"If They Can Take Away Our Second Amendment Rights... They Can Walk Away With The Rest Of Them"  

The New York
Second Amendment Tour

The purpose of this tour is to educate and inform citizens as to how they can preserve and protect their Second Amendment rights, including a game plan for New Yorkers.

Ann Marie Buerkle - March 23 & April 13th*
Ann Marie Buerkle Pic
Join former Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle as she kicks off our tour in Auburn on March 23rd. Her topic of discussion will be, "Is there a National Threat to our Second Amendment Rights?" As a member of Congress and the Congressional Representative to the United Nations, Ann Marie has had a unique opportunity to be involved in the national debate regarding our constitutional rights. Come and hear what she has to say about protecting and preserving these rights and maintaining our Republic.
Warren Darby - April 4th*
Warren Darby

Warren Darby is the current County of Onondaga Under Sheriff. He formerly served as the Chief of Police for the Town of Cicero and as the Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Syracuse. He also serves as a Consultant and lecturer at Syracuse University and Onondaga Community College.Sheriff Darby will be speaking on," How Do The Sheriffs Stand on the Safe Act?"  

John Balloni - April 5th
John Balloni

John Balloni is the current Chief Deputy for the Civil and Administrative Divisions of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office. He formerly served as Commissioner of the Onondaga County 911 and retired as the Chief of Police from the Village of Baldwinsville in 2000. John has an MS in Criminal Justice from Columbia College and is an FBI National Academy Graduate.

He will be speaking on," How Do The Sheriffs Stand on the Safe Act?" 


Bob Shulz (Invited) - May 16th* & 17th
Bob Shulz is the President of  We the People Foundation. It is a non-profit education and research organization with the declared mission "to protect and defend individual Rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States."Bob's topic will be, "How Can We Use Legal Leverage to Protect Our rights?"

Joe Tartaro - May 16th* & 17th
Joe Tartaro is the President of The Second Amendment Foundation. SAF is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, they carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate. Joe's topic will be, "How Can We Use Legal Leverage to Protect Our rights?"

Larry Pratt - June 6th* & 7th
Larry Prat
Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for over 30 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.
Larry has been seen on CNN, FOX, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Political Cesspool, Crossfire, Larry King Live,Hannity & Colmes and others. He is also the author of several books that deal with the right to bear arms. Mr. Pratt will speak on, "What About Civil Disobedience?" 

                          Visit Gun Owners of America Website!  


Program Host:
Dr. Bruce Jones
Dr. Bruce Jones
Dr. Bruce Jones is a Patriot, Pastor, and Radio host of the program...

Defending Our Freedom and Faith
Aired Saturday's at 11:50am on 102.9FM.
As a former Air
Force officer and Pastor of North Syracuse Baptist Church, he has dedicated his semi-retirement years to address important issues both local and nationally.

With the passing of the Safe Act, and the current threat to our Second Amendment rights,  Dr.Jones was prompted to put together this educational and informational tour. He now invites you
to attend these meetings and hear from a line- up of strategic guests who will speak on the Second Amendment issue.

For more information call: 315-457-1728



Auburn Events 

March 23, April 5,
May 17, June 7

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Alliance Church
630 N.Seward Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021

*Syracuse Events

April 4 & 13,  
May 16 & June 6 

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Word of Life Church
12 East Oneida St.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027