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2016 May Newsletter 
WACO 9 Being towed after a successful flight
May 14th

Here's the Schedule: 

9 - Museum Opens    
Veterans and Seniors always get a discount at WAAAM
Kids activities will be going on, too.  Folks can build their own FPG-9.  What on earth is that?  Come on Saturday and find out.

10 - 2 - ACTION! - Flying and Driving.  
No worries about the construction--
We will still be flying and driving and having loads of fun this Second Saturday!

11 -   Restoration Shop Tour

11 - 1 - LUNCH

12 - WAAAM Scholarship Awards Presentation--
***See the Press Release in the right column for more information on the Scholarship Awards.

12 - Tour the Big Blue Caboose

1 - Restoration Shop Tour

5 - Museum Closes  
Come again - WAAAM is open 362 days a year!

Keep on learning... every day!
This and That from Stephanie's Desk

WAAAM camp registration is live for all folks who know young kids who love airplanes! https://hoodriver.cr3.rschooltoday.com/public/costoption/class_id/2817/public/1/

Also WAAAM Traffic Jam and Swap Meet is live too! 

For anyone who wants a WAAAM Traffic Jam - Car Show and Swap Meet poster--they are now available.  If you or anyone you know want to help spread the word about this great fundraiser for the museum pick some posters up  and pass them out. We've got a ton of them to cover the state and surrounding areas. This year is open class, open year so if you love your rig bring it to the show.

Flying the WACO 9:

Our little secret:  We didn't really tell anyone that we were going to fly the Waco 9 because you never really know with old airplanes if any particular day will be the day but the weather was right and the plane was behaving so we decided to give it a go. There is truly nothing like the sound of old engines in motion.

Mainly we've all been in "building mode":
The car guys have finished the shell of their storage area and are planning for the best use of the interior. We still have more fundraising to do to make it all that it can be but for now we've got a dry spot to dream big.

The building out back:
 We have broken ground and are really moving quickly on getting the groundwork done for the new expansion. Remember, this building expansion will be done by fly-in, so every day there are monumental changes taking place due to the condensed time table. So far the whole things just looks like a pile of stakes and dirt but you can already get an idea of the size just by looking at the ground that is all torn up.  See for yourself:
Just dirt? Think again. This is where the new addition will be come Fall.

Why is WAAAM's parking lot is all torn up?
 While we still don't know if we are going to put the two side wings on the front of the building yet (a conference center and gift shop expansion), the powers that be are requiring us to add more paved parking spaces. The newly improved parking lot will be done in just a few weeks but will still impact Second Saturday parking.  But don't worry - there are about 40 acres available that is not under construction where visitors can park.

Read all about it:
WAAAM's 1938 Rearwin Speedster was recently featured in the May Edition of EAA's Sports Aviation magazine. You can read it here starting on page 56: http://sportaviation.epubxp.com/t/144253-eaa-sport-aviation


Our First Scheduled 2016 
Learn How to  Drive a  Model-T 
Ford Class is coming up o n May 28.
Sign up NOW for this fun Model T class. 
Additional classes on June 28, July 23, 
August 27 and September 24.  
Sign up before they fill up!

The new class offered this year is "Learn How To Drive Cars of the 1930's."
It's modeled after the Model T Class and will be held on Saturday June 4th from 9 to 3 pm.  
Don't forget to sign up!

The money earned from these classes goes to maintaining our fleet of WAAAM owned vehicles.

Get behind the wheel and drive into history at WAAAM

Aircraft Restoration 

The month of May is off to a great start in the restoration shop.
Waco 9

The most exciting news is that on the morning 
of Sunday, May 1st, museum founder Terry Brandt took our 1925 WACO 9 out for its first post restoration flight and first flight in well over 50 years.  

The weather on the day of the flight could not have been better: no wind, warm but not too warm, and both mountains were visible, so photographer Nicolas ,along with photo pilot Bryan Brandt, got some really great shots.

On May 1st right after the successful test flight 
of the WACO 9, we moved it into the museum 
so our visitors can finally take a look at this 
rare aircraft.

A big "Thank You" to Consolidated Aircraft Coating who donated the fabric and paint to recover the entire Waco 9.  Way to go CAC!

April 21st, Curt and Charles from the Portland FAA Flight Standards District Office, delivered the replacement airworthiness certificate for the almost completed Stearman model 70 (the original certificate was lost long before Terry purchased the airplane).  To those of you not in the aviation field, getting the airworthiness for your airplane is a very big deal!
Airworthiness Certificate

OX5 Swallow

We moved the OX5 Swallow that has been in 
the museum (partially completed) back out to 
the restoration shop for engine installation and finishing touches. 

While all that was happening, more progress was made on the completion of the Stearman Model 70.  (It even got outside in the sun during the hanger shuffle), and fabric covering has been started on the wings for the Stearman Model 75/NAVY N2S3.   

To top all of that off, Photographer and writer 
Rick Brown got his article about the restoration 
of WAAAM's Rearwin Speedster published in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine, click below 
and go to page 56.

Hope too see you all on the 14th for some fun with the gliders,


WAAAM Car Guys* 
"Monthly Smoke Signals!"  
Car Guys New Building
Though Stephanie was too shy to pose in front of the new building, on April 26, 2016, the Hood River Building Inspector still  signed off "final approval" of our new WAAAM / Car Guys pole building for vehicle maintenance and light repair!
I want to thank everyone who helped during the various phases of the project and to Steve Roberts, for leading the charge over the past six weeks. Considering we are all volunteers, and not in the building trades, it went really well. Thanks again to Don Ferency who started us off with a "square layout" so everything fit as designed.
Steve Roberts is working on the next phase which is the interior layout for all the equipment, benches, lights, etc., etc. He has also spent numerous hours on two grant submittals that will help to equip the new facility with tools, tool boxes, lifts, etc.

WAAAM's "Monthly Photo Vehicle" is the 1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible.  Look for it on Second Saturday.

The "slow build of the Model-T" last Second Saturday was a big hit and we plan to do it again in the summer.

Last month on April 14 and 28, we started giving car rides for the "Columbia River Cruise" boat people and will continue to do it twice a  month until November 10.

The Car Guys are actively seeking volunteers. We need volunteers who can do basic auto maintenance, upholstery, wood body or metal body repair, fabrication, electrical, mechanical and grant writing. Additionally, we need car ride drivers for all Second Saturday events, parades, cruise boat guests and special events, as well as WAAAM car ride hosts to help load and unload people.
If you are interested in becoming a WAAAM Car Guy Volunteer, please contact Stephanie Hatch at stephanie@waaamuseum.org .  

Dale Nicol

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*used in plural to refer to the members of a group 
regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys>

WVFA-Flying Club
1953 PA-20 Pacer

The WAAAM Volunteers  
Flying Association! 

for more info
Issue 5, 2016
Quote of the Month:

"It's all good!"

Guess who says that?
None other than our own Stephanie.  With a mantra like that, who wouldn't be upbeat and cheerful all the time?  Just being around her lifts a person up!  What an asset to WAAAM she is.
Judy Newman 
Judy Newman
Museum Director, Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum 

May is going to be a busy month and we have lots & lots going on here at WAAAM.   

Construction has started on the new Hangar adjoining M-1 thanks to the 1.5 million donation by Jerry Wenger.  It is scheduled to be finished by Sept 1.  (Before the fly-In)

We flew the WACO Nine.  The airplane crew was standing by and it was flown by our founder Terry Brandt.  Beautiful pictures by Nicklaus who was flying with Brian Brandt in the photo Super Cub.  It was a great flight, good take off and landing as expected with a nice sounding OX5 engine.  Thanks to all involved.

The car light-maintenance pole building is up and looks fantastic.  Our volunteer guys did a great job, worked hard and are an amazing crew.  Now we will spend time getting it outfitted and ready to use to help keep all our cars running and giving rides.  I think we have the best mechanics around and I know we have the best volunteers in the world.

This is a good time to remind us all to be on the look out as there is lots of truck traffic, machines and crew with all our construction....so safety is always a main concern.

Thanks also to all our members and donors for helping support this unbelievable museum.  We have had nothing but good comments from all our visitors, who seem to come from all over the world.  It is so much fun to meet them all and share what we have all built.  

Thanks again,
Second Saturday
May 14 -  10 to 2: 

Expect to see the following cars out for rides 
(weather permitting): 
1 914 Model-T Depot Hack

 1 931 Chevrolet Phaeton

1928 DeSoto 4 door sedan

  1931 Chevrolet 2 door sedan

***Press Release:
Official Awards Ceremony On Second Saturday, May 14
The Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 and 2015 Flight Scholarship awards - Hood River High School Senior Michael Guzman and Horizon Christian School Junior William Decker. A ceremony will take place at noon on Saturday, May 14 as part of WAAAM's Second Saturday events.
Each student will receive $2000 - half from the Callas family trust (General Airways) directed by Hood River local Dayle Harris, one quarter from WAAAM, and one quarter from Classic Wings Aero Service in partnership with TacAero. The WAAAM Flight Scholarship is awarded annually to dedicated, aviation-minded juniors or seniors.
When asked to explain the gap in award years Museum Director Judy Newman responds, "We waited a year because we had to find the right candidates. Both Michael and William have fit the bill above and beyond. William is already a pilot and Michael wants to be an aerospace engineer and they both have done some wonderful volunteer work at WAAAM."
The scholarships will enable Michael to become a pilot and for William to gain his tail-wheel endorsement (an additional step to truly experience old school flying) and commercial license.

It's Happening Here
May 14 
Second Saturday
Antique Gliders

May 28
Limited space

June 4
Driving through the Decades
Class info- limited space 

June 11
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight:
100th Anniversary of the 
Columbia River Hwy

June 25
Model T Driving School
Limited space
July TBA
Aviation Camp for Kids

July 2 
Driving through the Decades
Class info- limited space 

July 9
Second Saturday
5th Annual WAAAM
Traffic Jam
Car Show & Swap Meet
-WAAAM Style-

July 23
Limited space

August 6
Driving through the Decades 1950s 
Class info- limited space 

August 13
Second Saturday
Motorcycles!! Ride On

August 27
Limited space

September 10
Second Saturday
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of the Stearman

September 17 

September 24th
Limited space

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today

John Phillips

John Phillips, WAAAM Supporter and Volunteer has sadly passed away.  
John made a difference here at WAAAM and will be missed. 
John was active during WAAAM's big events, like the Fly-In and Traffic Jam, and helped out some Second Saturdays, as well.
Visitors enjoyed his fun stories about the collection as well as his own life experiences.
We hope you had a chance to meet him.
Our thoughts and sympathy go to his family and friends.

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