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Dear friends - below is my latest article with helpful guidelines for creating outside your comfort zone as our world is being turned upside down in transformation mode. Please note that below the article is the latest news: last call for this Saturday's cosmic activation global meditation event with guest speaker Mazatzin and the link to my free eBook Transformers of Consciousness. Enjoy ... I look forward to your feedback! - Selacia    



Hidden Comes to Light
by Selacia

These are times when the hidden is coming into full view. This is external with the massive overhaul of society and new understandings of corruption, inequality, and unspeakable meanness perpetuated out of fear.

More importantly, the hidden is coming to light within people as they awaken from a long slumber of forgetfulness. During that process, people of all walks of life across this world are coming to terms with who they really are and how their conditioning has prevented them from shining their light fully.

Seeing What Was Hidden

As you witness this and receive your own insights previously hidden from view, keep in mind that this is a natural evolutionary process. The things you are becoming aware of are not worse now than before. People are not meaner than before, either. For thousands of years, humanity has lived with a fear-based mentality. Without fear, there would be no war and no meanness.

Only in the most current cycle has society begun waking up to its dysfunction, the potential of a radically different way of existence, and the urgent need to change.

Primordial Roots of Unhappiness

On a personal level, you may sometimes feel that this must be your most challenging lifetime. After all, you are being called to address the primordial roots of your unhappiness.

As you tackle one element of these roots, other elements begin to come into view. You may wonder why you didn't see those before, or how you will cope with one more issue to handle.  

You as Divine Changemaker

The part of you asking these questions is your conditioned self, unaware of how vast and wondrous you truly are. In reality, you are a divine changemaker, born in this life to move fully into your empowered and genuine self.

You do that as you fearlessly look at and heal the primordial roots of your unhappiness. In the process, you increasingly realize that at your core you are pure joy. You remember that you are divine. Naturally, as part of this, you realize that every being you encounter also carries a divine spark.

Impact of Planetary Line Up

Over the next couple of years, with the planets lined up in configurations catalyzing revolutionary changes, you will notice an acceleration of awakening all over the world. Everyone you meet will be touched by this. You personally are likely to sometimes feel like someone is behind you, pushing you forward into the unknown and out of your comfort zone.

This pushing energy is not coming from the outside - it's your inner wisdom revealing things you need to see, feel, and do. This may involve looking more deeply at an issue you thought you had addressed earlier. It could also be the need to take action on what you now know about something - being brave and doing things you didn't know you could do.

Tips for Creating Outside Your Comfort Zone

The following are some suggestions for creating in a brand-new way, leaving your comfort zone in the back seat and finding your inner strength.

Finding Peace - To find peace when things around you are in chaos, it's helpful to raise your awareness above the chaos. You do this with your mind. There's no need for an entry ticket, secret password, or anyone's permission. All that's required is remembering to access this place within. Having accessed a more peaceful state of mind, it's easier to face the unknown and bravely move into new territories.

Moving into Your Heart - You discover what greatness you are capable of by moving past your doubts and doing what your heart says is right. If you are hearing a voice of doubt, it's not your heart speaking. Therefore, if you feel doubt, this is a clue to move into your heart center and still your mind, allowing your heart to speak to you about the situation. You can do this anywhere, anytime. The more you access this place within, the easier it will be to naturally go there when you are feeling shaky or uncertain.

Seeing Oneness - On those days when you feel at odds with the world and like people don't understand you or are mean, focus on how interconnected you are with everyone and everything. What you see is not a random occurrence, but part of the human experience. To be awake and on the path of spiritual transformation means you are increasingly aware. You see things more deeply than before and you feel in a deeper way, too. You are learning to move out of a reactive state and to neutrally observe what is. In future times, when you and others have transformed humanity's consciousness into the vibration of love, you will have a different experience. For right now, your task is to continually come back to your heart and be the love you want to see from others. Invite spirit to connect you with compassion as you interact with others. Ask to see beyond the veil of hate you sometimes encounter - to see the love.

Embrace the New - It's normal to feel resistance about learning a new thing or getting to know a new person. Ironically, people like to explore new things, but they don't like change. For success in doing something you've never done or meeting someone new, you must change. You are not meant to live your life on auto pilot, repeating countless situations including those that didn't end so well. You are hard wired to continually evolve to a higher level, becoming more of who you really are with each experience, with each new relationship. Knowing this, when you feel resistance, acknowledge it but don't judge it. Instead, invite your inner wisdom to help you in adapting and opening, showing you how to feel safe diving into new territories. Trust that spirit is right by your side.

Copyright 2013 by Selacia -

(Note:  for more information about your role as a divine changemaker, please visit To be with us for the January 26 cosmic activation global meditation event, please REGISTER HERE. Additional insights about these unique times are found in Earth's Pivotal Years, your must-have book for living now. You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media - as long as you provide the source - Selacia -, Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!)  

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January 26 Cosmic Activation
at the Full Moon

Global Meditation Event with Selacia & The Council of 12
- with Guest Speaker Mazatzin -

Learn about your cosmic heritage and destiny!
Cosmic Activation Experiential
facilitated by Selacia & The Council of 12

Join us for our January 26 event with The Council of 12
and guest speaker Mazatzin of Mexico - cosmologist and renowned authority on the ancient original indigenous culture and its precise measurements of time and space. Learn about Mazatzin's unique cosmic profiles for individuals and a new vision of time now that the Mayan calendar has ended.

SATURDAY * January 26, 2013 at the Full Moon
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Los Angeles time (live teleclass)
6 pm to 10 pm, with 5 to 5:30 pm check in (on site in Santa Monica)
Attend from anywhere in the world via international bridge line and mp3.

Join us for this first global meditation event of the new year - the perfect way to connect with the blessings and opportunities of 2013!
It's going to be an evening of healing for all, plus a time of learning and cosmic activation experiential process.

At this cosmic activation event, you will experience Selacia's work with The Council of 12, along with a special treat - with guest speaker Mazatzin. This cosmologist from Mexico has developed a unique calendar system designed to take us forward now that the Mayan calendar has ended; the calendar this elder has developed includes a number of ancient wisdom-keeping traditions, including Mayan; you will learn about his unique cosmic profiles based on a person's birth place and birth date.

Come on site if you are in the Los Angeles area - meeting Mazatzin in person. For those experiencing the teleclass, you will have an introduction to his cosmology teachings. Then, in the follow-up email to all registered, will be more information about his cosmic profiles and how you can have one of your own if desired.

Mazatzin, known as a keeper of the signs of the days of the Sun, is a renowned authority on the ancient original indigenous culture and its precise measurements of time and space. Cofounder of the House of the Aztek Heart, he travels the world teaching the practice, science, and art of time keeping. A UN messenger of peace, Mazatzin travels the world as an ambassador for peace and the reintegration of the human family into the family of nature.

As with all global meditation events, we will have guided process that will be both a personal healing for each person, but also a profound healing for the Earth.  

Each person registered  HERE will be included in our energies - from the moment you register, during our live event, and for a number of days afterwards.

Ancient Cosmology System

Dolphins & Whales:
We will be joined by energetic representatives of dolphins and whales. These caretakers of the Earth have agreed to work with us as we create a new higher-frequency template within and for the planet. 
On January 26, the dolphins and whales join us for the planetary healing during our global meditation. Join us for this amazing experience by registering here.

Tools for Raising Frequency:
We will include 'Awaken' and 'Abundance' at this event. These therapeutic-grade essential oils help raise frequency, increase your flow of abundance, and facilitate connections with spirit and higher wisdom. More info.

Ways to Attend
Join us in person in the Los Angeles area (address and specifics given when you register)...or join us via live teleclass. Unable to attend live? A playback number will be available immediately after our teleclass ends. In addition, all registered will receive the  mp3 audio recording of our teleclass.

$40 prepaid - on site in person (limited space)
$30 prepaid - live teleclass via international bridge line with mp3 recording

Please register early so we are sure to have space for you. The space is already filling now, and we expect to be full by January 26.


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