Ram's Horn                           September 16, 2016
Canvas and Cookies
Friday, September 23 , 6:30-8:30 pm
Join us for a family fun night of painting for ages Kindergarten and above!  Mrs. Hoza, Shepherd's art teacher, will take you through the steps of painting a tropical sunset.  Enjoy a delicious cookie while you paint and mingle.  Also, we are looking for SHYP youth (Shepherd's high school youth group) to help with child care. Please indicate on the sign up if child care is needed.
This is a family event for both church and school families. Space is limited so sign up today! Click HERE to sign up and for more information.
Cost: $10 per person with a max of $35 for a family of four. Space is limited!
*We are in need of VOLUNTEERS so we can CONTINUE to have these awesome family events. We are offering a $3 discount for individuals who sign up to help. Many hands make light the load.
PTL (Parent Teacher League) planning committee meets the 4th Monday of every month. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday September 26, from 3:30-5:00 pm in the office conference room.  Childcare IS provided. If you have ever wondered what PTL is all about we would love to have you join us. 
Mark your calendars:
  • Next Meeting: Monday Sept. 26 3:30-5:00 pm
  • Kids Renew Sale Friday, Sept. 30, and Saturday, Oct.1
  • Dads and Donuts-Friday, Oct. 7, 7:45 am
If have have any questions, please email Adrienne Olsen.
WE NEED YOU! Please support our Kids ReNEW Sale
3 Ways you can help make our school a huge success.
  1. Sign up to be a seller. It's not too late to sign up. Visit the school website for more info.  This is a great way to earn some extra cash and support the PTL at the same time. Sellers receive 70% of their sales and the other 30% goes to PTL.
  2. Come shop! We always have a huge selection of gently used children's items. This year we have quite a large selection of Halloween costumes and dress up items along with many toys to choose from.
  3. Volunteer!! This sale is not possible without our amazing volunteers.


  1. A great way to earn your volunteer hours!!
  2. Adult conversation-we have a ton of fun and you get to know other school families.
  3. This is the biggest fundraiser that the PTL does every year. We won't be asking you to sell magazines or wrapping paper.
  4. Proceeds from the sale go help fund educational assemblies, Dads and Donuts, Mom's and Muffins, our big teacher appreciation lunch, and the end of the year picnic-and much more.
  5. It's for the kids!! Everything we earn goes directly back to the teachers and students. 
Faith Families
Wednesday, September 28

For those students and families new to Faith Families...

Faith Families are student groups of various ages that meet once a month on a Wednesday (We do not have Chapel for K-8 that day.) for fellowship, snacks and Christian learning.   The rationale for this framework is that students need and enjoy exposure to kids of other ages, and that such exposure can/should lead to a "family" atmosphere that is carried over year to year.  Ideally, a FF member will be in the same "family" for all 9 years at Shepherd!   (We do have to move students at times mostly due to changes in staff.)

Generally, Faith Family devotions follow the Shepherd School Theme (this year:  "Be Transformed"  Romans 12: 2).

The kids love to have snacks during their Faith Family time.  You may be contacted by the Faith Family leaders and asked to provide snacks for one particular monthly meeting.

It's fun and rewarding to watch kids grow up through their Faith Families and graduate off to high school.    Jack Lipski Faith Family Coordinator
Family Tree Service Project
As a part of our Be Transformed emphasis, each quarter Shepherd's church, Sunday School and Day School will have a mission or service project that is our focus.  This quarter, September - November, help us reach out to  
The Family Tree  community in two different ways. 

You can help by donating $20 for snacks and drinks for one or more Sundays, this year. Click HERE to sign up for one or more Sundays. Drop your $20 donation in either the offering plate or the church office. Please indicate Family Tree on memo line of check or envelope.

Available each Sunday in the gym with instructions, help our Transforming Tree bloom. Your monetary offering will help fund a Giant Game Night for these special families.
If you are not sure who Family Tree is, click HERE to read more about this group.
Questions? Please contact Jodie Stoltenow, JStoltenow@sothfamily.org.
Streets of SouthGlenn
Help Shepherd when you shop at The Streets of SouthGlenn to receive a prize of $250-$2500! Simply shop and submit itemized, original receipts   from purchases made between August 15, 2016, and April 30, 2017. Drop your receipts off at Guest Services (located in the Concierge Lobby by the parking structure) or the box in Shepherd's entry area near the office. Questions? Email or call Audrey Monson , 303-798-0711 ext. 383.

We wanted to share some information with you about the Jr. Robotics Program offered at Engineering For Kids.  This is a great resource for your school, and we ask that you please share the attached with your school families and staff.  Of course, all fees paid to Engineering For Kids earns Street Smarts points!
Click HERE to view the flyer with more details. 
Fall Break Already?
Yup and we are planning a wonderful week of fun. 

WHEN: October 10-14
TIME: 7:00 am- 6:00 pm
HAPPENINGS: Anderson Farm on Oct. 12; Flippin Flapjacks (at Shepherd) on Oct. 13; Miller Farms on Oct. 14
SIGN UP: Sign up will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 14, on the school website

Fall Camp is a Pre-paid Camp. You MUST sign up and pay in advance for Fall Camp. Any questions, contact Michele 303-798-0711, ext. 378. 
The Shepherd's Post
Our school paper! Read about our school from the pens of Princess Peaches Pygmy Puff, Kandy with a K, Duchess of deadly Hiccups in the Hall, The Electric Neon Glowing Fish Stick, and The Person Who Died of Boredom in the DMV. The paper is up and running!
Who are the journalists? When do they meet? And what will they write next?
Click HERE to find out.
Hot Lunch Volunteers
You are invited by Shepherd to sign up for "Hot Lunch Volunteers."  Please click HERE of use the link below to view the online sign-up sheet.

LuHi This Fall
Check out what is happening at Lutheran High School this fall. 

Fall Sports Home Games: Volleyball, Football, Boys Soccer and Golf
Homecoming Week, October 17-22
Two Fall Theater Productions: 39 Steps and Theater Gala
Annual Benefit Auction
Christmas Concert

Click HERE for all the details. 
8th Grade Parents 
If you are planning to open-enroll at a public high school, many schools are starting the process this fall. Call the school in which you are interested to see the exact procedure and/or talk to Jack Lipski our school counselor.   If your 8th grader is planning to attend Lutheran High, contact them at www.lhsparker.org.  I have LHS brochures in my office...feel free to stop by and pick up one!  ~Jack 
Disciplining Students at Shepherd  
A Christian School that utilizes Love and Logic™ skills.
Some school classrooms have extensive rules and procedures that try to delineate every possible behavioral infraction that could happen.  They have lots of rules, pages of rules and explanations...rules for sharpening pencils, going to the restroom, playing at recess, raising hands, turning in assignments, eating at lunch, what to wear and on and on.  They might even have multiple tiers of consequences or punishments for every offense...first, second, third... 

At Shepherd, we want to keep things simple and fair.  We understand that all situations and students aren't the same.   "Fair" is not always "equal".  We want to handle both students and situations individually.  Whenever a disciplinary situation arises, we will consider the following 5 factors:  (1) What exactly was the precipitating event?  (2)  What was the student's intent or motive?  (3)  What is the personality, temperament, developmental level and spiritual maturity of the student?  (4)  What actually happened?  (5)  What was the damage or hurt caused by the event?
Consider two incidents:   (1)  An angry eighth grader brings a knife to school.  During lunch, he brandishes the knife and makes a comment to another student:  "I'm sick of your stupid comments to me."   The student is reported, the "zero-tolerance" policy is put into effect, and the student is expelled.   (2)  A second grader brings the shinny, new Swiss Army knife that he earned by selling Boy Scout popcorn to school.   During lunch, he shows the knife to the rest of the boys.  The student is reported, the zero-tolerance policy is put into effect, and the student is expelled.
The school with the rigid policy, that has no room for flexibility or handling such situations on a case-by-case basis, is bound by policy to handle these situations identically ("Fair is equal!  We treat all our students the same!").  The school that utilizes the Love and Logic™ model has plenty of room for flexibility within its 5 disciplinary factors or considerations.   This school will take action, but it will do so within the 5 parameters ("Fair is not always equal!  We treat all students as individuals and all situations on a case-by-case basis!").
In both situations, the precipitating events were identical...a student brought a knife to school.  However, the students' intents/motives (2) were quite different.  The personality, temperament, developmental level and spiritual maturity (3) were also different.  Both showed their knives to other students, but for very different reasons (4).  The "damage done" (5) or potential damage by the eighth grader was apparent.  There was no damage done by the second grader.   The first student may well be expelled; the second is given an explanation and simply told to keep his knife at home.  "Fair" is not always "equal"...nor should it be.  At Shepherd, we handle disciplinary situations the Love and Logic™ way, we use the 5 considerations listed above.  These considerations are delineated in the Parent/Student Handbook.
Jack Lipski, School Counselor and Certified  Love and Logic™ Instructor
School Counselor  
Our School Counselor, Jack Lipski, is available to help our students AND their families with social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual concerns. Jack is also an Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist. Please don't hesitate to call and make an appointment, or just drop by if his door is open. 
Jack's Corner 
QUESTION:   I'm 12 going on 13 and every time I ask my parents to do something, it ends up in a fight.  We just can't seem to talk anymore.  Help!
ANSWER:  Thanks for your question!  Asking for help tells me that you are pretty mature and aware.  Here are some suggestions to think about: