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To support and advance the professional development of affiliate members in their efforts to provide quality care and education for the children of New Hampshire.
President's Address
Happy April Friends!

April is a special time to be an early childhood educator in New Hampshire! During this month we celebrate and recognize:
  • Week of the Young Child from April 10th-April 16th
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month
  • The 18th Annual Celebration of Early Childhood and Afterschool Professionals
  • Our Annual Spring Conference and Annual Meeting, Saturday April 16, 2016
It is also the time of year that we begin to see the familiar signs of Spring, and opportunity for change and regrowth as plants and trees will bloom again.
It is with mixed emotions that I share with each of you, that this month I am starting a new journey in my career path. As of April 14th, I will be leaving state service with the Child Development Bureau to join YWCA NH as their new CEO.  My path will still include early care and education, as I continue on in volunteer service with our organization as your President; teach in higher education and offer training, consultation and technical assistance to support early childhood and afterschool programs and our workforce.
Many exciting things are happening at NHAEYC, including our proposed new slate offices for 2016/17 (find the ballot below, in this email), and we have completed all revisions of our by-laws including the proposal of a new governance structure.  We welcome member's vote and feedback as we continue to change and grow with the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the ever evolving new Strategic Direction unveiled in 2014.
Personally, over the last 3 months, many exciting things have happened for me-new employment, new marriage and a new house!  I am reminded of how it important it is for each of us during times of change to take a breath and as Holly Elissa Bruno would say-"Be kind to you"!
So, be kind to you my friends! Take a moment, even if it is only 5 minutes and do something just for you.
I look forward to seeing you at Spring Conference 2016!
Kindest Regards,

Jessica Sugrue, President
Registration Closes Sunday April 3rd!

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Top 10 Reasons to attend this year's NHAEYC Spring Conference:

10. There is plenty of fun and meeting new and reacquainted colleagues.
9. You won't find better training and learning experience ANYWHERE!  Your Conference Committee spent untold hours planning the most wonderful time for every one of you!
8. There are snacks aplenty to keep you energized throughout the day!
7. You will get so many tools to come home with that you'll be setting off metal detectors everywhere you go!
6. We have an AWESOME Keynote speaker; Vincent Nunes coming in to share his world renowned wisdom with us and he is funny, powerful and sings and he knows A LOT about kids!
5. WHOA!!!!! Wait a minute....so you can get 6 ½  hours in a day ....all fun, all easy and TONS of variety....like one stop shopping to get your training hours!!!
4. Yoga, Curriculum and Theory are all coming to town! Yes! You heard me right!  Come spend the day and fall in love with your job all over again and return really understanding your kids!
3. The early bird registration is coming up, be on the watch out...we have just under three weeks before that goes away!!! So sign up now...plus our sessions do fill fast so get in quick before your first choices are gone!

2. We have tried to make everything easy and accessible for all! All sessions' right together in one building!!! YIPPPEEE!!!

1. You just have to be there! We have the latest and greatest research, curriculum ideas, classroom and environment ideas all being brought to you. This year we have all original presentations!!! Never been seen in NH before sessions!!!

Elections for the 
NHAEYC Governing Board
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The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration sponsored by NAEYC  celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families.

Will you be participating and celebrating WOYC activities? How about Taco Tuesday?! 

It's 2016, and our nation is coming ever closer to electing a new leader. Amidst the opportunities and challenges, the competing priorities, and the tumbling voices, we must work together  to ensure that early childhood education-and early childhood educators-stand up and stand out!

Early Ed for President is the beginning of an ongoing effort, powered by NAEYC, funded by the  $16 for 2016 campaign, and open to all individuals and organizations across the country. 

We encourage you to stay connected, engaged, and advocate! 

Thank you for joining us in a collective effort to ensure that all the
presidential candidates promote the power of early learning
on the road to the White House.

It's time to vote for #earlyedin2016
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