June 2018
The Lost Practice of After Meal Prayers
Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever” Psalm 106:1 KJV
I was recently talking with someone about how people used to say after meal prayers. But, it seems to be a lost practice in some arenas. Many classrooms still do the before and after prayer but sometimes the students have one eye open during the prayer so they can race to get the basketball for recess rather than thanking God for the food he just bountifully provided! When I was in Minnesota, the practice was to add it to the before meal prayer so we wouldn’t forget.

Sunday, I was walking back from the Communion rail. I thought about the after meal prayer that my parents had taught me. Then I started looking at the people in the congregation. I noticed who was there and who was not there. By the time I got back to my pew I had forgotten to thank the Lord for the bounty He had just provided!

Despite our propensity to take God’s generosity for granted, He provides a meal for us on a regular basis as we approach His Table. He bountifully provided His Son’s body and blood for us with no merit of our asking or doing. But by His bountiful goodness. His mercy does not endure because we say “thank you.” His mercy endures forever because of His unconditional love.

Next time you receive His body and blood. Remember to thank the Lord for His mercy. It endures forever.

God's Peace,

Discussion Questions:
  1. What do you say when someone else picks up the tab for you at a restaurant?
  2. What is your “post Communion” practice in thanking the Lord?
  3. What would you say to a non-believer about God’s mercy provided in Communion?

For use in staff meetings, print devotion and discussion questions.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
CUC Early Childhood Conference August 3
Don’t miss the 42nd Annual Early Childhood Conference featuring Keynote speaker Carol Kent. The theme is Embracing a New Kind of Normal: Equipping Children for Today’s World. For more information visit www.cuchicago.edu/academics/colleges/college-of-innovation-and-professional-programs/office-for-strategic-innovation/annual-conferences/early-childhood-conference or contact DorisKnuth5@gmail.com or DTennis@stphiliplutheran.com
Mark Your Calendar for 2018-19 NID Leadership Dates
The dates for the 2018-19 Principal and Admissions Counselor Leadership workshops are: September 24, February 4, and April 8. Watch for more information about topics and registration.
Teachers Fall Conference Special Email Coming Soon
Watch for a special edition email with schedule and registration information for the October 19 Teachers Conference at CUC. It will arrive in early August.
Prayers for Mike Zimmer
Mike has faithfully ministered to our NID schools for the last 5 years. He has been devoted to the mission of the church and how we connect with the community. Mike will be in the office until approximately the beginning of August. If you would like to share your thanks with Mike, please feel free to email him at mike.zimmer@nidlcms.org or send a card to him at LCMS Northern Illinois District, 2301 S. Wolf Rd., Hillside, IL 60162.
Summer Staff Read?
Books recently commended to our office to help teachers better understand the God given uniqueness for individual students:
  • The End of Average by Todd Rose. Unlocking our potential by embracing what makes us different.
  • Quiet by Susan Cain. The Power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking
Chapel Talks
The 2018-19 Chapel Talks “Real. Present. God” from Synod’s National Office is now available. The theme for next year will explore the book of Psalms with a specific focus on Psalm 46. It contains resources for individuals leading weekly chapel services to students of all ages in Lutheran schools. Bible verses, weekly hymns and speaking points make up only a portion of the great content of this year’s Chapel Talks. The resource is available as a free PDF download or as a print copy for purchase through Amazon.com.
State of Illinois Sales Tax Exemption Letter
Larger schools and congregations of the District are encouraged to obtain their own State of Illinois sales tax exemption number to ensure its usage is appropriate for their organization.  Instructions for this process are available on the State of Illinois website at tax.illinois.gov/Publications/PIOs/PIO-37.htm The District will also continue to have a “blanket” State of Illinois sales tax exemption letter available for congregations and schools that do not obtain their own. The current exemption letter expires December, 2018. The District is in the process of renewing this letter and will make that available when completed. Please contact Karen Eggersdorfer or LeeAnn Acosta the District office with any questions.
2019 NLSW Materials Now Available
The National Lutheran Schools Week (NLSW) materials help schools celebrate Lutheran schools together during the week of January 27-February 2, 2019 and focus around the fact Jesus is Real and Present in our lives today! The NLSW resources are available as a free download and additional resources will continue to be added throughout the coming months.
Send Hearts for Jesus Gifts
If you have not yet sent your 2017-18 Hearts for Jesus Chapel offerings, please send to NID attn: Lois Stewart, 2301 S Wolf Rd, Hillside, IL 60162. Your gifts will be shared with urban Lutheran schools for scholarship assistance.
Access Curriculum
If you want to access the District Curriculum, email Lois for a flashdrive to be mailed to you. 
NLSA Deadlines Past Due
The deadline for submitting your Cumulative Annual Report AND your annual NID accreditation fee was May 15, 2018. If you have not sent your fee, please do so ASAP.

Make checks for $125 payable to “Northern Illinois District” and mail to Karen Eggersdorfer at the NID office, 2301 S. Wolf Road, Hillside, Illinois 60162-2298. Memo: NLSA Fee.
A Good Time to Update Your CMIF
Whether you are looking to hire staff for next year or looking for a Call yourself, Commissioned Minister Information Form (CMIF) system needs updated forms.

Any Rostered ministers can complete their CMIF for by contacting Rosters and Statistics at 888-843-5267 or email rosters.stats@lcms.org.
Let Lois Know About Filled Positions
When positions get filled, please email Lois Stewart so she can keep our vacancy list current.
Accepting Candidates Names
The LCMS Northern Illinois District is accepting names for possible candidates to be interviewed for Mission Facilitator, School Ministry. If you, or someone you know is interested, submissions should be made by June 15, 2018 to Ronda Wilmot at ronda.wilmot@nidlcms.org.
Interim Mission Facilitator
As you are likely aware, Mike Zimmer, Mission Facilitator for Northern Illinois District School Ministry has accepted a call to South Wisconsin District to return to his first love, teaching.

With his leaving, a vacancy is created in the Northern Illinois District office staff. We are currently conducting a search for the next, best person to fill this position.

While the search is going on, Lois Stewart, School Ministry Services, will step in as the Interim. Lois and Mike are working closely to ensure that there will not be a gap in care for the churches and schools in NID.
Raise the Standard of Excellence In Your School
Affirm your outstanding teachers by noninating them for a district award using the online form . Deadline is June 15.
Report Staff Retirements Here
To report any staff retirements occurring at the end of the 2017-18 school year, email Lois at lois.stewart@nidlcms.org. Please let us know if you would prefer we not publish any names.

Church Workers:
Update Your Contact Information Online . All rostered and non-rostered church workers are asked to please update their NID contact information when there is a change of email, address, phone, etc., or if new in the district.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund
For Information on LCEF contact Vanda Toner at 708-223-3117 or Vanda.Toner@lcef.org. Facebook.com/lcef.nid
LCMS Northern Illinois District
2301 S. Wolf Road, Hillside, IL 60162
Phone 888-708-LCMS
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