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October 5, 2016
Important Dates

October 5th 3-6pm - FLU Shot Clinic

10/7-Intramural Sports Registration Deadline

No School 10/7 & 10/10

Friday, October 14th @ 1:15 pm - Memorial Mass to remember deceased alumni, family and friends- open to everyone, small reception to follow for guests

Saturday, October 15th Basketball Tryouts

October 23rd - Admissions Open House 1-3

October 24th - First Bank Day

October 28th - Save the Date! Halloween Spooktacular Fun Family Event

Important Announcements
  Picture does not represent the actual design

Contact Buff Wessman for more information 

  Choir Sign Ups- No Professional Experience Necessary
Forms are being sent home or click the link HERE
Save the Date!
Boys and Girls Basketball Tryouts
Saturday, October 15th
More information to follow

  MCS  Welcomes Sgt. Ryan McGovern of the Narragansett Police Dept. as our new Boys Basketball Coach

Coach McGovern is a Prout graduate and also played basketball for Roger Williams University where he graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.  He also coached the Prout JV team.  A big thank you to Tony Fiore (MCS ALUM) for sending Coach McGovern to us.  Go Waves!

Family Volunteer Day!
November 19th

Carpenters Needed!!!
Looking for someone with carpentry skills to help us design, plan and build a  pavilion for the outdoor classroom.  We were awarded a $1,000 grant for a greenhouse and outdoor classroom but we need to meet the qualifications of having volunteers help build this project on November 19th. We are also looking for donations of garden supplies to use in the greenhouse this spring.  

  Lego Robotics On-line Sign Ups

The Lego Robotics Club is going to be divided into 3 groups on the 6th to 8th grade levels. Only 12 students will be able to participate for these grade levels. Mr. Pucci & Mrs. Goodwin will be coaching.

Third to 5th grade will be divided into 3 groups also. Only 8 students will be accepted for these grades. We are still in need of 2 coaches.

First and 2nd grade will also be divided into 2 groups. Only 6 students accepted. Still in need of 2 coaches.

Robotics will take place every Friday morning at 7am to 8:10am and the fee will be $25. The funds will go back into the program to buy sets for the lego software, missing parts and more to build the program. 

Message From The Principal

    Those of us with kids (or who work with kids) are often frustrated by some of the impulsivity and poor choices kids make, especially during the pre-adolescent and adolescent periods. We often think that kids of this age should know better or grow up and be more independent.  However, medical research has turned up some surprises, among them the discovery of striking changes taking place during the teen years. These findings have altered long-held assumptions about the timing of brain maturation. In key ways, the brain doesn’t look like that of an adult until the early 20s.

     All this might help to explain a puzzling contradiction of adolescence: young people at this age are close to a lifelong peak of physical health, strength, and mental capacity, and yet, for some, this can be a hazardous age. Mortality rates jump between early and late adolescence. Rates of death by injury between ages 15 to 19 are about six times that of the rate between ages 10 and 14. Crime rates are highest among young males and rates of alcohol abuse are high relative to other ages. Even though most adolescents come through this transitional age well, it’s important to understand the risk factors for behavior that can have serious consequences. Genes, childhood experience, and the environment in which a young person reaches adolescence all shape behavior. Hopefully the programming and structure provided by a good Catholic school program helps. We do know that all these factors act in the context of a brain that is changing, with its own impact on behavior. The fact that so much change is taking place beneath the surface may be something for parents and teachers to keep in mind during the ups and downs of adolescence.

   A clue to the degree of change taking place in the teen brain comes from studies in which scientists did brain scans of children as they grew from early childhood through age 20. The scans suggested that different parts of the cortex mature at different rates. Areas involved in more basic functions mature first: those involved, for example, in the processing of information from the senses, and in controlling movement. The parts of the brain responsible for more "top-down" control, controlling impulses, and planning ahead—the hallmarks of adult behavior—are among the last to mature.

   One interpretation of all these findings is that in teens, the parts of the brain involved in emotional responses are fully online, or even more active than in adults. Conversely, the parts of the brain involved in keeping emotional, impulsive responses in check are still reaching maturity. Such a changing balance might provide clues to a youthful appetite for novelty, and a tendency to act on impulse—without regard for risk. It is not surprising that the behavior of adolescents would be a study in change, since the brain itself is changing in such striking ways. Scientists emphasize that although the teen brain is in transition, doesn't mean it is somehow not up to par. It is different from both a child's and an adult's in ways that may equip youth to make the transition from dependence to independence. The capacity for learning at this age, an expanding social life, and a taste for exploration and limit testing may all, to some extent, be reflections of age-related biology. Research findings on the brain help adults ,raising and educating children at this age, to understand the importance of creating an environment in which teens can explore and experiment while helping them avoid behavior that is destructive to themselves and others. At MCS, we believe our faith based curriculum which encourages the development of critical thinking skills in a warm nurturing environment, makes good use of this research.

God Bless,

Dr. F.

Updates from the Advancement Office

Thank You to Heather and Jack Mayo for donating tables for our Retreat Room!

There is an Admissions Open House scheduled for Sunday, October 23rd from 1-3 pm 

Send your friends that might be considering ....

Today we had a new potential new student shadow in 6th grade.  

We would also like to welcome New 7th Grade Student, Lilly Robinson and her family to MCS! Lilly started today and comes to us from Curtis Corner.
Sports Corner

Sports Update

Boys Soccer

Tuesday they played home against Curtis Corner and lost 1-3.  Goal scored by Ian Mackin!  The boys play again at home on Thursday against Jamestown and they play home on Friday against Exeter/West Greenwich. 


Girls Soccer

Tuesday they played away at Curtis Corner and lost 10-0.  The girls play on Thursday away at Jamestown.  The Friday game at Exeter/West Greenwich has been cancelled and rescheduled for October 17th.


Cross Country

Had a meet at Slater park on Wednesday September 29th.  The girls cross country team came in 2nd place.  Top runners for the girls were Stella Mayo in 2nd, Sarah Mayo in 3rd and Laura Gilfert in 12th for a total score of 30!  Top runners for the boys representing MCS were Austin Moore in 10th, Aiden Picket in 48th and Matthew Cabrera in 71st.  Great job and keep up the good work!  Their next meet is at Goddard park on Wednesday October 5th.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns 
Basketball Information Above!!!

Intramural Programs Begin

I’m happy to announce that we will have some sports options for the elementary grades K-5!  We will be starting out in October with a multi-sports program.  The students will be introduced to many different sport games from wiffle ball, kick ball and soccer to name a few!  Every week they will play a different game to get them moving having fun and exposed to different sports.  This program will be after school on Wednesdays in the gym starting October 12th and run for 8 weeks until November 30th.

January to March we will be running a basketball skills program on Wednesdays for grades  K-2 and an intramural program on Tuesday and Thursday for grade 3-5.

 April and May we will run a soccer skills program on Wednesdays for grades K-2 and an intramural program on Tuesday and Thursday for grades 3-5. 

The idea is to get the grades K-2 exposed to a sport and learn skills while having fun and playing games that reinforce the skills.  The grade 3-5 intramural programs will be on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesdays they will work on skill building and then we will hold mini games on Thursdays.  The program brings in trained coaches to assist in teaching the skills and we would like to have some parents volunteer to “coach” a team in the mini games on Thursdays.  Our hope is that the coaches could rotate attending a couple skills practices so the skills can be reinforced in the games.  Anyone who would be willing to volunteer as a “coach” for either basketball or soccer please email me at 

 Forms must be in by October 7th!

Click Here for Multi-Sport Flyer