November 8, 2016
Seed Financing   
Offers Early Benefits
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"Now is the best time to take advantage of early purchase discounts on seed," said Keith Steiner, Federated's business relationship specialist. "Federated Co-ops has teamed up with CFA, an agriculture financing co-op out of Kansas City, MO, to offer very attractive interest rates on your seed purchases or a full crop input loan," he added.
Take advantage of these benefits of seed financing.
  • Purchase all your seed varieties and brands on one loan.
  • Eliminate the worry of meeting minimum purchase requirements.
  • Experience a very easy application process with loan approvals in 1-2 days.
  • Use the crop input loan for seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and fuel purchases made through Federated Co-ops.
Note this important deadline:  Nov. 18. The first window for the largest cash discounts ends then, "so getting started now will save you the most money," Steiner said.
Contact Steiner for additional financing information, or contact your Federated Agronomist with other seed-related questions.
Seed Traits Take a Few Turns in '17
With the arrival of the seed ordering season, John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location, offered valuable information about available traits in both corn and soybeans.
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Corn Traits

"In corn, very few things have changed from 2016," he said, but the following facts are worth noting as growers plan for 2017.
  • The Agrisure Viptera trait is now approved, but the Agrisure Duracade still needs to be used for local consumption, or channeled, and a Duracade Stewardship Agreement must be signed.
  • Federated offers corn with no traits (i.e., conventional corn) as well as:
    • Roundup Ready 2,
    • Double Pro,
    • Triple pro,
    • Smartstax,
    • Agrisure traits. 
Swanson noted, "One key point for 2018 is the discontinuation of Triple Pro hybrids."  Growers should look to other options to replace the current Triple Pro hybrids in use this year and next; they will not be available in 2018.
"Each trait has a time and place when and where they are needed," said Swanson, adding, "Please consult with your local Federated seed specialist and we can help place both the correct traits and genetics for your individual situations."
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Soybean Traits

The Roundup Ready (RR) 2® Xtend™ trait has been approved for next season. "This trait allows the soybeans to be tolerant to both glyphosate and dicamba herbicides," said Swanson.  However, he added, "although the trait is approved, Monsanto is still waiting for the EPA to approve the in-crop use of dicamba."
While the RR 2 Xtend trait will be in many products by 2018, limited quantities are available in 2017 for the maturities that fit Federated's service areas. Swanson recommended ordering as soon as possible to ensure supply if choosing to try this seed in 2017.
"Another good option in soybeans that has not been used a lot in our area, but is a good option, is the Liberty link soybean system," said Swanson. This is another alternative for managing glyphosate resistance. Some very competitive varieties also available through Federated include  the Croplan and Legend lineups. Swanson again reminded growers that these supplies may go fast so order as soon as possible to lock in supply.
And as always, talk to your local Federated Agronomist with any questions about corn or soybean seed traits as your 2017 plans get underway.
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