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Spark is putting out new product at an amazing rate these days and accurate release information is hard to come by, as usual.
To make things even more interesting, we're starting to receive notifications of inbound shipments in reverse order. A few weeks ago, we listed the models we were told would arrive in late May. Last week, we were given a list of 22 new models that would land at TMC a week or so ahead of that shipment (now pushed back to Early June). Yesterday, we were told about 11 more models that will be here even sooner! 
Some of them are seen in today's banner. The complete rundown can be found on the Late May page.
The Chaparral Camaro: 
To clarify the 1/43 scale 1970 Trans Am Chaparral Camaro situation, Spark ites2603, announced 2 years ago as the #1 car driven by Jim Hall, has been changed to the #2 Ed Leslie Chaparral team car. Delivery date and price TBA.
In its place, a #1 Jim Hall version has been produced by TSM Model (TrueScale Miniatures). Our first pieces arrive next week. 
You can order the #1 Jim Hall Chaparral Camaro ($62.75) HERE
The #2 Ed Leslie Car from Spark can be reserved HERE.
We emailed everyone who had placed advance orders for either piece earlier today. Please let me know what you want to do as soon as possible.
See why I'm prematurely gray?
Sebring Record BookJust In:


Published this year to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 12 Hours of Sebring.
Contains complete race results and hourly standings from the 1952 thru 2011 races with photos of the top ten finishers and a complete driver index. 
Also lists results of the first United States Grand Prix, held at Sebring in 1959, and the 1950 Sam Collier Memorial.
Softbound | 144 pages | $40.00 | Order HERE
The Indy Motorsports Memorabilia Experience
Going to the Indianapolis 500 next weekend? We will be displaying a selection of items in the new 'Day Before The 500 Show at IMS' at the Pagoda Plaza Pavilion behind the Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

The show will take place on Saturday, May 26 from 9 to 5 pm. 

Have a great weekend.

 - Paul
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