Sunday March 16th - 2pm
at the Seeley's Bay Community Hall
presented by James Raffan
A fundraiser for Seeley's Bay Steps Up
Tickets only $10.00 each
available at the door
the Seeley's Bay Community Hall is full accessible
Hot Chocolate will be served.

Arctic Odyssey


More tales from a three-year journey round the world at the Arctic Circle


In the summer of 2010, Seeley's Bay writer and story teller, James Raffan headed to Iceland and began a multi-part journey that took him around the world at the Arctic Circle.  Concerned that ice and polar bears were the only images feeding the interests of people looking north because of global warming, he wanted to put a human face on climate change.  So bit by bit, country by country, from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland-meeting, talking and travelling with northern peoples of all kinds-he travelled the extent of Arctic Russia and Siberia before crossing Alaska, Canada, Greenland and back to Iceland.  The result of this Odyssey is a book called Circling the Midnight Sun that is to be published by HarperCollins in the fall of 2014.  Join James as he takes you around the world in sixty minutes, introducing you to some of these remarkable northerners and reading some sneak excerpts from his upcoming book.