March 2017
Issue 9

District Administrator's Message 
It has been a few weeks since the bus accident on Highway 45.  Debriefing with drivers and school district personnel has provided insight, and authorities will release further detail as they complete their investigation.  Student safety has always been, and continues to be, our top priority.  We will continue to reflect and refine processes based on the events of this day.
Unlike most winter days, inclement weather didn't cross my mind on the morning of February 21.  In fact, we had welcomed unusually warm temperatures during this month and there was no sign of precipitation.  The sun was shining and, bus driver, Ken Price, set out to pick up children.  As we now know, just over halfway through this route a semi hit the back of the bus as it was stopped for an otherwise routine pickup. 
In our debriefing, we were reminded that in emergency situations 'helpers will come'....and they did.

As we continue to review and reflect, we identify areas that were addressed in a way that we wouldn't change as well as those in which protocol can be strengthened.  Words alone will never express the gratitude we have that injuries weren't worse, and that in this time of need a barrage of 'helpers' came to the aid and made such a positive difference.  Thank you to all who helped in any way!  Bulldog Pride!

Kathy Gwidt

Kathleen Gwidt, Ph.D. 
District Administrator   
Many Thanks!
Thank you to family and community members for adjusting schedules at a moment's notice to accommodate for cancellations related to inclement weather.
Dates to Note
March 10:  4K Outreach. Dr. Seuss on the Loose 

March 11: Annual Intermediate/Middle School Pops Concert

March 13: Regular Board of Education Meeting

March 18: St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 20-26:  High School Music Department Trip to NY

March 24: No School - Certified and Support Staff Development Day

Mark Your Calendars
Friday, May 5 - Make Up Day
Unfortunately, the days that have been called off because of inclement weather have brought us more ice than snow.  We are now at a point of needing to make up time to ensure compliance with requirements of student contact. 

Friday, May 5 will be a regular day of school instead of a professional development day for teachers.  Please mark your calendars, and let's hope we will not have any more bad weather days.
Rescheduled 'Dr. Seuss on the Loose'
March 10, 2017
Please note, our 4K Community Collaborative event, Dr. Seuss is on the Loose, has been rescheduled for  Friday, March 10, 2017  at the Washington Center gymnasium.  Families and community members can stop in anytime between  10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  to enjoy an exceptional opportunity to celebrate literacy and learning.  Please join us if you can!
March Into Literacy
Read, Read, Read!
Each of our elementary schools hosts a family/community event in the month of March that allows students to share projects and participate in games, while showcasing literacy and learning.  Thank you to all who make these celebrations possible.

Wednesday, March 2 - Lincoln Elementary School

Thursday, March 9 - Readfield Elementary School

Thursday, March 16 - Parkview Elementary School 

Thursday, March 16 Sugar Bush Elementary School

Please Join Us!
Dress Like A Penguin
Winter Walk to School
Sugar Bush students dressed like a penguin to show how we should shuffle on ice and snow when we walk to stay safe.

College and Career Readiness Day
New London High School
Thank you to all who provided an exceptional opportunity for New London High School students to better understand post-secondary options.  Over 45 representative agencies provided informative presentations from private, public, and technical colleges as well as career options ranging from apprenticeships to military service.   

IS/MS Students Hit the Slopes
Enjoying Winter Weather
Intermediate/Middle School students had a great time at Ski Brule.  Snowy slopes made for a wonderful ski trip.  Thank you to dedicated staff members for organizing this opportunity.  

Living and Eating Well
Community Outreach 
Lincoln Elementary students shared a nutrition presentation and cooked a meal that won't soon be forgotten.

  Healthy Fun!
Drive Your Tractor to School Day
FFA Week Wraps Up

FFA members wrapped up their week of recognition through the promotion of 'Drive Your Tractor to School Day'.  Fortunately this day was scheduled before icy weather arrived.  Tractors were parked in the staff parking lot, and we all enjoyed seeing students driving their tractors down the road. 


Congratulations Scott Cook!

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Pupil Nondiscrimination Statement
It is the policy of the School District of New London that no person may be denied admission to any public school or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular,  extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of the person's sex, race, religion,  national origin, ancestry, color, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental,  emotional or learning disability.
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