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2016 August Newsletter 
Motorcycles and Vintage Snowmobiles!
August 13th


Come one and all to show off your rig and share it with the world.  Let's see if all our motorcycle friends can't beat the number of snowmobiles the Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club brings out. We want to see how many folks ride in!

9 - Open
10-2 - Action! Flying and Driving
11 - Restoration Shop Tour
11-1 - Lunch!
11-12 - Caboose Tour
1 - Restoration Shop Tour
5 - Close

Keep on learning... every day!
WAAAM Car Guys* 
"Monthly Smoke Signals"! 
 *used in plural to refer to the members of a group regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys> 

On July 2, we held our first new "Cars of the 40s" class, that is the second part of the three part series we created this year. On June 4th, we held our "Cars of the 30s" class and this month on August 6, we held our "Cars of the 50s" class. 

On July 9, WAAAMs Traffic Jam came off w/o any hitches. The weather cooperated and the attendance was very good. Friday night included a cruise around downtown Hood River that was culminated by WAAAMs version of a "Drive-In Movie Theater."

On July 23, we held our 3rd Model-T class this year.  
5 women joined the class and everyone had a great time! 

You heard that right! We've got one extra Model T Driving School class of the season. It will be October 1 so if you missed out and can't wait till next year give us a call ASAP to get registered.

We installed the cupola atop our new garage. It's topped off with a great "Old style auto" weather vane. Paige Meyers painted the "antique auto vane", under the guidance of Andy Anderson. The cupola has a LED lamp inside that looks great illuminated at night! 

  On July 28, the Car Guys rounded up 9 trucks and car trailers for a very long day's adventure to Kirkland, WA. In short, Dale Price donated 8 vehicles that have been in various stages of restoration, plus numerous parts, tires, wheels, hardware, wind screens, bumpers, radiators, etc., etc. A big 

Thank You for our WAAAM Road Crew consisting of: Andy Anderson, Stephanie Hatch, Steve Tolson, Robb Harding, Randy Acree, Robert Smithwick, Brian Brandt, Fred Bonjour, Rick Schmidt, Bob Wooldridge, Harvey Long, Russ Paddock, Steve Roberts, Gene Wright and Dale Nicol The 1915 Willis runabout was the most completed car and is now in M3 next to the Velie. Look for it on your next visit at WAAAM.

The photo car for August is our 1974 Jensen Healey convertible.  

We are still raising money to complete the interior of the garage. 

  On the MLR Program front: thanks to Robert Smithwick, Andy Anderson, Robb Harding, Cal Cargill, Don Durr, Gene Wright, Paige Myers, Chip & Nancy Starr, David Castillo and Steve Roberts for their help this past month. 

Thanks to our unsung WAAAM volunteer drivers, who are much appreciated in the driving classes, Second Saturday event and the Columbia River Cruise Boat car rides. Without their help, WAAAM would not be the same! 

The Car Guys are actively seeking additional volunteers to join our team. We have the need for volunteers who can do basic auto maintenance, upholstery, wood body or metal body repair, fabrication, electrical, mechanical and grant writing. Additionally, we need car ride drivers for all Second Saturday events, parades, cruise boat guests and special events. Finally, WAAAM car ride hosts to load/unload people. We hope you are interested in becoming a WAAAM Car Guy Volunteer, if so please contact Stephanie Hatch at stephanie@waaamuseum.org .  
WAAAM participated in the International Vintage Sailplane Meet in Elmira, New York. 
WAAAM's Ka7 Glider won Best 1960's Sailplane! 
Best restoration was WAAAM's Petrel!  (shown below): 
WAAAM Board Member Jerry W. and his master restorer Tom E. won Best Overall Sailplane with their Rhönbussard  and Judges' Choice for their Grunau Baby glider! 
The level of competition at the event was very high so it is a real honor that WAAAM did so well. Attached is a photo of WAAAM's Petrel - it's been in restoration off-site since it was donated so most of the WAAAM crew hasn't seen it before.

We've had some incredible donations this past month!

First up is a 1948 Luscombe from David C. of Yelm, WA. ...or perhaps it's a 1951 Aeronca from his neighbor Wayne G? Either way these two guys donated their airplanes to WAAAM. They wanted to beat each other to donating. David got his airplane here first but Wayne started his paperwork before David; but to us the both are winners! Both airplanes flew in under their own power and we are excited to have them as part of the collection.

Jay and WAAAM Volunteer Joe went on an epic quest all the way to Texas to pick up a 1929 Brunner Winkle Bird A. This airplane will bring the WAAAM OX-5 powered engine fleet up to 10 airplanes. It is the museum's hope that we will be able to get all 10 of this historic aircraft in the sky to celebrate WAAAM's 10 year anniversary in 2017 and the 100 year anniversary of WAAAM's 1917 Curtiss Jenny. 

In addition to the three new airplanes we've gotten 8 new automobiles too! These cars are all vintage Willys automobiles with years ranging from 1915 to 1933. One is currently being worked on in the museum to get finished up and the others are projects in need of more work to restore.

Fortunately they all came with bins of parts so we won't 
have to hunt too hard to find parts to get them done. 

All 8 autos were donated from one major auto enthusiast and master restorer Dale P. of Kirkland, WA. Our crew took up 9 trucks and trailers and we came back completely full of treasures. 

WVFA-Flying Club

1953 PA-20 Pacer
The WAAAM Volunteers Flying Association! 

for more info

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Visitor Quote:
"Great time thank you. Recommended  for a great family outing. Be sure to plan  on staying extra time. There is so much  to learn and see."

Carl P.
Issue 8, 2016
Judy Newman 
Judy Newman
Director of WAAAM.  

This fantastic museum (WAAAM) is becoming  so well known because of our fantastic 

This last month so many visitors have commented  to us that we are so friendly, helpful, and 

I have had two e-mails this month from other  museums asking just how we manage to have  such a great crew.  It makes me smile.  You all  make me smile.  

Thanks to all who make all this  volunteers, donors & visitors....we have the best!

It has been a very busy month with the donation  of three new airplanes and 8 cars.  These  donations have been picked up, loaded, hauled, flown....whatever it takes to get them here...by  our volunteer crew who have had many long  hours making this all happen.  

Thank you all again.

The Hood River Fly In is happening Sept. 9,10  & 11.  There is a sign up list in the museum to  help with the jobs that need to be done.  Those 
that are too far away to sign the list, please e-mail  us your schedule and what you would like to do to 
help.  Lots of projects available.  

Our new building out back is looking good: steel  going up and our grounds are looking great.  We 
are ready.

Thanks,   Judy
Looking Back...
The 2016 WAAAM Traffic Jam was a great success! We had our best visitor turnout ever  and a record number of cities represented! 
26 Oregon cities from all over, 6 Washington  cities from all over and even one car from  Idaho! 

Special thanks to all our wonderful volunteers, for pulling the event off and our sponsors too, and congratulations to our  trophy winners.

Our WAAAM Camp class also got an A+
The kids got to learn all about becoming a  pilot. We think we have a few that might  solo in a glider as soon as they turn 14!
M4 Progress
More concrete has been poured out 
in the back for our new building and we've even got  steel standing up with the cross-beams for the roof in place! 

The new building, "M4," will be done by the Annual Hood River Fly-In so expect lots of progress in the coming weeks.

It's Happening Here
August 13
Second Saturday
Motorcycles!! Ride On

August 27
Limited space

September 10
Second Saturday
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of t he Stearman

September 17 

September 24th
Limited space

October 1
Last Model T Driving Class for the year!
Sign up now to get a space.

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today

Aircraft Restoration 

WAAAM's OX-5 powered Swallow airplane finally has a happy engine. We've been working on it for years but at last we think we've got all the bugs worked out. We'll see this one back in the skies soon.
We celebrated in the shop August 5th because we finally had a successful test run of the Curtiss OX5 for the Swallow biplane we have been working on.  Saturday August 6th museum founder Terry Brandt and I installed it on the waiting air-frame.  For more details on everything that had to be done on the engine please attend one of our shop tours this coming second Saturday.

On Thursday July 28 Volunteer Joe Breniser and I flew to Texas to retrieve our newest OX5 powered biplane, a 1929 Bird A.
After a smooth flight to San Antonio with a stop in San Diego, we picked up a 26 foot U Haul and drove to Fredricksburg, Texas, where the airplane was already
di sassembled and ready for packing. After inspecting the airplane, we took care of the necessary paperwork before Joe and I  were treated to some Texas hospitality from the airplanes former owner Patti, and her friends, Bob and his wife, who brokered the airplane for her. 
On Friday we had the airplane all loaded by noon.  Joe and I drove to Patti's house to take a look at some other OX5 parts she had, and so she could say goodby to the airplane one last time.  That night we had some Texas
BBQ before hitting the
hay at the Hanger Hotel before the long drive ahead of us.  The three day drive back to Hood River was relatively uneventful (except the truck burned 11 quarts of oil) with stops in Amarillo to have lunch with my grandmother, and an overnight stop in Salt Lake City at my sister's place. 
The Bird is now in hanger H1 awaiting assembly, so stop by and welcome it to the WAAAM family.

Annual Hood River Fly-In

Come celebrate WAAAM's Birthday with style.
Our Fly-In attracts hundreds of people each year and is a great way to see old aircraft fly and meet the awesome people who fly them.

What to know:
-Always the Weekend After
 Labor Day 
(September 10 & 11, 2016 
is the Fly-In)
-See hundreds of Planes, Food, Fun, Plane Rides and  more!

Plenty of info on the WAAAM Facebook page.

Shop the Museum Store
(no admission required to shop) 

We are gearing up for our 10 year anniversary early and joining the lineup of fun WAAAM things are our brand new 1917 Curtiss JN-4D Jenny mugs. 

This mug was custom designed to feature WAAAM's 1917 so unlike other mugs with a Jenny on them, this one features all the quirks of our airplane including its numbers and upward facing smoke stacks (a rare original feature among Jenny airplanes).

Buttons are back! Each one of these specially designed buttons are different from the next so go digging for treasure.

If that's not enough...we have...    
DVD's, Books, Calendars, Glassware, Wine, Clothing, Hats, Puzzles, Toys, Admission Passes, Memberships/ Annual Pass, Model T Driving School, and much more.  Come check it out!

WAAAM Members always receive a 10% discount

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