August 11, 2017

Dear NCTE Member,  


In recent days you may have seen NCTE’s statement in response to the NAACP travel advisory for the state of Missouri. NCTE is committed to action against injustice while we are in St. Louis, and we need the expertise of our members to move forward.

Our next step is to create a Local Engagement Committee to recommend actions we should take while we are in Missouri. We are looking to appoint 4-5 volunteer members to be part of a group to which representatives from the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity, the Standing Committee Against Racism and Bias, and partners in St. Louis and the state of Missouri will also be invited. The St. Louis City Chapter of the NAACP has agreed to be a participant.

We welcome your self-nomination for this work. Please email to provide contact information and a sentence or two about your background and qualifications for this work; put “Local Engagement Committee” in the subject line.

The deadline for nominations is August 17.

—The NCTE Presidential Team

Jocelyn A. Chadwick
Franki Sibberson
Doug Hesse