These VR Goggles were purchased last year with technology grant money and have been used all over the district.  The ISMS is looking forward to continued use and exploration in all grade levels and content areas in the coming weeks.

Congressman Gallagher
Visit with Bilingual Students
Congressman Gallagher and Legislative Assistant, Pauline Meyer, recently visited bilingual students at New London Middle School. The Congressman shared information about his role and responsibilities, and bilingual students then had the opportunity to share their stories.

Eighth Graders to NWTC
New London Middle School
Eighth grade students attended the Mind Trekkers festival at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to participate in hands-on learning experiences and exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

Freshmen Academy
New London High School
The Freshmen Academy encourages all ninth graders to do their best academically and to join a club, activity, or sport during their first year of high school.  During the first semester, fifty-nine New London freshmen earned a Freshmen Academy Award by earning a 3.33 GPA or higher and being an active participant in at least one school-sponsored club, activity, or sport.

Freshman Academy co-coordinator Brian Mathu reminded all students -- those earning certificates and those who did not -- that while Olympians have to wait four years until the next Winter Games, high school students do not.  "All of us can decide to change and aim for improvement today and every day. There is no need to wait four years. We can get it done now ."

Wrestlers Help Lincoln School Walk
Making Connections
High School wrestlers had fun with Lincoln Elementary students during their school walk.

100th Day of School
Parkview School
First graders celebrated the 100th day of school by partipating in STEM activities using 100 items.

Senior Scholarship Interviews
Support from the Community 
NLHS seniors participated in professional interviews for New LASS scholarships.  Students filled out an online application including information about themselves, and typed a short essay about the biggest lesson they've learned in high school. Students then dress professionally for an interview with three members of the community. There are approximately 65 scholarships, ranging from $500 to $5,000.

FFA Week
Tractors to School
High school students recognized FFA week by driving their tractors to school.

Valentine's Day
Making Connections
Sugar Bush Elementary Student Council delivered hand made Valentines to St. Joe's and Trinity residents.  The valentines were created by all Sugar Bush students in their Bulldog Family multi-age groups.
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Pupil Nondiscrimination Statement
It is the policy of the School District of New London that no person may be denied admission to any public school or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular, extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of the person's sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, color, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.
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