McKenzie River Trust: Protecting Special Lands
Giving Back in the Season of Giving:
Legacy of One McKenzie Valley Family
Drury Meadow - November 2010. Photo by Melanie Knapp.
Two salmon-bearing streams that feed into the upper McKenzie River flow through the 22 acre Drury Meadow property. Jim and Mary Jane Drury donated the land to the McKenzie River Trust in 2006 to conserve fish and wildlife habitat. Photo by MRT staff.
Dear Friend of the Trust, 


A month or so ago I toured our 22-acre Drury Meadow property, a mixture of wooded hillside, open meadow, and small creeks that feed into the upper McKenzie River.


Cottonwood and maple trees still held on to a few leaves, and recent rains weighed down the grasses that had been shoulder-high in summer. The comings and goings of black bear and elk were everywhere, and ravens called out my presence to the rest of the neighborhood.


While criss-crossing the site to simply check in on things, I made my way to a particularly special place: a log jam in the creek, beneath which we'd placed a memorial river stone this past summer.


A decade ago we'd given the stone, engraved with thanks and the Trust's logo, to longtime, generous supporters Jim and Mary Jane Drury. Jim and Mary Jane passed away in December 2007, within 3 days of each other, both having lived rich, full lives to ages 92 and 89, respectively. The Drury family's deep ties to the McKenzie River Valley go back generations. The stone was a part of their estate. We felt it would be fitting to take it back to the river, to a place that was dear enough to the Drurys that they donated the 22 acres to the McKenzie River Trust for conservation in 2006.

Mary Jane and Jim Drury in August 2007
Mary Jane and Jim Drury telling stories about the land during a picnic celebrating the protection of Drury Meadow in August, 2007.


Looking down into the creek, it was difficult to pick out the stone among the jumble of sand and leaves washed in by the autumn rains. But the Drury legacy was everywhere to be seen: in the forest canopy, the open meadow across from me, and the clear stream at my feet.


Jim and Mary Jane's generosity touched me even though I only knew them briefly. It is an honor now to care for the legacy of land they left behind.


There are many ways to make an impact. Donating land for conservation, like the Drurys did, is one way. Another is to make a generous gift to the McKenzie River Trust today. The money you give now will help us protect and care for special places right here in western Oregon. Places like Drury Meadow, and the more than 3,300 other acres of land we've protected.


We wish all of you the best this holiday season, and a lifetime of great friendships in great places.



Joe Moll, Executive Director - Signature

Joe Moll, Executive Director  



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