Summer's here - can you go outside with Polychem?

Text straw tan
PLFL 43398

Dark speckle
PRBL 93988

Text bronze 50
PLFL 91229

PRSS 93804 

Darker verdigris PRRS91523
With summer well under way it's no surprise that most of us are heading outside to relax and enjoy the weather - be it warms days or cooler nights!
Polychem is no exception and the  Polychem Outdoor Living Collection has been created with exterior use in mind. Full of classic colors and interesting effects like speckles, textures, hammertones and multi-component looks, these powders will add interest to any piece. Used on exterior pieces from furniture to framing, the outdoor living collection is a Polychem classic that captures colors and effects popular for exterior use or helps bring the outside in.
Check out the Polychem Outdoor Living collection here and request your free Outdoor Living Collection ring here.
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