MAY 2017
Local Action Leads the Way

Big opportunity for Oregon cleantech innovators

I am frequently asked if the presidential election, subsequent cabinet appointments, and recent talk about major budget cuts to clean energy R&D are having an impact on our work here at Oregon BEST. My response usually acknowledges that it's discouraging to have so many people in influential positions who reject or minimize the threats posed by climate change and want to cut funding for programs that have been vital to advances in science and technology development - advances that give me hope humanity can overcome many of the environmental challenges we face.

Next, however, I highlight that most policies that influence deployment of clean energy technologies have been implemented at the state and local levels, which offers a big opportunity for Oregon's cleantech innovators... continue reading this column.


David Kenney, President & Executive Director
Oregon BEST
Rerouting because of fog wastes millions of gallons of jet fuel annually (photo credit: Chalabala)
"Seeing" Through Fog Could Save Jet Fuel, Lives

Startup's visualization technology can help pilots land in dense fog

Support from Oregon BEST is helping Wilsonville based Kerr Avionics team up with faculty and students at Oregon Tech to advance a technology that helps pilots "see" through fog. This could save some of the 30 million gallons of jet fuel wasted annually when planes are rerouted or enter holding patters due to foggy weather. And the same technology could be used to locate lost hikers or victims of natural disasters. Full story...
Arcimoto's SRK EV will roll out this summer (photo credit: Arcimoto)
Arcimoto to Help Uber Boost EV Use in Portland

Eugene electric vehicle maker ready to roll out first vehicles

Three years ago, Oregon BEST helped EV startup Arcimoto collaborate with researchers at Oregon Tech to refine the battery pack for its three-wheeled electric vehicle prototype. This summer, the company will not only roll out its first vehicles, but will also be playing a role in Uber's recently-announced push to expand the number of electric vehicles used by Uber drivers in Portland, as described in this Register-Guard story...
Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is catching on as a new building material (photo: Albina Yard)
Wooden Skyscrapers On the Horizon

Early investment positions CLT to help timber industry

Oregon BEST invested early in the development of cross-laminated timber (CLT), massive panels that are lifted into place as walls and floors for buildings small and tall. We helped connect a woman-owned lumber mill in rural Oregon with researchers at Oregon State University to speed CLT manufacturing. This work resulted in D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations being the first certified manufacturer of CLT in the U.S., and demand for its product is taking off, as described in this Oregonian story...
Using iPods to Test Structures
C. J. RILEY, an associate professor of civil engineering at Oregon Tech, established the Structural Health and Kinetic Evaluation (SHAKE) Laboratory to explore using low-cost and ubiquitous technology, such as iPods, to evaluate the structural integrity of bridges and other structures. Riley will give a free webinar on May 25 about his work. Full story...
JUNE 13-15 | Transactive Energy Systems Conference & Workshop
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JUNE 20-21 | EV Roadmap 10
Join the EV ecosystem of stakeholders, from utilities and government to vehicle OEMs, charging providers, interest groups, and drivers. Portland

JUNE 20-22 | VERGE Hawaii
Explore groundbreaking clean energy policies, models, technologies, and infrastructure to accelerate the clean energy future worldwide. Honolulu

JUNE 29 | CleanTech Innovation Showcase Experience the latest cleantech innovations, ideas, and initiatives. Seattle
Help create a national – and international – model for ocean energy development. Portland

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