Santa Fe Catholic High School
            September 12, 2017

Good Afternoon,

Special thanks to the many of you that have reached out to me to help at the campus.  We have such an amazing SFC family!  We had some damage, but no safety threats at all to our students. Some cleanup may be needed, but we feel very blessed as it could've been much, much worse. 

Many parents have been asking for school to reopen for their children to return to a sense of normalcy, power, air conditioning, etc.  We are happy to announce that Santa Fe Catholic will reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3rd, with a regular school day.  We recognize that there may be circumstances where families are not ready for their children to return to school.  Please make the best decision for your family.

As we continue to recover from Hurricane Irma, please keep one another in your prayers.  
God Bless,
Matt Franzino
Santa Fe Catholic