Lake Worth Restart
Greetings from South Florida!  I hope you have had the opportunity to find some restful vacation days this summer. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers.  We can clearly see God's responses to your prayers in all He is doing here in Lake Worth.

The Seed Must Die

We have seen many positive changes in recent months.  We see new faces in attendance at church on Sunday morning.  Some of those faces are people from our surrounding community.  Some of these people are still early in their spiritual journey with Christ. There is also a spirit of humility and openness to the movement of God's Spirit in our lives.  We are giving more, praying more and reaching out more.  Key people are stepping up into leadership roles. These are all tangible signs that God is doing good things in us to make us a more vibrant and missional church. He is doing the work of transformation in and through us.  So why would we stop?


In October we will not be holding corporate worship services. We will be making the final preparations for our Grand Opening Service on November 1.  It is a bit scary to think about closing for a month. It will mean taking a step of faith.  We feel it is important to take this step to mark the end of what was and the beginning of something new. Part of what we want to do in October is celebrate all that God has done through Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church since its birth in 1955.  But we also want to acknowledge that who we were is not who we are going to be.  In order to give birth to a new day of Kingdom advancement we must say good bye to the old.  Like a seed planted in the ground, it must first die before it can give new life.


Pray that we will trust God that the harvest in November and beyond will far outweigh any setbacks we incur during our October "sabbath".  Pray that October will be a season of prayer and preparation for us. Ask that God would let die those things from our past that we need to let go of and bring new life to our passion for building His Kingdom through reaching those far from Him in our community.  In our continual efforts to work the transformation in our hearts that we desire for our community we will continue our discipleship programs during the month of October.

 Gospel Centered
I worked with my son this past week as he prepared to preach for the very first time to a Sunday morning worship service.  Drew is a gifted leader and speaker who is on his way to doing great things for God's Kingdom.  As he prepared for the message he preached here at Sunlight LW, I was impressed with his concern to be true to God's Word.  He wanted to be very careful not to say something that misrepresented Scripture. 

It was a great reminder for me as I lead the re-launch of this ministry here in Lake Worth.  I am enjoying the work of diving into lots of projects. As we renew the facility, work with new leaders and redesign ministry I can get lost in the plans.  At the heart of all we do is God's Word which reveals the Good News to us.  It is the Holy Spirit that brings the Gospel to life in the hearts of those to whom we will proclaim it.  May we always be so concerned to represent God's Word accurately to the people of this community. May we do it by the way we preach, speak, serve and live in this city.
Kris Vos
Lake Worth Restart
-Thanks to our sponsoring church for helping us apply new mulch in the playground and new paint in children's worship room.
- Thankful for new screen and soundboard installed.
-Jon Acosta is a potential worship leader working with our team this month.
-Our new friends at Palabra de Vida church are enjoying their new worship facilities on our campus.
-Praise that my wife got a teaching job at Franklin Academy Charter School.

- Pray our ReStart Campaign receives more financial pledges.
-Pray the connections we are making with the unchurched of our community would be fruitful!
-Pray that our church family adjusts to the many changes we are implementing, especially in corporate worship.
-Pray for the city of Lake Worth.

"And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the  Lord  for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare."  Jeremiah 29:7