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September 21, 2016
  Needed....Someone that has a truck and can pick up furniture in East Greenwich
Through the generosity of a donor we have been offered some bookcases and other furniture for our lobby ,offices and new retreat room.  Contact Sara Marshall if you are able to help.
Important Dates

9/21 Meeting Washington D.C. Trip for 8th grade parents 7pm

RESCHEDULED Back to School Night (Open House) is now 9/29 at 5:30 pm

9/22 After School Karate Begins

9/23- Dress Down Day for Childhood Cancer

9/28 - Magazine Drive Begins

October 5th 3-6pm - FLU Shot Clinic

October 23rd - Admissions Open House

October 28th - Save the Date! Halloween Spooktacular Fun Family Event

News from the Principal

     Every once in awhile, families ask about our discipline policy at MCS, not only in the interest of understanding it, but also to perhaps consider using it at home so that our students experience the type of continuity that ensures assimilation of important thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  At MCS, we use an approach called Positive Discipline. Positive Discipline is a discipline model used by schools, and in parenting, that focuses on the positive points of behavior, based on the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors. You can teach and reinforce the good behaviors while weaning the bad behaviors without hurting the child verbally or physically. People engaging in positive discipline are not ignoring problems. Rather, they are actively involved in helping their child learn how to handle situations more appropriately while remaining calm, friendly and respectful to the children themselves.

     Positive discipline includes a number of different techniques that, used in combination, can lead to a more effective way for parents to manage their kid’s  behavior, or for teachers to manage groups of students. Some of these are listed below.

  • Positive Reinforcement, such as complimenting a good effort

  • Extinction (planned ignoring)- such as ignoring requests made in a whining tone of voice

  • Punishment- such as requiring a child to clean up a mess s/he made

  • Negative Reinforcement- such as getting a child to conform under the threat of punishment.

All of these things are done in a kind, encouraging, and firm manner. The focus of positive discipline is to establish reasonable limits and guide children to take responsibility to stay within these limits, or learn how to remedy the situation when they don't.

Some techniques used by teachers that may be of use to parents/families include: 

When/Then – Abuse it/Lose It Principle “When you have finished your seatwork, you may take out a book and read.”

Incompatible Alternative Principle – Give the child something to do that he can’t do while misbehaving. “Let’s see which of our groups can work most quietly.”

Choice Principle – Give the child choices, which are positive and acceptable to you. “When we complete this unit of study, you may choose among the following forms of assessment:  Multiple Choice Test, Oral Test, Classroom Presentation, or Creation of a Chart”

Make a Big Deal Principle– Make a big deal over responsible, considerate, appropriate behavior with attention, thanks, praise, thumbs-up, recognition, hugs and special privileges. “I love the way all the groups worked so quietly and cooperatively throughout the period”  

Talk about Them Positively to Others – “I love my fourth grade class this year.  They’re all so polite and eager to learn.” This said to a classroom visitor.

Modeling Principle – Model the behaviors you want. “I like the way Mary raises her hand to ask a question.  I can always count on Carl, Jack, and Gloria to hand their work in on time.”

Take a Break Principle – Telling a child to “take a break” and think about what he could do differently that would work better or be more constructive. Tell him that he can come back as soon as he is ready to try again. Put the ball in his court – and make him responsible for changing his behavior.

Privacy Principle – Teachers avoid embarrassing a child in front of others. Teachers always move to a private place to talk when there is a problem.

Positive Closure Principle – At the end of the day, teachers try to meet with children, who may have had an issue during the day, to remind them that they are special and loved. They try to help them look for something good about the day and express confidence that tomorrow will be better.

Talk With Them, Not to Them Principle – Teachers focus on two-way communication rather than preaching to children. They listen as well as talk.

Pay Attention Principle – Teachers are alert to what is happening. They don’t wait until the child is out of control to step in. They remove the child from the situation if necessary. They remain calm and emotionally detached. They let the child know what their options are. They are firm but not mean.

     Of course it must also be said that our families are critical to our successful discipline policy.  MCS students, by in large, come to school ready, motivated and participate actively and positively in their individual programs as a result of the hard work of their families who recognize the importance of making sure their children are accountable. Being accountable and responsible is a key to a child’s success both in school and in the larger world when they grow up. When they learn to take responsibility for their actions and their commitments, they get things done and people know they can be counted on to meet obligations and promises. These children are seen as trustworthy and dependable, they don’t make excuses when they make mistakes but rather own up to them and make amends, they are willing to take on new responsibilities and they are often self-starters. Such behaviors are important ingredients to success in school and in life. That  is the shared mission of our families and staff at MCS.


Dr. F

Important Announcements
After School Karate Begins 9/22.  Sessions run from 2:45pm - 3:30pm and the cost is $30.  Click the link below to complete the form.
Karate Form
Don't Forget that the "Back to School Night" Open House has been moved to Thursday, September 29th at 5:30
October 3-October 21 : Savers cloth/clothes drive to fund the Service Club efforts this year. Please bring any used items made of cloth including clothes, bedding, towels, curtains, etc to school between these dates. Savers will reimburse us $0.20 per pound of donated items. 

November 19: Family Volunteer Day  Mark your calendar to join us to create an outdoor classroom using a $1000 grant from GenerationOn. Details to follow.

Easy way to get your
Wednesday, October 5th from 3-6pm

Attention 8th Grade Parents!!

There will be a trip information meeting for the Washington D.C. Trip on September 21st at 7:00 pm in Ms. McClatchy's Room

St. Francis of Assisi
Super 50/50 Raffle
6 Cash Prize Winners will be drawn, totaling $10,000.  Tickets available at MCS front office
Join the school band & string program! 

Band program is available to students  in grades 3-8.
Violin is offered to grades 1-8.
The DEADLINE for sign ups is tomorrow. You can also register online at:

  Hannah Ross(right) and her friend Kate Morris (left)    
" Dress Down Day for Princess Kate"

MCS 3rd Grader, Hannah  Ross will be walking in the Jimmy Fund Walk in Boston on  September 25th.  Hannah is participating with, and in honor of, her friend Kate Morris who has been battling leukemia.  Hannah is trying to raise money for their team “Princess Kate’s Royal Court.” All money raised goes to the Jimmy Fund to support pediatric cancer research. We are so proud of H annah who has been working hard to support this important cause.  We will have a dress down day this Friday, September 23rd.  

For more information or to make an additional donation  Click Here Jimmy Fund Walk Information

Sports Corner
Fall Sports Update

Cross Country got underway at their first meet on September 14th.  The girls team did a wonderful job coming in 3rd place!  For our girls, Stella Mayo came in 2nd, Sara Mayo came in 5th and Lauren Wessman came in 11th place!  Due to rain the boys had to run on September 15th but unfortunately we do not have enough boys for a team so they are running as individuals.  The next meet is Wednesday September 21st at Goddard Park at 5pm.

Boys Soccer had their first game Thursday, September 15th at Jamestown where they lost 1 to 5, but played a great game.  Zach Bell scored the only goal of the game for MCS.  Their next games are Thursday, September 22nd at 3:30pm on the home field (Brousseau Park) against Narragansett and Friday, September 23rd at 4pm on the home field (Brousseau Park) against Chariho.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns 
A Message from our Athletic Director

Thank you to all the fall sports families for your understanding and willingness to help with transportation. We continue to work on a day by day basis to ensure bussing to sport events this fall.  Moving forward if any practices or games are cancelled you will be notified by 1pm the day of, via email, phone and text through our school messenger system.  

If the weather is forecasted to be questionable on any day your child is scheduled to participate in sports, having a set plan in case of cancellation would be extremely helpful.  If you and your child are aware of the plans this will assist with fewer phone calls having to be made from the office.  We will be contacting you with the cancellation information and announcing it to the school over the speaker so everyone will be informed.  Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

Sincerely, Cassie Barbado

Fall Sports Update Cont.

Girls Soccer had their first game on their home field (Brousseau Park) Thursday, September 15th against Jamestown where they lost 3-5.  Goals were scored by Helene Cummings unassisted scored 1, Hannah Conlon assisted by Helene Cummings scored 1 and Emily Howe assisted by Caroline Cummings scored 1.  They played a great game!  Their next games are Thursday, September 22nd at 3:30pm away against Narragansett and Friday, September 23rd at 4pm away against Chariho. 

Updates from the Advancement Office
  Alum, Monica Couglin (left) with Sara Marshall

Thank You!

The first annual event hosted by the Advancement Office was a huge success!  The Beer & Wine Event that included plenty to sample, great food and live music was a resounding success.  A total of 125-150 people were in attendance including current parents, faculty, alumni dating back to even the first graduating class, members of our parishes and the community. It was widely requested that we do it again next year.  Thank you to the parent volunteers and faculty that helped make this event a great success! More pictures to come.

There is an Admissions Open House scheduled for Sunday, October 23rd from 1-4 pm 

Send your friends that might be considering ....