Ram's Horn                           August 19, 2016
Sunday School
Looking for a church? 
Visit our church this Sunday 
and check out our Sunday School program.

Calling all party planners. We are looking for a mom or dad from each class (K-8) to be their child's room parent. Responsibilities include organizing the 3 classroom parties that we have scheduled for this school year and doing something special for the teacher around their birthday and at Christmas. If this is something you would be willing to do please contact Adrienne Olsen for more information.

Just a reminder that our first PTL (Parent Teacher League) meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday, August 22, right after school until 5:00 pm. Childcare will be provided. We meet in the conference room in the office and would love to have you join us.

If have have any questions, please email Adrienne Olsen.
Did You Know?
We began accepting credit cards for payment on tuition and child care a couple of years ago. The average cost to Shepherd has been about $12,000 per year for processing credit card payments. Colorado is one of ten states that does not allow surcharges/processing fees on credit card purchases, so you are not directly paying those costs. However, the $12,000 has become a budget item that contributes to the total expense line of the schools. This item has been and will continue to be a contributor to the amount we have to charge for tuition. And so, we are asking that you consider the extra cost for Shepherd when you use a credit card. If possible, consider adding 3% to whatever your charge may be and that will help to offset the costs. We appreciate your help as we work to control expenses.
School & Mission Thank You
The School & Mission auction earlier this year was a great success! Thanks to each of you for your participation and support. As a result, $46,332.82 was received. $20,170.62 was raised for the school curriculum; $15,170.62 was raised for the Cambodian mission trip; and $10,991.58 for auction expenses. Special thanks go out to Jodie Stoltenow and Meredith Cannon for coordinating and managing the auction. Please look forward to more information on our next auction as we look to outdo these results!

Maynard Buck
Mission Ministry
Streets of SouthGlenn
It's that time of year again!  
Help Shepherd when you shop at The Streets of SouthGlenn to receive a prize of $250-$2500! Simply shop and submit itemized, original receipts from purchases made between August 15, 2016, and April 30, 2017. Drop your receipts off at Guest Services (located in the Concierge Lobby by the parking structure) or the box in Shepherd's entry area near the office. Questions? Email or call Audrey Monson, 303-798-0711 ext. 383.
Box Tops
We are continuing Box Tops Classroom Contests again this year!  The winners will have a special party to be decided monthly!
Scrip Rebate Program
Fundraising has never been so easy! Make this the year that you start using Scrip gift cards to help raise money for our school! It's as simple as stopping by the school office to purchase gift cards for restaurants, groceries, department and clothing stores (including Land's End for uniforms), big box stores, Starbucks, sporting goods stores and much, much more. Come by the Scrip table at Back to School night to get started!
School T-shirts
Did you miss the deadline for ordering a school theme shirt? There's still a way to get shirts, and much more! My Locker has many items available that you are able to personalize with either the school logo or the theme Be Transformed logo. Plus--we get a rebate on all items ordered. Click on the image to start shopping. 

Be Transformed
While the school's theme for the school year is "Be Transformed", the church is also using this theme to take a look at the way we use our Time, Talents and Treasures. A thirteen week course is available and includes Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. Classes will begin the week of September 11. Click HERE to see more details and to sign up. 
Full Band Experience
Would you like your child to have a full band experience? Want conductors who are passionate about the band experience and teaching your kids? Consider Colorado Honor Band. My two kids had a positively wonderful experience from 5th grade through high school playing with the CHB. The level of expertise, the challenges and the professionalism of this organization is awesome. I have brochures and info if you are interested. ~ Jack Lipski,  School Counselor
Need a Computer?
We have several older computers that used to be in the computer lab available for FREE. Some are still usable, some are not except to tinker with. If you would like more information, contact the office. 
Save the Date! 
Remember how much fun you had at last year's auction? Didn't go? But you did hear about the fun everyone had and made a mental note to attend this year! Will put it on your calendar- Friday, March 17, 2017 at the Franciscan Event Center in Centennial. 

The annual school auction is a very large fundraising project for the school and we can always use your help. Email Meredith Cannon to find the perfect-sized task for you.
Kids Don't Make Enough Mistakes!
Sometimes, parents and teachers rob from kids. Yes, they rob opportunities for their kids and students to learn valuable life lessons by rescuing them from the consequences of mistakes...consequences that teach truths and concepts that aren't learned any other way. As Shepherd embraces the Love and Logic™ discipline model, parents and teachers will be encouraged to let students seize the opportunity of mistakes. Mistakes are great teachers (often, the best!), if the consequences are allowed to happen. Consider all that we adults have learned from our mistakes. (God really does "work all things for good for those who love him." RM 8:28)

Consider little "Jack"...he "forgets" his lunch all the time. His mom reminds him every day. She regularly brings his "forgotten" lunch to school for him. She can't understand why he just can't be more responsible and remember his lunch. She even believes she is being a great mom by dropping off the lunch little Jack frequently "forgets". She has never considered that little Jack has absolutely no reason to be responsible. Mom is responsible for him.

What if...the next time little Jack forgets his lunch, mom doesn't rob from him the opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson? She doesn't bring him his lunch. What's the worst that can happen? Little Jack is hungry! Little Jack is hit with a powerful insight: "Mommy didn't bring me my lunch!?!" He goes to his teacher... (Little does he know that she has been trained in Love and Logic™ skills; she knows exactly how to seize this teachable moment.). When little Jack says: "I don't have my lunch," his teacher responds: "Oh no, that's so sad. What are you going to do?" There is a dramatic pause...his teacher just keeps looking at him. Little Jack is stunned. He starts thinking; his pre-frontal cortex is kicking in gear; his emotions (confusion, panic, anger) help solidify the experience and the memories. No one is going to rescue him! He is hungry all afternoon, but it doesn't kill him. In the scheme of life, the consequence is small...but the learning is powerful and memorable. What are the odds that little Jack keeps forgetting his lunch when he is not rescued?

The Love and Logic™ discipline model uses the mistakes of life, when the consequences are small, in order to teach kids valuable lessons, so that later in life, when the consequences are BIG, kids have learned how to think, plan ahead, understand cause and effect, make wise decisions, and be responsible! (Do kids need rescuing sometimes? Do kids need adult help sometimes? Of course, but only when there is real danger or a child is not yet developmentally able to understand and fix a mistake.) Learning to be more responsible might just be the most valuable skill little Jack learns this year! When a student recognizes a mistake, learns from it and fixes it, he/she will feel great about himself/herself and learn a valuable life skill.

Watch for more information in future newsletters on Shepherd's move to help parents raise more responsible kids by moving toward a Love and Logic™ discipline model!

Jack Lipski
School Counselor and 
Certified Love and Logic™ Instructor
School Counselor  
Our School Counselor, Jack Lipski, is available to help our students AND their families with social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual concerns. Jack is also an Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist. Please don't hesitate to call and make an appointment, or just drop by if his door is open.