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June 2011

Dinner With Warriors 

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Dinner With WarriorsI had the most heart warming recipe book sent to me from Brig Arnold, the author of Dinner With Warriors a few weeks ago, and just had to try one out for the show.  This cookbook was compiled by our heroes serving overseas in the War on Terror, who were either injured or killed in the line of duty.  Take a look at the book and consider buying it, as all proceeds will be donated to a few hand selected organizations that assist the heroes and their families, who were wounded or fell during their time at war.  Get the recipe and read more here.

Book SigningSpeaking of books,  Momma and I will be appearing tomorrow on Friday, June 17 between noon and 4pm to do a book signing at this fabulous new place called "The Secret Village".  We'll be there to sign books and celebrate Momma's Birthday!  Come join the fun and help her enjoy her day! Get more information about times and location here.

As usual, I am bringing you the latest rescued recipes and favorites from my kitchen.  Cook one for dad this Father's Day and show him how much you care!  Check them out and get more pictures and tips from my website!  Enjoy!

If you have any questions about my recipes please contact me and we will do our best to get back to you!  Please if you think they might like it!

Lastly, I'd like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day!

Recent Recipes

RavioliWas your mother famous in your house for one particular dish?

You know, the one you begged for-even on Mother's Day?

Before you get upset with me, know that in our household, Momma was always in the kitchen because Momma is happiest in the kitchen!  So, for her to fill up a platter of her homemade specialty-even on her special day-is just the way it is...

Read the entire article & get the recipe here 



Chicken with Pomegranate Chipotle BBQ Sauce 

bbq chicken

So many people today are trying to find their way back to cooking natural, preservative-free foods like their grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to prepare, especially if they've developed food allergies to ingredients like gluten. De-coding food labels can be exasperating. Plus, learning that gluten, for example, is used as a stabilizing agent in products like ketchup, lipstick and vitamins can be downright depressing. We long for the simple, pure and wholesome foods of days gone by.

Read the entire article & get the recipe here. 



Smitty's Divinity Cookies 

y's Cookies

It was an email request from Judi Morris of Phoenix to find a long lost cookie recipe. With the request came a flood of memories for me about the Arizona chain of stores that made those cookies for 35 years. I knew the place well. I was the store's spokesperson for five years. But tracking down the original recipe was going to take some doing since Smitty's closed their doors in Arizona in 1999. Judi's request: "Jan, about 25 years ago Smitty's had a cookie that I loved beyond measure called Divinity Cookies.  They were similar to a Mexican Wedding cookie-- crisp and not too sweet and oh, how I adored them!  I have looked on every recipe website but have had no luck. Do you think you could run it down? I would be forever grateful!"...

Read the entire article & get the recipe here.

Simple Pasta with Peppers, Tomatoes and Sausage 


I believe I've mentioned to you in past columns about how I grew up in a war zone. It was a civil war (although very civil) between the North and the South. Momma was from Venice and Dad was from Sicily. There were always barbs flying about which dish was more authentically Italian, the Venetian Risotto or the Sicilian Arancini? (Both are rice dishes.) The Polenta of Northern Italy vs. the Cous Cous of the south. (Both are made from corn meal.) Venetian Baicoli vs. Sicilian Cannoli for desserts and Grappa vs. Lemoncello for spirits. On and on it went...


Read the entire article & get the recipe here.  



Rudy's Clam Loaf 

Clam LoafI promised myself was only going take up a moment of their time. I had heard about Bob and Sue Coady's home in Cave Creek and wanted to check out their kitchen cabinets for one of my upcoming "Design Your Cuisine" web videos. Apparently, they had installed their cabinets about 15 years ago and I was told that they look as pristine today as they did back then, even though the kitchen is the center of their universe and gets a lot of use. That was to have been the conversation. But it ended up (as most of my conversations do) on food and family recipes. When asked if they had a favorite dish, they both pointed to a black homemade binder of old recipes and declared  "Rudy's Clam Loaf!"

Read the entire article & get the recipe here.

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The Rescued Recipe Process

I am often asked about my process and how my recipes are written.  We get so many emails and messages that it's sometimes difficult to reply to them all, so I put together a little message to give you some insight on how I choose which recipes I feature.  Read it here.  Hope it help!  Enjoy!