We're offering way a trusted route to directly supporting Haiti's disaster victims. See who we've helped so far!
Raymone Jean Baptiste

Directly Support Hurricane Victims 
Immediate and long-term

We quietly launched a demand-driven fundraising campaign for people we knew who are affected by the hurricane and for the supporters who reached out to us asking how we were helping. We then moved from sending personal assistance to our networks to also opening it up to those who wanted to support trusted organizations. We've raised about a $1,000 so far and have helped one church and over 20 families.  The joy expressed on Raymone's face is the best way for us to thank you who donated. 

You can see more grateful beautiful faces in our fundraising page's updates.  We are continuing to raise funds for immediate disaster relief. We are also offering the opportunity to give to CHES' ongoing long-term efforts.

By Rebecca Obounou
At CHES we closely evaluate how we are meeting our mission of supporting long-term economic development by way of education, funding and mentorship along these dimensions: 1) the capacity that our programs build, 2) the local partners and individuals we work with, 3) how we spend in Haiti, 4) where we source the products we sell to fundraise for CHES. 

It has very much dismayed me to see a number of similar "helping" efforts from the January 2010 earthquake repeated as a response to the October 2016 Hurricane Matthew. In fact, we at CHES fell prey to this ill-conceived notion of "helping" ourselves. Read More about the lessons learned  here ...