10 Years No Lost Time Accident
Achieving a new safety culture

Safety must be an integral component of an overall business plan for any company. Safety controls must be designed into every aspect of a job, thereby promoting awareness and continuous improvement in the program. Zero incidents should be a company vision rather than a target or performance goal.

One Seguin Company is going above and beyond when it comes to employee safety.  Alamo Group Texas celebrated 10 years of no lost-time accidents at its Seguin-based headquarters on April 17, 2017.

"There is nothing more important than employee safety," Alamo Group President Ian Burden said. "Our responsibility is to get everyone back home to their families' safe at night. We have an amazing team here that has pulled off 10 years. What's more significant than 3.2 million man hours that we have achieved without a lost-time accident?"  For over 40 years, Alamo Group has been a world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution and service of high quality equipment for right-of-way maintenance and agriculture. During their 40 years of operation in a precarious industry, safety has always been of top priority. Technically speaking, this means that Alamo Group's employees went 3,650 days without an injury to an employee that ultimately lead to the loss of productive work time in the form of delays or absenteeism.  "You can read your OSHA books and your training manuals, but the fact is to be safe it takes a culture. You can't dictate that everyone has to be safe or even put a policy in place. It's a safety culture that this facility has, and it has done a magnificent job." said Alamo Group President, Ian Burden. 

To celebrate this accomplishment, Alamo Group's employees were treated to a festive Mardi Gras style  breakfast at their facility. Many local dignitaries attended the ceremony such as, Alamo Group Vice President of Safety John Fisher, other Alamo Group executives, Seguin Mayor Don Keil, Guadalupe County Commissioner Greg Seidenberger, Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce President Kendy Gravett and City of Seguin Director of Economic Development, Josh Schneuker. When asked what this incredible success can be attributed to, Tracy Clingingsmith, Alamo Group's safety manager gave all the credit to Burden, "The support of Ian Burden has trickled down," she said. "That's huge support. You have to have the president of the company be part of the safety. Without that culture, it's never going to be successful ... Ian is out there all the time with employees looking for unsafe things in the plant. He is shaking people's hands. It takes a culture like this to be successful and have all the celebrations we've had over the past 10 years"

Nothing outweighs a strong safety culture.  If supervisors and managers expect safety excellence and lead by example, the chances are greater that the losses will be lower.  Safety excellence is what all companies need to thrive and Alamo Group is setting the bar high.

City Wide Update
Seguin Intoduces Public Pollinator and Water Conservation Garden 
A trend that puts some buzz in our landscape

Park West recently improved the quality of life in Seguin through its new addition of the city's first public pollinator and water conservation garden. Adjacent to the garden, a special ribbon cutting was held on May 23, 2017. On hand for the festivity was Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller along with City Council, city staff, Guadalupe county Master Naturalist gardeners and other volunteers.   

"The Park West project is an investment in rural Texas," Commissioner Miller said. "We know the future of our communities depend on attracting business and new residents, as well as maintaining a reliable water supply. The Park West garden fulfills both of these goals."

The garden which sits on the west side of the park was made possible through a Texas Water Smart grant, funded through the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The grant was utilized to promote Seguin as a TDA Certified Retired Community, and increase water conservation awareness. Commissioner Miller advised, it was Seguin's Go Texan relationship with his office that made the project possible. Seguin's Economic Development Corporation helped facilitate the grant process. "Representatives at the TDA shared this amazing grant opportunity with Seguin EDC staff," said Director of Economic Development, Josh Schneuker. "We knew that it was an opportunity that would enhance the City's quality of life, and we could not pass up such a great opportunity."  Commissioner Miller emphasized, being a certified retirement community was something Seguinites could be proud of, he stated, "the bar is very, very high, we partnered with Seguin on that, they're one of, less than 4% of the cities and communities across Texas (who) qualify for that designation."

When visiting the garden, scarlet sage, butterfly milkweed, squarebud primrose, gregg's mistflower and big blue sage are among the flowers that can be found. Each were planted with the help of over 50 volunteers whom were rounded up with the help of Nancy Masterson, Master Naturalist. "All of these plants occur naturally, thrive naturally here in the Seguin area and they all attract, or host our important pollinators that are so important also to our state's agriculture," said Masterson

The pollinator garden adds to Park West's experience not only by its beauty, but through witnessing some of nature's wonders. The garden is made up of flowers which provide pollen or nectar to pollinating birds and insects in the area, such as the black chinned hummingbird, monarch butterfly and southern pink moth to name a few. 

"The pollinator garden is another natural element that adds to one's experience in the park. The garden which is linked to the Walnut Branch Linear Park, adds one more element to the treasure-trove or natural wonders along Walnut Branch," said Mayor Don Keil.

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