April 17, 2018
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Selecting the Most Appropriate Wound Debridement Methodology

Ephrata, Pennsylvania, 4/16/18

Willingboro, New Jersey, 3/29/18
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Sharp debridement is a surgical procedure that uses scissors, scalpels and other sharp instruments to cut away or remove infected tissue. It improves the wound's appearance and promotes enhanced healing. The sharp debridement procedure is often used on wounds that show no sign of healing after using other methods. It is also used for patients with deep tissue wounds, infections or connective tissue damage. The sharp debridement method is faster and more efficient in removing damaged or dead tissue.

Group of researchers at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, are developing next-generation, sponge-like wound dressings with hyaluronic acid. Antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory wound dressings stimulate tissue regeneration and can be especially efficient in treating deep wounds that are difficult to heal. For a deep wound to heal successfully, tissue regeneration is extremely important. Development of next-generation wound dressings that assist this process is one of biggest challenges in tissue engineering. 
Amniotic membranes have been used for a variety of surgical applications since the 1900s. Recent developments in the field of chronic wound care have accelerated and expanded their use. To date, there are over 70 amniotic products available, including dehydrated human amnion/chorion and cryopreserved human amnion. The integrity of these grafts, however, may be compromised during processing. Fresh hypothermically stored amniotic allograft (HSAM) may improve healing rates by preserving growth factors and living cells, including stem cells, as well as retaining the membrane’s native structure.

In her virtual reality world, the 6-year-old from Baker City, Oregon, is roaming a cartoonish Wild West town, blasting dodgeballs at teddy bears that pop up from the ground. In the physical world, however, Moira is getting her wound dressing changed. The VR experience is effectively blocking the presence of the surgical scissors that has become her constant source of anxiety.

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