March 22, 2018
What Are You Worried About?
“My kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36 ESV
I was recently talking with a church worker about her propensity to worry. Worrying can be an occupational hazard for teachers and administrators! "Can we make up that deficit without cutting staff next year?" "Do those new board members have a personal agenda?" "Will those parents in the parking lot calm down or rise up?"

As we approach Holy Week I have been reflecting on what the disciples must have been worrying about as they watched The Christ be led to Calvary. "But I thought he was going to restore the Kingdom?" "Why is he staying silent…SAY something, Jesus!" "Put my sword away??? But how are we going to stop them?"

While Jesus stood before Pilate He was asked to tell of His intentions with the Jewish nation? But Christ quietly answered that His Kingdom was not of this world. While nobody fully understood His words, Christ was foreshadowing that He did not come to fulfill their earthly agendas or solve their current list of worries.

Christ came to solve that which is the ultimate problem or source of worry. Our sin is washed away and our eternity is secured by the events that Christ would usher in through His death and resurrection. By faith you now have no worries!

As we continue to labor on this side of Heaven, may we keep our eyes on the eternal kingdom and rely on His Grace to replace our worries with His hope!

God's Peace,

Discussion Questions:
  1. Why are humans so inclined to worry?
  2. When does worrying become a sin?
  3. How can resolving our earthly worries in the hope of Christ be a witness to others?

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Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
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Early Childhood Meetings Focus on Crisis Management Plans
The next Early Childhood meetings will be held in April.
They will focus on how Centers can create and implement Crisis Plans.

To learn more about which regional meeting may best work for you, print our flyer to review the details locations. Or go to the NID Early Childhood network blog
CLEF Scholarship Gala
Please join the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation Scholarship Gala, celebrating 25 years of teaming up with Chicago's Lutheran Schools,
Saturday, April 14, at the Chicago Sports Museum at Water Tower Place, 835 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago.
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Early Childhood Conference Proposals
The next Concordia University Early Childhood workshop will be Friday, August 3. Anyone interested in presenting at this conference can learn more. Print information sheet
How is Your Crisis Plan? Check Out This FREE School Safety Conference
A free school safety conference will be held Wednesday, April 18 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Bristol Palace, 828 E. Rand Road, Mount Prospect.
Topics include “How to communicate with media” and “How to read and understand data and warning signs.” Visit to register and for more information. Print flyer
ISBE and Non Public Schools: Conference Update
Focus: IDEA and Best Practices in Special Education in Non Public Schools
Wednesday, April 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn, Champaign, Illinois
Cost:   Free Registration
Zach will send a “Save The Date” next week and then more Registration information as details are finalized.
Teacher Workshop in June
Save the Dates - The workshop will be hosted by St. John’s in Lombard, June 13-14. The topic will be updating/writing your school’s social studies curriculum. After the 2 days, your staff will have a complete curriculum for your school.
Where Will Our Next Leaders Come From?
NID is partnering with five other districts to host a future leaders training for new or potential principals. The program is called FLAME. Learn more at about the three day training and logistics. Contact Mike Zimmer to nominate someone.
Access Curriculum via Dropbox
The NID curriculum is available in a DropBox format. Please contact Lois Stewart,, to gain access.
An Innovative Educational App That Offers Parents Control to Limit Device Overuse
Parents looking for ideas to curb their children's excessive usage of mobile devices now have a new ally following the launch of the app, StudyLock. The StudyLock app is a cell phone/tablet application that offers parental control over excessive usage of phones by infusing technology into learning. For further details, visit StudyLock at

This is anew LCMS School Ministry Premium Service Provider which may be of a benefit to you, your students and parents. Remember to check LuthEd's “Premium Services and Group Purchasing” page at for the complete listing of LCMS School Ministry Premium Service Providers.
Teachers as Retention and Admissions: Book Read
Inside the Magic Kingdom by Tom Connellan. Recommended By Principal Tom Geyer who said… "Excellent book that I gave to teachers as a summer reading gift for discussion at the beginning of the school year meetings. I had a slide presentation prepared for the group, broke them into small group discussions, and also had whole group discussion It was a great reminder to all that we are all in the customer service business, we all are the custodians, we all are in this together as a team ministry."
School Support Fund Invoice
Please consider contributing at least $1 per student for the NID School Support fund. This helps offset the many services which cost the district but are provided free or greatly reduced to schools. Some have asked for an invoice to provide for accounting purposes. Print invoice if needed for accounting purposes.
Teachers Conference Committee Nominations
The Conference Committee By-Laws is undergoing an overhaul. If you know someone who would like to have a voice in the future direction of the Teachers Conference complete this form .
Teacher Award Nominations
A great way to affirm outstanding school leaders is just a click away .
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Prayer Guide: January - March 2018

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