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May 2016

Help us take Toyota's police chase ads off the TV and Internet

We are not showing you the ads. You can find them on the Internet. The first commercial aired on Super Bowl Sunday when Toyota, a well-respected company, did the unthinkable: created an ad to promote their vehicle, the Prius, and police chases.

This commercial begins with several men robbing a bank and then using a Prius as their getaway car. By fleeing from the police, the men violated many laws and endangered innocent citizens and police officers. Yes, this is a commercial to sell a car; however, it is no laughing matter. Glamorizing police chases is not okay!
Request:  Please sign PursuitSAFETY's Petition to Remove These Toyota Police Chase Ads. Thank you!

Please tell someone about our PETITION and ask them to sign it.
About Us
PursuitSAFETY, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is committed to reducing the number of deaths and injuries as a result of vehicular police pursuit and response call crashes. We advocate for more restrictive pursuit policies where law enforcement only pursues for violent crimes and there is no other way to apprehend the suspect(s). We are working for a safer way to prevent these tragedies from happening to others and to save lives, especially innocent bystanders and police officers.

PursuitSAFETY is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.