• Looking for a high quality mesh jacket that doesn't break the bank? Check out the Eddy from Scorpion.

  • Is your armor uncomfortable? Or just wearing out? D3O armor works great in most jackets and pants and it's comfortable! They now have an insole option for shoe cushioning as well!
The jacket is just so easy to slip on and off, and being a summer jacket, it doesn’t have a lot of complicating factors for the fit such as bulky liners, etc. The entire outer shell of the jacket is flow through mesh except for the crash susceptible areas like the shoulders and elbows, which are a solid textile to add more abrasion protection. The armor in the jacket is of medium thickness and very pliable so I found it to be very comfortable.

The jacket has a full-sleeve removable “wind breaker” style liner. Scorpion says it is also waterproof, but I’ll have to cry foul on that…. it doesn’t have taped seams, so although it would probably resist water, I don’t think it is waterproof. Anyway, in a jacket like this, and for the climate it is made for, I don’t think you’d even care about it being waterproof.

Available in S-XXL in Black or Black/Red

MSRP 199.95
D3O is a great replacement product for older gear whose armor is decaying, become stiff or is too old to be rated and tested like modern armor. 

You can buy pairs for shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, and we've recently added insoles. Back pads are also available. All are sold in two "levels" except the insoles. The two levels have the same shape, length and width, but the higher level units, "level 2" are about 50% thicker. 

Any of the D3O pieces are all made out of the same material... an energy absorbing compound that is soft, pliable and flexible... which means comfortable! 

The D3O is BY FAR the best selling replacement armor on the market. 
This armor fits nearly any riding gear that has pockets for shoulder, elbows or knees. There if rarely a size issue. All sizes are listed on our web page and minor trimming can be done if necessary. 

You'll want to review our sizing info on the back pads. Nearly every manufacturer has a bit different shape. This design is as "neutral" as possible and can be trimmed some if necessary.

These hip protectors will fit in many models of pants and riding jeans and you'll hardly know they're there.

The D3O Comfort Insole offers long-term cushioning in the form of a soft foam bed. Added shock absorption beneath the heel means that this insole is ideal for constant use in day-to-day low impact energy activities. If you are between sizes on boots these will help as well!

D3O consistently gets great reviews!
Edward K says:  Put new armor in my T2 First Gear Jacket. The back pad slipped right in with the flimsy bit that came with the jacket. Got Shoulder and forearm pads in the thickest configuration. Much nicer than the original pads. More compliant and more comfortable. The elbow pads go in little bags that velcro close and are fitted in the sleeve with more velcro.
 Kinda fiddly getting them positioned to my liking...but that's a jacket design issue, not an issue with the armor. Also bought knee pads (thickest ones) and tried them in my Bohn tights. Again...a bit fiddly getting them placed properly, but are better than the original.

Brian Says:  Crash Tested (Again) So, I just had my second crash at the track with full D3O armor (the level 2 ones this time). Low sided in a 3rd gear corner (on a Ninja 300) so probably about 45mph. A little bruising and abrasions, but no bone/ligament injuries. Still the only way to go in my book!
These are just a few options, there are many more great deals in mesh jackets , leather jackets and vests , textile jackets , pants , suits , gloves , boots , jackets for women , pants for women , and helmets !

(Any helmets in the closet are new helmets with slight blemishes etc., they have not been used!)