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Our students proudly show off their Tapang Secondary school.

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Giving Assistant
Personal experience is the best recommendation!
Jenni signed on to Giving Assistant and was pleasantly surprised as she saved 50% on her purchases while generating a donation for CCDO.

Just click on the Giving Assistant.Org  website and once you are registered, you can then shop at over  1832 online stores, even Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy. Always remember to sign on to Giving Assistant before you shop online.  It couldn't be easier.

The stores  then donate automatically to Cambodian Community Dream Org and no need to do anything more.

On The Ground Report

Impact Report
We are touching so many lives on a daily basis in so many different ways. If you are curious please click here for our Impact Report to see some impressive numbers.

Soap Donation
We are thrilled with the Eco-Soap Bank generous grant of a year's worth of soap for our 1100 students! The Eco-Soap Bank has an innovative program that recycles used hotel soap bars into sterilized new bars for donation. They have provided us with 500 bars of their wonderful eco-friendly soap, hand wrapped in local newspaper. Thank you so much for supporting our WASH program.
Eco Soap
Soccer Star
Our sports program is producing future soccer champions. The Next Step FC Goal Academy is on a talent search for the best the soccer players. One of our Tapang secondary school kids was selected to join their trial program. Yeoun Makare has passed the first soccer academy selection and is now participating in daily soccer training for a month. Good Luck to our future Cambodian Messi.
High School Scholarship Program
At the end of the school year we were choosing the new scholarship group of students graduating from grade 9 and entering high school. We had intended to select only 3 BUT, there were 7 candidates that are worthy of our scholarship.
We are asking for your support in funding all seven. For $400 a year ($33 a month, $1.09 a day) the student will get all school supplies, uniforms, clothes and a used bike to get to school and the family will receive extra monthly allotment of rice which will relieve the student from having to work in the fields instead of studying. Please click here to read their stories and fund their dreams!
One student is already sponsored, we need 6 more!
Thank you to all the scholarship sponsors who have renewed their commitment to their students for the next school year! You are making an enormous difference in the lives of young people, their families and the whole community. These are the future leaders who will make a difference!
If you can't sponsor a high school student, please consider sponsoring a child with our supplementary educational program of $135. We need to find sponsors for 432 kids.

Thank You for Generous Donations
A big THANK YOU to   Josephine Brown from El Cerrito California for an amazingly generous gesture of funding a class of 20 students for a better education with her donation of $2700, in honor of her late husband teacher Zach Shrieve.
Celebrating our Volunteers & Visitors


Harriet Foden
Please join me in welcoming Harriet Foden, our new CCDO intern.
She is from Manchester (UK), has earned a BSc(Hons) in Economics and is currently undertaking a MSc in Development Management.
Harriet comes with a good background on project management, analyzing reports, databases and interactive Excels.
During her 3 month internship we will work together to review our CCDO reports and turn them into a reliable and user friendly tool, for the benefit of our donors and beneficiaries.
Water & Sanitation Tracker 2016
August 2016

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

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