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Indoor Herbs
Garden Calendars for 2017
Winter is a perfect time to sharpen those garden tools.

Boyden & Perron in Amherst is a great place to do that.  Give them a call  413-253-7358

Felco Pruners
January 2017  

Dear Fellow Gardener,

The holidays are past us and now is the time to get down to come serious seed investigating. We take seeds seriously at Hadley Garden Center.

  Dianne Klenotic, judiciously sorts, separates and chooses the best vendors. Then she has the fun but overwhelming job of choosing which varieties are best, which new varieties are worth a try and which ones are our tried and true varieties that everyone wants. 

 Come wander though the seeds on a cold winter's day. Take a peek at our numerous seed starting supplies and start dreaming. 
Garden Clinics for 2017

Come join us for our 2017 Garden Clinics.
For the complete list - visit our website. 

Jan. 14 - Lawn Insects - Identification & Control 
Pat Vittum, UMass Turfgrass Entomologist, will discuss, in layman's terms, "what is bugging your lawn".  She will also advise on how to keep our lawns healthy.

Jan. 21 - Emerging Pests & Pathogens in the Landscape
As a UMass Plant Pathologist, Nick Brazee is well acquainted with plant diseases, but he also knows about current plant insect problems as well.  Nick will let us know what insects and diseases we should be on the lookout for this season.

Jan. 28 - Organic Pest Management for
               Vegetable Gardens
As Brookfield Farm's farm manager, Dan Kaplan has been battling garden pests for over 20 years.  Join us as Dan shares his experiences of the best ways to organically control garden pests.
Feb. 4    All about Houseplants
Dianne Klenotic, longtime HGC employee, will discuss houseplants from African Violets to Zamias, including watering and general maintenance, pest control, easy to grow choices and Terrariums. No problem or question is too much for Dianne.  You're welcome to bring in a small problem plant for diagnosis (outside temps permitting).

All Clinics are on Saturdays  beginning at 1:00 pm.
They are free, but space is limited, so come early.  Additional parking available next door at All About Learning.
Seed Starting
Seed Starting Tips

Are you ready to get those seeds in the soil? Our seed starting guide will give you a chart with the best times to start each variety, as well as other helpful advice.

Successful seed germination depends on three main things - warmth, light and water.

Warmth -  In most cases, before the seeds germinate, temperatures of 70-75 degrees are crucial. The seedling trays can be set on heating cables, mats near a heater or wood stove or any other warm area.

Light - As soon as the seedlings emerge, light is most crucial. Usually a bright south facing window does not provide enough light, so fluorescent shop lights are often used. They should be kept on for 14-16 hours per day and be placed 4" away from seedlings. Keep plants in a sunny location during the day but move them at night to prevent cold drafts from stunting their growth.

Water - Lastly, be careful not to over water the seedlings. Over watering leads to damping off disease and weak growth.
Damping off is a fungal disease that causes the tiny plants to wither and die. It can stem from contaminated containers or soil and is worsened by incorrect watering practices.  To prevent, use a sterilized soil or soilless mix and wash containers carefully.

Caring for seedlings after germination isn't hard but seedlings do need attention and the proper care after they sprout. 

Click here for the complete seed starting guide, or pick up a hard copy at the garden center.
Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees are the tree that keeps on giving. They are one of the most gratifying plants you can grow. Imagine the pride and satisfaction of biting into that first Apple or Pear, knowing that you've grown it.

Spring is right around the corner in the gardening world, especially when it comes to Fruit Trees.  Our order has been placed since July and believe it or not will arrive here at the end of February or beginning of March (depending on Mother Nature). We will have our usual assortment of trees, but we will say that the numbers are limited.  We will have a good amount of Honeycrisp Apples and Reliance Peaches available, two of our most popular varieties.  But Heirloom Apples, Sweet Cherries and Pears will be in short supply.  No matter what edible plants you plan to add to your landscape, now is the time to start planning for them and selecting the varieties that will work for you!

Our Seeds
We carry 10 different seed companies
 All seeds are non-GMO.

High Mowing - all organic, local as in Vermont.
Hart's - standard varieties, good price, local as in Connecticut
Renee's -Unusual and Gourmet varieties.
Botanical Interests - Good mix of standard and unusual   varieties, great selection of organic.
Seed Savers Exchange - all Heirloom, open-pollinated varieties, SSE are also seed stewards - preserving Heirloom and historic varieties in their seed bank.
Baker Creek - Unusual varieties, heirloom, open-pollinated.
Bentley Seeds - Good price point, standard varieties, they also donate 10% of seeds sold to charitable causes.
Livingstons - Good prices, standard and unusual varieties.
Lake Valley - Good prices, standard and some unusual.
Johnny's Seeds - Great, trial-tested varieties, somewhat local as in Maine.
Note from Tom and Janine
We wish everyone a thoughtful and Happy New Year. Spending some time investigating seeds and thinking about Spring is a good activity this time of year.  It's also a great time to attend one of our free Winter Clinics and get some great advice from numerous experts on a variety of topics.


Tom and Janine Giles
and the Staff at Hadley Garden Center

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