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It is that time of year where the windows in my house are foggy. The warmth from the oven where goodies are baking meets the cold chill of the outdoors exactly at the panes in my kitchen. It is a welcome sign. Winter cooking means family, rich flavors and great memories. I love cooking in each season, but this season always seems a bit more special.


It is also a time to reflect, appreciate and give thanks. It is time for warm hearts, smiles and to love and be loved. If it was possible, I would invite all of you, my great Nan Fan's, to a large wonderful gathering to enjoy each other and share our passion for great food. Instead, please accept my humble thanks and appreciation. I am blessed to meet so many of you at shows. I have the best fans anywhere.


Please enjoy the included recipe below.  It too will add warmth to the season! 

Nan's Gourmet Foods
Recipe:  Dark Chocolate Balsamic Martini

If you haven't heard, gourmet cocktails are a big.  Just like with gourmet food, the quality of the ingredients is key.  This simple concoction is an amazing combination and a wonderful offering for a holiday cocktail party.

Tools and ingredients necessary include martini glasses, a cocktail shaker, a high quality vodka, an aged dark chocolate balsamic vinegar and lavender sugar to rim the glass - another option is shaved dark chocolate.

* Rim two chilled martini glasses with lavender sugar
* Chill approximately 3 ounces of vodka in the cocktail shaker
* Shake all ingredients and strain into glasses