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December 21, 2016
Important Dates

Dress Down Day 12/22!

Christmas Vacation 12/23/16 thru 1/2/17

Young Alumni Dodge Ball 1/7/17

Admissions Open House 1/29/17 1-3pm

Catholic Schools Week 1/29 - 2/4

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The Faculty and Staff here at MCS wish you and your family a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Dress Down Day Tomorrow 12/22!

Message from the Principal
      Christmas is very much a “family” time of year.  One of the major goals of any school is to actively work to engage the families it serves.  So how does MCS try to satisfy this goal? MCS has worked very hard to engage our families and surrounding communities in helping us to meet our mission.  We've focused primarily on major areas of best practice as it concerns family and community engagement: school climate, effective home school communication, educating and supporting families, and involving families in school planning and leadership activities.          
      In creating a welcoming school climate, we make sure all visitors are directed to the front office where they are immediately acknowledged and welcomed warmly. New families are provided a welcome packet and assigned an ambassador family to mentor them throughout the year to help them make the most of the MCS experience. New potential students, thinking of enrolling at MCS, shadow along with a student ambassador who acts as their guide.  MCS staff make personal contacts with families through emails, phone calls, school meetings as needed and often attend student events outside of school to show their support and interest. The school emails a weekly newsletter to all families, staff, board members, and community supporters to keep them informed on current events at MCS. A newly installed video monitor graces our lobby and features all the up to the minute news involving MCS. Finally, Open Houses and parent conferences are held 2-3 times yearly in an effort to provide our community an opportunity to interact and be suitably informed about our school.      
      Our school makes a great effort to communicate with our families in the best interest of providing their children with the highest standard of education. Our family handbook is available in hardcopy and on line. Teachers send home folders of student work weekly or monthly for parent review and comment. MCS uses EDLine which is an electronic grade book that families can use to frequently monitor their children’s progress. Translators are used to clearly communicate school policies to all families in their home language. MCS also has  formal mechanisms for families to communicate to administrators and teachers as needed (e.g., direct phone numbers, e-mail addresses, regular hours for families to call or meet, etc.).       
       MCS also believes it's important to strengthen families’ knowledge and skills to support and extend their children’s learning at home and in the community. To that end we provide formal and informal training and materials for parents on how to improve children’s study skills or learning in various academic subjects. Many of our staff make regular homework assignments that require students to discuss with their families what they are learning in class. We also make known community resources and activities that link to student learning skills and talents, including summer programs for students.  MCS also sponsors workshops to inform families of the high expectations and standards children are expected to meet in each grade level.     
       Finally, MCS attempts to engage families in school planning, leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Current parents and parents of alumni serve on our advisory board and subcommittees.  In this way families share in  decision-making once they have been provided proper training in areas in which they will serve (e.g., curriculum, budget or school safety). We also conduct a yearly survey of parents to identify volunteer interests, talents and availability, matching these resources to school programs and staff-support needs.  Volunteer recognition activities such as events, certificates and thank-you cards are all part of our process to acknowledge the generous efforts of our families. Thank you for sending your children to MCS. 
From our family to yours, we wish you a very blessed and Merry Christmas.
Dr. F 

8th Grader Olivia Barber helps area teens in need for Christmas
Olivia would like to thank all those who participated in helping her successfully complete her service project.  

Because teens often get overlooked during holiday toy drives, Olivia decided to partner with Jonnycake and the Narragansett Housing Authority to create an Amazon wishlist for area teens. Packages were arriving here at the front office on a regular basis!  With your help we were able to provide approximately 60 gifts for area teens in need.  When Olivia realized that she needed more gifts for teen girls, she reached out to local business Luca + Danni who donated 15 bracelets.  
MCS is proud of the initiative and kind acts of Olivia and our MCS community.

Important Announcements
Young Alumni Dodgeball Tournament
Battle of the Classes
Saturday, January 7th @ 3pm
Your Friends, Your Teachers, Your Memories
Players must be Freshman in High School or older that attended MCS.  $5 Entry Fee, Prizes for last team standing and best uniform.  Play against your old teachers! 

Current 8th Grade are invited as spectators only

Enrollment News
  MCS is welcoming 8 new students after the Christmas Break!

Please join us in welcoming our new students and families

Taylor Lambert 6th Grade
John (Jack) Slocum Pre-K 
Ryanne Slocum Little Angels
Adrianna Maines 1st Grade
Isabella Varrecchione 8th Grade
Jack Connerton Little Angels
Dorothy Martin Little Angels
Boston Benjamin Little Angels

Advancement Updates
Need a Last Minute Christmas Gift? 
Attention MCS Alum....Leave your Legacy
Through the purchase of a tile, you help support Msgr. Clarke’s initiatives and create a lasting legacy to come back and see every time you visit. Personalized tiles will be enjoyed by visitors, teachers, students, friends and family each and every day for many years to come.  Every year each graduating 8th grade student designs their own tile.  MCS Alumni can now order online!!
  New Corporate Sponsorship Program for MCS

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please CLICK HERE

By signing on as a corporate sponsor, you play a leadership role in helping MCS continue it's mission to promote the highest standards by providing programs and services to our students.  Partner with us today and learn how we can work together to promote your business while you make a significant difference in the lives of our students.

Contact Sara Marshall, Director of Advancement

Sports Corner
  Intramural Update

 Basketball Intramurals Started!

We will be postponing Thursday this week and make
it up at the end of the program due to Christmas Break.
Grades 3-5 will pick up their session on Tuesday, January 3rd
Grades K-2 will pick up their session on Wedneday, January 4th

Both groups will receive a T-Shirt for the older group
the shirt will be their Basketball Team Shirt.

Middle School Basketball

The Boys and Girls will be scrimmaging each other over break on Tuesday, December 27th!

The Boys and Girls Teams will be going off to Block Island Thursday, December 29th for some non-league games!

Spring Sports Sign-ups!

We will have sign-ups for spring sports upon our return from Christmas break!  Boys Baseball and Coed Volleyball
Middle School Intramural Flag Football

South Kingstown Sports Info