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October 19 , 2016
Parent & Student Ambassadors Needed for Open House
Please email
if you are able to help. 
Do you know anyone that might be open to exploring other school options for their children?

New to the area?

Have children 18 months -3 years that might want to enroll in Little Angels?

Tell them about our Admissions Open House on Sunday!!

Important Dates

October 21st- K-Rob Anti Bullying Assembly

10/21/2016 at 4pm:  Halloween Spooktacular Planning Meeting

October 23rd - Admissions Open House 1-3

October 24th - First Bank Day

10/25/2016 at 7pm:  First Christmas Festival Planning Meeting

October 28th - Save the Date! Halloween Spooktacular Fun Family Event

11/1 Mass @ 1:15 pm

11/9/2016 at 7pm:  November PTO Meeting

12/4/2016:  Christmas Festival

12/7/2016 at 7pm:  December PTO Meeting

MCS Open House is this Sunday, October 23rd from 1-3pm

Considering Prout?
Admissions Open House will be held Sunday, October 23rd from 1-4pm
  Visiting Prout's open house should be a priority for any 8th grade student ambassadors, before volunteering at ours that day.
Important Announcements
  Picture does not represent the actual design

Contact Buff Wessman for more information 

  Choir Sign Ups- No Professional Experience Necessary
Forms are being sent home or click the link HERE

Hurry Up and Bring your Bags!

October 3-October 21 : Savers cloth/clothes drive to fund the Service Club efforts this year. Please bring any used items made of cloth including clothes, bedding, towels, curtains, etc to school between these dates. Mrs. Wessman will be in the am drop off area on the next Tuesdays and Thursdays collecting bags. Savers will reimburse us $0.20 per pound of donated items. 
  Middle School Cathedral Trip

Diocese of Providence Office of Catholic Youth Ministry's Catholic Middle School Youth Conference will feature Jackie Francois Angel. Jackie is a full-time traveling speaker, singer/songwriter, and worship leader from Orange County, CA. In 2006, she became an artist with OCP? with whom she has released two albums. She has been involved in youth ministry since she graduated high school, and she now travels the globe speaking to young people about God's love and leading worship for various events and ministries.
Family Volunteer Day!
November 19th

Carpenters Needed!!!
Looking for someone with carpentry skills to help us design, plan and build a  pavilion for the outdoor classroom.  We were awarded a $1,000 grant for a greenhouse and outdoor classroom but we need to meet the qualifications of having volunteers help build this project on November 19th. We are also looking for donations of garden supplies to use in the greenhouse this spring.  

  Lego Robotics On-line Sign Ups

The Lego Robotics Club is going to be divided into 3 groups on the 6th to 8th grade levels. Only 12 students will be able to participate for these grade levels. Mr. Pucci & Mrs. Goodwin will be coaching.

Third to 5th grade will be divided into 3 groups also. Only 8 students will be accepted for these grades. We are still in need of 2 coaches.

First and 2nd grade will also be divided into 2 groups. Only 6 students accepted. Still in need of 2 coaches.

Robotics will take place every Friday morning at 7am to 8:10am and the fee will be $25. The funds will go back into the program to buy sets for the lego software, missing parts and more to build the program. 

Message From The Principal

It’s no secret that MCS is firmly committed to providing a quality, holistic education for our students. It’s our way and we’re dedicated to supporting students in mind, body, and spirit. MCS provides a wide variety of opportunities after school and outside the classroom for students to socialize and explore their interests. With a large selection to choose from, there’s something that’s sure to excite and empower every student. There are numerous benefits for students who are involved in these after school activities and that’s why MCS encourages students to explore extracurriculars. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced academic performance

There is significant research that shows how participating in after school activities enhances academic study. When students are active after school in an activity, they are developing parts of the brain that aren’t fully utilized by strictly academic work. Students also transfer skills developed in these activities, like creative problem solving and teamwork, back into the classroom and their coursework.

  • Support when transitioning into and staying in school

For many students, it can be difficult to transition into school for the first time, or to transfer from one school to another. One way we can help ease this major change in our students’ lives is by offering extensive activities; these extracurriculars help keep students in school during the transition and encourage them to keep coming back through graduation. Participating in extracurriculars gives students a purpose for attending classes and provides an incentive for academic achievement.

  • Social development

Participating in after school activities, like extracurriculars, helps students build critical life skills: teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and interpersonal relations. These skills are developed in extracurriculars in a more all-inclusive way that is not possible in a structured, academic classroom environment.

  • Development in individual interests

When students take part in extracurriculars, they begin to foster lifelong passions that can translate to their future careers and callings. With an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of after school activities, many students are introduced to potential futures in the arts, music, sports, or theatre that are not often discussed in core academic curriculum.

The MCS mission is to  provide a complete education that includes a curriculum and extracurricular programs that develop a well-rounded graduate. This is the MCS advantage!

God Bless,
Dr. F

Sports Corner
  Intramural Update
Over 30 kids have signed up and have been participating in our first intramural program.  Look for more information in December about our intramural basketball program which begins in January!

Boys & Girls Middle School Basketball
Practice begins November 1st



Every season our Girls On The Run complete a practice 5K on our MCS campus.
This fall event is scheduled for next week on  Thursday, October 27th 2016
The girls will start running around 3:20 until 4:15pm (about 45–50 min.).
Parents, our meeting will still go until  4:30.

This Practice 5K is to demystify, practice and familiarize the girls with the real event occurring at the end of our 10 week program at Warwick City Park.

We need as many cheerleaders along the route as possible and a water station. YOUR ALL INVITED! Families, friends, teachers and staff are invited. This practice may pose as a challenge for a lot of the girls because coaches will not be running with them. So, the more positive encouragement they receive from the crowd, the more motivated they will be.

Dr. F will be DJ’ing again for us. I encourage posters, balloons, cow bells and any sort of noise makers too. The more the merrier!

I’ve attached a campus map showing the route that the girls will walk/run.  Two coaches will be at the finish line distributing lap counters to the girls to help them keep track and award them for each lap completed.  Please be sure to spread out along the route so that the girls are not only safe, but also well encouraged. It’s tempting to be at the finish line, but we really need cheerleaders distributed all along the entire route.

Coach Ann Borke

P.S. - You are also welcome to come and cheer on the girls at the Warwick City Park the day of the real 5K event on Sunday, Nov 20th, 10AM (rain or shine). Immediate family members can also register for the event as well if you feel like running too.