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October 2016 Newsletter 
1930's Day on
Second Saturday, 
October 8

We'll be showcasing our collection from the 
1930's decade so expect some fun things 
not normally seen in operation. 
At noon you can test to see how well you know 
the decade with a quiz on all the extra 
nformation on the decade displayed 
throughout the museum.

 There will also be a 1930s scavenger hunt 
kids of all ages to enjoy.
 In addition to the flying and driving don't 
the restoration shop tour 
at 11AM and 1PM.

Visitors who arrive in 1930s period clothing 
will receive $2 off on the admission price.

Here's the schedule:

Saturday, October 8th (2016) 

Hours - Activities
9 - Open
11 - Restoration Shop Tour
11-1 - Lunch
11-12 Caboose Tour
12 - 1930s Quiz
1 - Restoration Shop Tour
5 - Close

See you!  Keep on learning... every day!

Hood River Fly-in 2016 Report

So you'd think that the tenth Hood River 
Fly-in hosted by WAAAM would show just 
incremental growth?... that was not the case at all!
-        We had many more airplanes than in 2015 
which, itself, was a record year. 402 registered 
and plus some who came without registering. 
The total count over the weekend was said 
to be around 538!
-        The aerial photo taken at midday Saturday 
shows 350 visiting airplanes. Many came and 
went on Friday through Sunday who didn't stick 
around long enough to pose for the portrait. 
Some pilots who were here took advantage of 
great weather and flew a tour around the 
Columbia River Gorge.
-        Fly-in admissions were well over 4,300, up 
more than 12% vs. last year.
-        RV camping was much better organized this 
year but even so, more than twenty rigs had to
 find their way to the overflow camping/parking 
-        On Friday night the Pilots Spaghetti Feed 
served 400 meals! Lois had made twenty seven 
gallons of spaghetti sauce and by the end there 
wasn't enough left for a large family!

Among the visiting airplanes was the Bellanca 
AirCruiser  from the Erickson Collection in Madras. 

Among the award winners was a 1961 Piper Colt 
from the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft 
Museum in Concrete. 

The DC-3 from the Historic Flight Foundation made t
wo low passes in salute to the Hood River Fly-in. 

The veterans of the 554 th Reconnaissance Squadron 
"Vampires" held their third reunion in conjunction 
with our Fly-in but the airplane they flew in 
Viet Nam  wasn't able to get here from Texas 
due to a mechanical problem after departure.  

We survived holding a big event during 

construction of a hangar.


As a fund raiser the Fly-in brought in more than 

$50,000 for the benefit of the museum.


Above all else, we had another safe Fly-in, 

the criterion that trumps all the others!


A loud and sincere Thank You to the volunteers 

who made the Hood River Fly-in successful 

and memorable. 


Well done, gang!!


Ken Olsson, Museum Coordinator & Fly-in Honcho

Also--Don't miss this  Fly-in time lapse!!!!
It's here!!! 


WAAAM Car Guys* 
"Monthly Smoke Signals"!  
*used in plural to refer to the members of a group regardless of sex 
<saw her and the rest of the guys>
This year has flown by. We finished our 6 th and last 
class of " How to Drive a Model-T" ,  Saturday 
October 1. 
Saturday also happened to be the 108th anniversary 
of the introduction of the Model-T by Henry Ford!

The success of the driving classes could not happen 
without the support of all the WAAAM Car Guys 
volunteers who help teach the students "How to drive
a Model-T and cars of the 30's, 40's and 50's": 
Andy Anderson, Gene Wright, Dave Schneeberg, 
Cal Cargill, Steve Tolson, Steve Roberts, Robb Harding 
and Robert Smithwick.
Ground crew support; Paige Meyers, Stephanie Hatch 
and Judy Newman.
Lunch support; Jane Sheppard, Lois Bowman, 
Jean Anderson and Judy Newman.

This is a team effort and we have a wonderful group 
who "make it all happen". The funds collected for the 
classes help to maintain our growing fleet of WAAAM vehicles.

Our newly donated 1915 Willys Runabout has been 
"re-identified" as a 1916 Willys by Jack Woolf, who 
knew exactly where to find the original serial number 
on the chassis and then decipher the numbers. 
Thanks Jack!

Robert Smithwick has been making good progress on 
the 1916 Willys. Gene and Andy are helping too.
In case you have not looked at the 1914 Detroit Electric recently, Steve Bausch has been tackling the job of 
replacing a big part of rotted wood in the cab. With all 
of the curved pieces, it's a really tough job!  Steve is 
a great addition to the Car Guys restoration crew.

A new volunteer to the Car Guys is Cathy Spainhower 
who donated the 1960 custom Pontiac Catalina after 
her husband passed.

Cathy has been dusting and detailing some of the cars 
Nicol greatly appreciate Cathy's help to keep the 
vehicles looking good. WAAAM gets comments from 
visitors all the time about how nice the cars and 
airplanes look.  

We are still raising money to complete the interior of 
the garage this winter. If you need a tax write off or 
can help out, please send your donation to WAAAM 
c/o the Car Guys Garage interior.

On the MLR Program front, thanks to Robert 
Smithwick, Steve Bausch, Andy Anderson, 
Robb Harding, Cal Cargill, Don Durr, Gene Wright, 
Paige Myers, Chip & Nancy Starr, David Castillo 
and Steve Roberts for their help this past month.

We still have three more car rides for the Columbia 
River Cruise Boat. The Old Car Rides, and the 
Restoration Shop Tour that Jay conducts 
We will have hosted 16 events this year!
Steve Roberts and Dale Nicol

We hope you are interested in becoming a 
WAAAM  Car Guy Volunteer. 
Please contact Stephanie at 
Click to donate$$ DONATE any amount $$

*used in plural to refer to the members of a group 
regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys>

 Aviation News

Thank you to all the volunteers who put in 
long  hours getting ready for the Fly-In; and for 
everyone who poured their heart and soul into 
making  this  the best Hood River Fly-In ever. 

The "Bird"

On Friday of the fly in, the FAA issued 
our OX5 Brunner Winkle Bird A 
its new airworthiness certificate 
after a month of work on it.

  Our volunteer Joe  and I drove to Texas at 
the beginning of August to bring it home to 

More recently in the shop we finished all the 
rib stitching and finish tapes on the wings for 
the Stearman N2S3 currently under 

The Swallow

The engine cowling for our OX5 Swallow 
is  finished, and almost ready for its 
FAA inspection by this Saturday. 

Hope to see you then for some fun with the 
1930s cars and airplanes.


 Last, but not least...(This doesn't cost you a cent!)

If you shop on Amazon then you could be  donating
to WAAAM every time you purchase anything.  

Here's the link to sign up for Amazon Smile, 
and you will be smiling knowing that 
WAAAM benefits each and  every time you shop!
Issue 10, 2016

List of award winners 
in the Airplane Judging 
at the 
Hood River Fly-in 2016:

Ken Olsson
Museum Coordinator


WAAAM held a 50/50 raffle 
during the fly-in this year w ith 
the proceeds going to the 
WAAAM Aviation Scholarship. 
It brought in a total of $1060! 

That puts $530 bucks in the 
scholarship fund and $530 to 
the winner. ...
Janet Schaeffer of Portland.
 Congratulations, Janet! 

But that's not the end of the 
story: Janet Schaeffer donated 
her winnings back to the 
Scholarship, saying, 
"What a nice surprise to learn 
I have won the 50/50 drawing 
that you worked so hard to 
promote at WAAAM this fly-in weekend.  It 
will be my great pleasure to 
donate my winnings 
to WAAAM, which is one of 
our favorite enterprises. It is 
inspiring to see how far 
WAAAM has come in its first 
nine years! We look forward 
to joining you again next year, 
as we have for each of the 
previous fly-ins. My husband 
Tuck Wilson flies in his 
handsome Stinson 
108-3 Stationwagon, which he 
purchased in 1967 and has 
flown ever since. Next year will 
be the 50th anniversary of his 
life with this special airplane. "

How cool is that! Some 
deserving young aviation enthusiast 
will get  a few extra flight hours 
because of Janet's gracious gift!  
Thank you!

International Model A Day 

It was a little soggy this year, but 
we still had 6 cars brave the elements 
to strut their stuff. 

We also had a dynamite speaker 
who talked all about the 1982 
Around the World Model A Tour. 

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/KVbBdqksxmo

Model T Driving School Classes 
are done for the year.

The last class in September was 
fantastic and the bonus October 
class had so much fun we barely 
had time to put the cars away 
for closing.

The Model T Driving School 
schedule and the Driving 
through the Decades schedule 
for 2017 will be coming soon.  
So stay tuned to our website.

It's Happening Here

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today


Our auto restoration on the
1914 Detroit Electric Car has been moving forward in leaps 
and bounds with our expert woodworker volunteers. 

Much of the interior has now 
been cleaned out and we know what we need to fix.

This car will be beautiful, in 
like-new condition when we 
are finished with the restoration and put it out on the museum floor.

Building Update!

We are getting closer and closer each day to completion of M4. 
The roof is done just in time for the rain to start back up for the season. The final wall and the doors are currently going up.
We're almost there!

Shop the Museum Store
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Get some fly time in with 
these fantastic flying models. Some of these are even 
rubber band powered! 
They're perfect for gifts, 
display, or just plain flying!

Our WAAAM Art Calendars 
are in and looking better than ever. 
Get one for yourself and 
some for gifts to enjoy
 the WAAAM collection all 
year long.

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Pilot and US Army Veteran Amber Smith talked about her book, at WAAAM on Sunday, September 18. 

Before joining the armed services Smith earned her wings at the Ken Jernsted Airfield. 
She served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005 and 2008 flying Kiowa Warrior helicopters in combat.
If you missed her great talk, 
here is the link:
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1953 PA-20 Pacer
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