Used Scott Turbo Separator 

Removes products from packaging, 
allowing for disposal or recycling 
Scott Turbo Separator system, model 2096. Body size 20" diameter X 96" long. Includes feed hopper and multiple conveyors. Driven by 25 HP Toshiba motor, 230/460V, 60 Hz. Separator features a variable-speed shaft with paddles. Shaft runs between 100 RPM to 1,000 RPM. Features interchangeable screens, adjustable paddle configurations, and liquid spray systems. Unit can remove up to 99% of dry or liquid materials from their packaging. Designed for a variety of uses including product/package recycling, anaerobic digestion, and organics recovery. Serial number 1602051. Good condition.

Paddle Mixers: 

S737860 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, S/st, C/st, Jkt, Continuous, (2)
S734317 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-1200-D, C/st, 43.4 CF, 50 HP,
S741156 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600, C/St & S/st, 22 Cu. Ft.,
S741158 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600D, Porcelain Lined, 10 HP, 22 CF,
S741159 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600D, Porcelain Lined, 22 CF,
S741157 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600D, Porcelain Lined, 25 HP, 22 CF,
S741155 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600, S/st, 30 HP, 22 Cu. Ft.,
S741382 Mixer, Littleford, 5 CF, C/St, 15 HP, Van Beek,
S737519 Mixer, Paddle, 133 CF, C/st, Marion, Mdl HPC5496, 50 HP,
S739453 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739453
S739452 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739452
S739451 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739451
S737520 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, Mdl HPC5472, 40 HP,
S741314 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Jkt, John Lentz, Less Motor
S741380 Mixer, Paddle, 15 CF, Marion, C/st, 5 HP
S738115 Mixer, Paddle, 10 Cu/ft, C/st, 10 HP, Marion


S736073 Separator, Air Classifier, 12, Donaldson, A12,
S670612 Separator, Air Classifier, 12, Donaldson, Sub-micron,
C738677 Separator, Air Classifier, 5'4, Hosokawa, Whizzer, (2)
S740944 Separator, Cyclone, 60 X 120, C/st, Air,
S737333 Separator, Cyclone, 54 X 9', S/st, Air, 6'10 Cone, 10 Disc
S737334 Separator, Cyclone, 48 X 10'4, C/st, Air, 76 Cone,
C739301 Separator, Cyclone, 28 X 36, C/st, (6)
C739302 Separator, Cyclone, 24 X 24, C/st,
S674540 Separator, Cyclone, 18 X 2', S/st, Semco, (3)
S740133 Separator, Cyclone, 17 x 20, S/st, Air, 45 Deg Cone
S740140 Separator, Cyclone, 10 x 10, S/st, Air,
S740407 Separator, Cyclone, Air, 30 X 78, S/st, 44 Cone, MAC
S740151 Separator, Cyclone, Air, S/St, 18 X 16, 4 Inlet
S740152 Separator, Cyclone, S/st, Air, 24 x 28, 3 Inlet
S737234 Separator, Grit Removal, 7', S/st, Eutek Systems, Teacup,
S740705 Separator, Hydrocyclone (3), Krebs, D15, Ceramic,
S738512 Separator, Hydrocyclone, Krebs, 15, DS15LB, Pod of 4, (2)
S734159 Separator, Hydrocyclone, Krebs, 10, R/L, D-10B
S737555 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 36, Eriez Drum, S/st
S738514 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 96, S/st, Eriez, Drum, (3)
S737554 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 120, S/st, Eriez, Drum (2)
S741073 Separator, Magnetic, 15 X 36, C/st, Eriez, Drum,
S741225 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI, TW-3,
S741224 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI,
C741328 Separator, Magnetic, Belt, Lab, 6 X 15, Rare Earth
C741160 Separator, Magnetic, Eriez, Drum, 12 x 7, Mdl L-8,
C741325 Separator, Magnetic, Eriez Tube Tester, Mdl EDT
S741208 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, 3,
S741209 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, 1/2,
S741207 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, S/st, 1, (2)
S736867 Separator, Press, Screw, (5) 6 X 24 Barrels, S/st,

Screw Presses:

S740507 Press, Screw, COQ, Mdl 143PO6, Horizontal, S/st,
S739492 Press, Screw, Jones, Beloit, Mdl P-100, S/st, (3)
S734556 Press, Screw, Jones, P-100, Vertical, S/st, 10 HP,
S732943 Press, Screw, Jones, Vert, P-225, S/st, 20 HP,
C739664 Press, Screw, Pera, 32, S/st, Wine Press,
S738802 Press, Screw, Ponndorf, Mdl 150X402RT, 15 HP, S/st, (5)
S735000 Press, Screw, Stord Bartz, Twin, 16 X 10-1/2', C/st, 40 HP
C740551 Press, Screw, Valley Foundry, 40, S/st, Wine Press, (2)

Screw Classifiers:

S209556 Classifier, Screw, 24 X 20', 3 HP, V/s Gh, C/st,
S733025 Classifier, Screw, 12 X 12', Hazen Quin, 1.5 HP, W/screen,
C740622 Classifier, Screw, 12 X 12', IRD, C/st, 3 HP

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