August/September 2017

Some of the sweetest memories and bittersweet times are those last few sunny, carefree days of summer break that we have left before the regular rhythm of school starts up again.
Just before our teens started back to school we decided to host a get together for them at a favorite location next to a river nearby Zagreb. We had a ton of families out that day. It was warm so swimming was add to the fun. Our youth leaders, Danijel and Gris, had some fun activities and a short Bible Study prepared for the youth. It was a great time for them, especially since we had some out that were from unsaved families, so it was a great time to share the love of Christ.

With the arrival of fall, cooler weather, and school , all of our families finally straggled home from last minute vacations. Last week we had our bi-annual week of fasting and prayer, but this year we decided to add on to the end of the week 4 days of spiritual renewal. From Monday to Wednesday we held prayer meetings each evening and from Thursday to Sunday we hosted a conference entitled, Awaken! We invited two other pastors (one from Zagreb and one from Pula) who, along with our elder, Ivan and myself; spoke on what Spiritual Awakening means to us and how to apply certain steps in our lives to awaken our faith and relationship with God. It was encouraging to see a full house almost every evening and we feel that God has truly begun a new work in many people's hearts.   
We realized, however, that God had begun awakening us as a church and stirring up a new work in us even before this conference. Our Wednesday prayer meetings have seemed to be growing in attendance the last month and a half. It had been so encouraging to see people come to seek the Lord in prayer for our city, church and loved ones around us. We know that this is the way that God begins to awaken us- he draws us and calls us  to seek his face.


We have one more conference planned for 2017. Our women are excited to host a Woman's Conference- something we have not done in years. We hope it will be a wonderful time of encouragement and growth for many   women. It may be a time of reflection for some before the end of the year on how God can change and use us, and possibly a tool with which to encourage those around us who may be seeking God and haven't made that final step to accept him. Please be in prayer with us regarding this conference. We desire to see the work of the Holy Spirit among us those evenings.


Bonnie and the kids are hard at work back in school. Filip is a Freshman in high school this year and Luka started his first year of middle school! It's hard to believe how quickly our children grow.
With the increase in living expenses here and the kids' schooling, as well, we are seeking the Lord for an increase in our monthly support. We know that God is faithful in providing where he calls. Would you please pray for us regarding this need?
We are so grateful for each one of you and the prayers and support you give. We pray that  the Lord richly bless you and all that you do.
Mario and Bonnie
 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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