December 7, 2017
Which is the Real Face of God?
"While my glory passes by…I will cover you with my hand…and you shall see my back, but my face shall not be seen.” Ex 33:22+23 (ESV)

"She gave birth to her first born son and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths.” Luke 2:7 (ESV)

While Moses was on the Mountain interceding for Israel’s “Golden Calf” rebellion, God permitted Moses to experience His presence. But God’s majesty was too great for Moses to actually be able to see His face! The imagery and sounds of being in God’s presence cannot be given justice even by Charlton Heston! Yet centuries later God Himself came fully human, yet fully God, as a babe in a manger for shepherds and Wise Men to see. So which face will we see when we come into the presence of God one day? The powerful God of all Creation? Or the gentle face of peace and compassion?

No doubt that God IS the all-knowing and all powerful Creator of this world. With a finger, He can move mountains. Yet, He also reveals His unconditional love for us by becoming a tiny baby and demonstrating His love by going to the Cross for our sins. Why would a powerful God lower Himself to our sinful world?

God’s immeasurable and unconditional love for you is shown in His humble act of redemption for His children. The omnipotence of the Father is beyond our understanding. The love of the Son is also beyond anything natural to our sinful human reasoning. The faithfulness of the Holy Spirit draws us daily towards God’s majesty and compassion.

As you prepare for the Advent of our King, pause to reflect God’s willingness to show you “both sides of His face.” Whether it is a relationship in your school, family or someone in your neighborhood, look for opportunities to share the two sides of God’s face with someone who needs to hear that our God is mighty to save and has done so through the love of Christ.

God’s peace,

Discussion Questions:
  1. Do the two faces of God seem contradictory or complimentary?
  2. When you think of God in His Throne Room, what images do you have?
  3. How does God’s Almighty power and unconditional love give opportunity to share God’s love with others?

For use in staff meetings, print devotion and discussion questions.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
Early Childhood Meetings Focus on Mental and Emotional Health
The January Early Childhood meetings will focus on Mental and Emotional Health.
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Lutheran School Administrators Conference
Why should I leave my lovely office and cozy classroom in March?
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The Lutheran School Administrators Conference offers 22 sectionals that cover useful topics for early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school administrators. See for yourself. The LSAC is March 11–13, 2018 in Orlando. For complete information, visit
Save The Date 2018 Teachers Conference
The Northern Illinois District Teachers Conference for 2017-18 will be held at Concordia University Chicago on Friday, October 12, 2018. The theme will be: Thirst Quencher. Watch for more details in Spring, 2018.
Registration for Summer Camp Open
This year Walcamp is offering 2 new sports camps to their Summer Camp Program.
The week of July 30th, they will offer a Cheer-leading Camp with a professional Cheer Coach.  Also the same week, they will be offering a White Sox Training Camp. View Summer Camp Programs.
Creating a Faith Forming Ecosystem
What are best practices for outreach in Lutheran schools? Read the paper based on research and written by Marv Bergman from Concordia Nebraska.
Tax Credit Increase for Tuition
This Fall Illinois raised the credit parents can deduct for paying tuition to private school from $500 to $750. It might be helpful to provide the tax form for them in your next few newsletters.
What should Christians Do About Taxes, Trump and Title Funds?
Looking for a resource to help teach adults about the Lutheran understanding of the proper relationship of Church and State? Check out this video series produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries entitled The Intersection of Church and State and features Rev. Dr. Greg Seltz, former Lutheran Hour Speaker and current Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty in Washington, DC.
Scholarship Granting Organization Update
Numerous documents were sent last week to provide updates on the Empower Illinois SGO for the State Tax Credit program. Updates are available on our website at Watch for an email and info that will be sent as soon as the Empower Illinois website is live.
School Support Fund Invoice
Please consider contributing at least $1 per student for the NID School Support fund. This helps offset the many services which cost the district but are provided free or greatly reduced to schools. Print invoice if needed for accounting purposes.
ISBE Updates on IWAS, Nutrition and More
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IWAS, Tax Credits and Ethnicity
Print a full copy of important updates from Gary Greene of ISBE.
Science Materials and Desks Available
St. Matthew Lutheran School of Hawthorn Woods has the following science equipment available for your schools:

Science Lab Table, Science Kits, Test Tubes, Beakers, Microscipes, Scales and Many Other Science Kits. There are also student desks and chairs available. For more information please contact Doug Duval at 847-438-7709 or
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Have You Installed Any New Teachers Lately?
If this school year brought you any Called teachers who were newly installed to your school, please contact Judy to make sure all of the proper paperwork has been completed.
School Services Coordinator Call Accepted
Lois Stewart has accepted the Call to serve the NID in various school administrative tasks such as: CMIF management, Curriculum training and services, arranging Teacher and Administrator conferences, working with the SGO and more.

Lois has served for over 30 years in Lutheran education as teacher, coach, principal and in many volunteer duties with various District Committees. She also has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Curriculum.

The School Services Coordinator position merges the former Administrative Assistant duties and Curriculum Coordinator. We thank Judy Wolf and Tricia Walton for their faithful years of service as they move on to serve in other capacities.
NID Ministry Vacancies
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Prayer Guide: October - December 2017

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