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MOHR impact
August 2017
She serves Kwik Trip guests in SE Minn.
Kate was diagnosed at an early age with ADD, ADHD and a mild intellectual disability.

Before coming to Ability Building Center in 1998, she had problems staying focused on everyday tasks. Being able to hold down a job in the community seemed like a distant dream.

With the help of ABC’s Supported Employment Program at Woodland Industries in Caledonia, Kate proudly works full-time for Kwik Trip. “I don’t know what I would have done without ABC,” Kate says. “I hate to think— I might have been homeless, or in prison, even. My work and supervisors provide the structure I need to succeed every day.” Story courtesy of ABC, Rochester
Disability advocacy with Senator Abeler:
your legislator counts when caucus decides

He found another job
The views expressed in cartoons featured in MOHR impact are not necessarily those of the MOHR organization as a whole.  Most are drawn by either a program participant or staff member from a MOHR nonprofit member.
Action call: add to these letters and send them to your legislators
MOHR has created several letter samples in Word format for program staff, as well as parents and guardians.
This week- send us your Outstanding Employers
Members, please send us your nominations for the new Outstanding Disability Employer Awards this week, by Friday, August 4.  Help us to raise the profile of people with disabilities, and the employers that are so crucial to their success.
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