February 2017
Issue 8

District Administrator's Message 

In these past weeks, I have been honored to present 'Years of Service Awards' to staff members who have reached benchmark years of service with the district. We couldn't do what we do for kids without the dedication of a remarkable staff that exceeds 350 employees. It is at this milestone, that groups are honored for their commitment to ensuring success for all students.
One such group includes our bus drivers. February is noted as Bus Driver Appreciation Month. Solely being a guide for students from home to school and back was the duty of a driver years ago, but this role has expanded. Bus drivers are the first to interact with kids in the morning and the last contact a child may have before they go home. They safely transport students to events at all hours of the day and night, and they work to connect with students in a way that allows a positive start or end to a child's school day. School bus drivers are some of the most highly trained, tested, and scrutinized drivers on the road. They comply with ever-changing mandates, yet welcome the ever-important job of safely transporting children to and from school.
The consistency and routine that school bus drivers provide cannot be measured. Parents plan schedules around their children's comings and goings, and traffic patterns fluctuate with school schedules. Our drivers impact the lives of students, staff, family, and community members in untold ways. If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a bus driver; please contact Casey Fields or Laurie Fischer at 982-8543. Training is provided and we would love to welcome you to this exceptional team.
Thank you, School District of New London school bus drivers! Please join in recognizing and thanking this exceptional team. Go Bulldogs!


Kathy Gwidt

Kathleen Gwidt, Ph.D. 
District Administrator   

Many Thanks!
Thank you to all of our remarkable volunteers who give their time and talents to enhance opportunities for students. Bingo, Spaghetti Dinners, Show Choir Invitationals, and more....we couldn't do what we do without you!

Dates to Note
Fe bruary 10:  No School

February 11-12: Art Show

February 13: Regular Board of Education Meeting

February 13: High School Band Concert

February 14: Wear Red Day

February 24: 4-K Dr. Seuss on the Loose

February 28: No School for Grades 9, 10, and 12

March 1: 10:30 Start Time for Grades 9, 10, and 12

Inclement Winter Weather
No Student Make-Up Days....Yet!
Severe winter weather has caused some cancellations and delays already this school year, but we aren't in need of scheduling student make-up days....yet. We are closely monitoring hours of instruction to ensure compliance, and we will need to make up time if delays or cancellations persist. 

Certified staff members will be making up lost time with a a variety of training options which will be shared at each building on Friday, February 10. Teachers have provided recommendations which has helped us to organize learning opportunities ranging from technology and literacy to sessions with a focus on special education needs and even first aid/CPR. 

Wisconsin winters are unpredictable, but we will continue to keep a close watch on weather and we will always base decisions on student safety. Thank you to all for your patience and support as we proceed through the next months.  
Employees Recognized for Years of Service
Thank you for your dedication!
We are pleased to announce years of service awards for:

35 years - Sally Teasdale

30 years - Todd Koeller, Malcome Hathorne

25 years - Rochelle Meyer, Julie Haase, Patricia Kueck, Beatrice Reindl

20 years - Ellen Flannery, Judith Jadin, Kelly Keach, Scott Lemiesz, Susan Resch, Cheryl Yandre

15 years - Callie Cochran-Hager, Jennifer Holewinski, Lynell Shumaker, Erika Wilson, Wade Berglund, Patti Jensen, Larry Klug, Patrick Korth, Kari Niemuth

10 years - Megan Hinde, Shandee Kempf-Cohen, Brian Kurszewski, Kerstin Schlueter, Dan Wegner, Becky Winkler

Bulldog Best!
Impressive Performances
Middle School and High School Show Choir 
The Middle School and High School Show Choirs have provided some impressive presentations already this season. Good luck to these talented kids as they proceed through the competition season.
NLHS Students Recognized:  Best in State
Verizon App Challenge
Congratulations to this team of remarkable students. They were named Best in State through their participation in Verizon's Innovative Learning App Challenge. This group created 'Ballot Buddy' as a means of allowing local voters to utilize an app to make an informed choice prior to casting their ballot.

This contest engages thousands of middle and high school students across the nation to answer the question: What problem in your community can you solve with technology?
Ninety-four teams and their impressive ideas were chosen  as the 2016-2017 Best in State winners.  
The New London team was awarded $5,000 to be applied to STEM activities. The group is now competing for the title of Best in Nation, which includes an additional $15,000 prize and the opportunity to work with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers to learn how to code and bring their award-winning concepts to life.

Bulldog Pride!  
Supportive Staff
Higher Education Day 2017
The New London Education Association sponsored a "Higher Education Day" wherein employees dressed in their alma mater gear or supported a family member's university to highlight the importance of education.  

This fun, casual dress-up day required a small donation which went toward the New London Education Association scholarship fund.  Thank you to all who supported this worthwhile event!

4K Fun! 
Winter Outreach
Miss Hintzke's class enjoyed Meet a Snow Plow and Driver 4K Outreach at Readfield Elementary.  On Fridays throughout the school year, 4K students and their families are invited to outings and events to learn about othe community and celebrate being in 4K. Students had a chance to see how the plow works, hear the air horn, and even sit up in the driver's seat. Snow plow safety for both adults and students was also a focus. Thank you to Roger Krueger and Waupaca County Highway Department for this fun and educational opportunity.

Dash for Cash
Middle School Band Program
Stefanie Benjamin, Middle School Instrumental Instructor, participated in the  Dash for Cash  at a recent Gamblers game, and seventy-nine band students and their families were at the game to cheer her on. Twenty-eight teachers in the region raced for $7,000, and Stefanie grabbed $308. The Gamblers added $3 for every ticket New London sold, so it was a fun and profitable evening. Thank you to Stefanie Benjamin, New London fans, and the Green Bay Gamblers!

Kids Contributing to the Cause
Making a Difference 
Lincoln Elementary staff and students raised $310 for the Ronald McDonald House through participation in Gummy Day and Pajama Day. Thank you!


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Pupil Nondiscrimination Statement
It is the policy of the School District of New London that no person may be denied admission to any public school or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular,  extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of the person's sex, race, religion,  national origin, ancestry, color, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental,  emotional or learning disability.
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