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September, 2017
One-of-a-kind SEED SAVING WORKSHOP coming up at the very end of this month. Focused on MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS, there has never been anything quite like it before and we don't have plans for doing it again!  You are personally invited to come and learn some really good techniques for working with the VITAL LIFE FORCE!

Back at home in Southern Oregon, growing and shipping of ORGANIC LIVE ROOTS, ORGANIC PLANTS and NEWLY HARVESTED SEEDS continues unabated.  Feel free to take advantage of the goodness.  Together we make our MOTHER EARTH a better place for all interconnected beings.  

We look forward to hearing from you!  

Richard A. (Richo) Cech
Strictly Medicinal LLC

Saturday Sep 30, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Richo Cech will be in Chicago for the 3rd and final "Making Plant Medicine" workshop, this one focused on saving seed of medicinal plants.  Participants will learn about growing medicinal herbs for seed, harvesting, screening, winnowing seeds, wet seed processing, optimal seed storage, and packaging and labeling seeds. Emphasis is on learning through doing.  Welcome One and All!

Ma Center, Chicago

41W501 Keslinger rd

Elburn, IL  60119

Call or e-mail for more info.


phone:  630-387-5077

Sign up here!


Or, just come and sign up at MA Center Chicago on the day of the event.  Truly looking forward to connecting!
Fresh Organic Seeds!
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In the last year we have made over 600 accessions of seed from our own production.  Every one of these replaces old seed in stock and that is how we keep the quality up.  Farm-direct medicinal herb seeds--no wonder they work!

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Fresh Organic Roots!
Order now!  We give excellent turnaround and our roots are sized up.  When you get your roots, plant right away, buds up, in shade garden or woodland, mulch, and they will dig in this winter and flower in the spring.  That is how to do it right.  We are very well stocked on goldenseal which is the quintessential American medicinal herb.  There's GOLD in them thar hills!
Organic Plant Sale
Sale ends November 22nd, 2017.
Our potted nursery stock has for the most part been cut back once or twice this year already.  This means what you get is a sized-up root with sturdy aerial portions that ship nicely.  Basically, in the fall, it is indeed all about the roots. Plant them, mulch them, they will grow.  Ashitaba, comfrey, standard herbs of Western Herbalism like motherwort, elecampane, self heal, wood betony...  All on sale.  A great time to invest in plants to diversify windowsill, garden, greenhouse, woodland and... medicine cabinet.

Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs (Cultivation, Conservation and Ecology), 2nd edition by Richo Cech
Interested in growing high-value plants that help people a lot and are in high demand?  Get this book, it will get you there!
Regularly $24.95, now on sale at HERBAL READS for $19.95.  Sale ends Jan 1, 2018.  
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May you all plant diversity onto the landscape and sow seeds of food and medicine to feed body and soul of self, family and community. Whether you do it purposely or by chance, may you all plant trees that kiss the sky.

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